Ruben: Has left the building

Well, 10 days passed fairly quickly.  Mike came home from his Aunt’s birthday celebration and we went to dinner at Famous Dave’s.  We took Ruben with us and all of his belongings to meet his owner (Jeff) there.  Jeff had just gotten back from his 10 day cross country trip in an automobile and didn’t have the energy to hang out with us over dinner.  So, he took Ruben’s belongings and Ruben and left.

The odd thing about the transaction was that Ruben didn’t seem super happy.  Even Kira would have gone crazy if she had seen me after I had been away for a week.  Ruben wagged his tail and sniffed at Jeff, but he didn’t bounce off the walls.  I suppose he had a lot of fun having free run of the property whenever we were home and getting to play with a bunch of other dogs.  Maybe he knows that by going home with Jeff that he won’t get to play with Remy any more.

All in all, he wasn’t a bad dog to take care of.  He fit in well and for the most part didn’t have any problems with the other dogs.  He learned the doggy door in a few days and we never had to care about making sure to take him outside.  He kept Remy active and they tussled around the house like crazy. And, once he got accustomed to living here, he slept right beside the bed on my clothes if I dropped them on the floor.  And, best of all…he never had an accident in the house.  He didn’t even mark anywhere in the house.

Remy & Ruben: Destroying the house

Well, it is a good thing that the columns in the house are very solid and well attached.  Remy and Ruben have been playing chase all morning.  They run outside through the doggy door and chase each other around the yard.  Then Remy does his tuck-tail run back to the doggy door and through the house as fast as he can.  Ruben realizes that Remy is gone and runs in the house as fast as he can.  Remy positions himself at a blind spot in the hall to my office and when Ruben comes running by, Remy will make this loud growl and jump on him.  They slam into the column at the end of my office, and then Remy takes off toward the doggy door with Ruben running as fast as he can.  At every turn in the house they will lose their footing and go sprawling into the wall or a piece of furniture and then they are out the doggy door for a run in the yard.

It looks like Remy is playing Kira’s tricks.  He will also run into the house and wait for Ruben to come through the doggy door.  Then Remy will stand just in front of a column and when Ruben comes running up to him, Remy will step sideways and Ruben will splat head first into the column.  Remy will then take off the other way toward my office, make the turn and wait for Ruben to come down the hall.  Inevitably Ruben will be going to fast to make the turn and will then slide on the rug outside my office till he hits the edge of the carpet in the bedroom where his front end will come to a rapid stop while his back end smashes into him and he goes tumbling to the floor.  Remy then takes off back down the hall while Ruben gets his bearing and you hear Remy go outside just as Ruben is taking off down the hall. 

Rugs are everywhere, furniture is against the walls, and they are having a blast.  In a surprising change in dynamics, Kira is left out of the play and now she is wandering around watching them with an occasional growl like she wants to play.  But they are completely ignoring her. 

I took all of the dogs outside and picked blackberries.  The vines are not in good shape from the drought, but there are a lot of new plants coming up from the root system that I will transplant in the fall.  The dogs were playing along when the Mockingbird came and started dive bombing the dogs.  Turns out one of her chicks is out of the nest and to big to fly so it is hiding in the thick grass under one of the orchard trees.  The dogs cannot get to the little bird because of the deer fence around the trees, but the mother is upset all the same. 

Ruben: Oh gees…. the dog fights start again

Well, I guess Ruben has been here long enough that he thinks this is home and it is time for him to dominate someone.  So, he has decided to start fighting with Bones.  Every time he gets near Bones, he starts growling and posturing.  Bones growls back and they fight.  Fortunately for Bones, Ruben is a horrible fighter and even old Bones can beat him up.  So far I have gotten there in time to pull them off each other before any damage is done.  Ruben is truly stupid in that he keeps trying to fight even though Bones can pin him. 

Mike went to his Aunt’s in Chesapeake Bay for her birthday and so I am taking care of the fighters alone.  Stupid dogs!

This morning, before Mike left, he wanted some peace and so he put the dogs outside in the front.  They ran back and forth between the front door and the side door on the deck and ended up knocking over the Pineapple plant that Mike had been babying.  It has a cute little pineapple that is about half the size of what you see in the stores.  Mike says that plant will die when the pineapple is ripe.  Well, it may die before then at this rate.

Ruben: Please Poochie!!! Let me sleep!

Ugh…well, we are dog sitting for the next 10 days for a friend.  The dog is a very high energy spotty dog that looks like a cross between a dalmation and a greyhound.  Tiny head, huge ass, and very thin legs.  He simply runs all the time and chases anything that he can see in his path.  His name is Ruben.

Our first night with Ruben was not the best.  I couldn’t take any meds for my back so I was already having trouble sleeping and Ruben simply whined the entire night.  He looked out the window, barked at the door and never slept…thus never did I.  Stupid dog.

Mike sent me an email that he took the dogs out and that Ruben ran down the front porch and right off the end.  This would sound like it is not a big deal except that we have construction on the front porch and so there is a 10 foot drop off the edge of the porch to the patio below.  The iron railing was taken down in order to replace the columns on the porch and they are currently at an iron shop being chemically cleaned and powder coated.  Anyhow, no railing means that Ruben just ran right off the end of the porch and dropped 10 feet to the patio.  Mike said that Ruben limped and had a cut on his front leg but that the limp cleared rapidly.  By the time I got home Ruben wasn’t limping at all and was happy as a lark.