Remy: Ashes returned

I am sad.  Remy was put down 2 weeks ago and we had him cremated.  We just got his remains.  We have rescued more than 100 dogs but the loss of Remy is significant.  We started the dog rescue when hurricane Katrina damaged so much.  We rescued about 2000 dogs and Remy (and Riley) were the ones that we just loved.

Remy’s ashes came back today.  He had a good and hard life.  We rescued him in 2005.  He was a pup.  We think he was 9 months old when we rescued him.

Remy never fit into the pack.  He never wanted to sleep on the bed. He was always the “observer”.  Every dog is different.  We adapt to them and they adapt to us.

I miss Remy.  His life was short, but I think we made it better than he would have had otherwise.

I am getting better

I haven’t eaten anything in 4 days but today I finally made some eggs and was able to keep them down.  It always messes me up when a dog goes down.  Somehow these critters just get to me and I cannot handle their exit.  I know what we did for Remy was right.  He would have slowly died from not being able to eat.  I just hate doing it.  I think I get more upset as I get older.

Life is getting a little back to normal for me.  For the first time in a week I didn’t accidentally put Remy’s bowl out. Every day this week I have fixed 4 breakfast for the dogs and then fussed at myself for putting a bowl down for Remy. I made some eggs and kept them down. This has been the worst birthday that I can remember.

But life goes on.  Goofy McGoofface is curled up under my office chair and Kira is sleeping soundly.  It is 26 outside and the house is below 60. It is going to be a bad winter.

I do miss Remy terribly.

Remy: Farewell

On Friday Remy stopped eating and got lethargic.  Then Sunday I heard him fall at about 3am and got up to find him laying in the floor in the kitchen.  I would have stayed home with him but I had to lay off about 1/4 of my staff so it wasn’t an option to stay home.  I carried him to his bed and got him a bowl of water which he seemed happy to have.  He drank 2 bowls of water but still didn’t get up before I had to leave for work.

I have been through this enough that I knew it was the end.  I hugged him and said my goodbyes.  Mike was able to stay home from work and called the vet.  The vet came out to the house and Mike held him as they put him down.  He had esophageal paralysis and there wasn’t anything that could be done.

Here is the last picture I have of Remy.  He is the yellow one in the middle.  This was just before our Stump burning party.  He was waggy and healthy through Thanksgiving and overnight he just changed.

Remy was the first rescue dog that got us involved in HART ( He was a really good dog.  He was a weak alpha but he never had accidents and never destroyed anything (other than when his tail knocked stuff off of tables).  He was about 9 months old when we rescued him from hurricane Katrina in 2005.  He lived 11 years with us.

Remy started life in a difficult situation.  When we got him, he had been trapped in the floods and had learned to fend for himself along with a dog named Riley.  During the first few months of having him he was running in the yard with the other dogs and his foot broke for no apparent reason.  He fell over and we ran to help him.  You could feel the bone grinding but he never bit us or lashed out while we were checking out his foot.

Remy was the only dog that couldn’t be taught not to bark.  He would wake the house up if you didn’t get up to give him food.  And the entire time you were putting the food in the bowls, he would bark.  It was frustrating but now that he is gone, I miss it.  Every morning and evening I still get out food for him and then have to kick myself because something is missing.  It is a dog that is missing.

Friday came along and I was off for my birthday.  I had Mike cancel dinner as I just am too sad to celebrate.  My father died on my birthday and it seems that my dogs die close to my birthday.  I think I have had one dog (Grendel) that didn’t die right near my birthday.

Back to normal

Oh, it has been a wonderful weekend.  To a normal person this would be considered a hectic weekend, but when you put everything into perspective, going from 6 dogs to 4 is a very welcome thing.  I was able to open the windows and doors to the deck so that the dogs had free roam while I cleaned the pond.  I vacuumed without any growls, and was able to clean the bathrooms without worrying about JB sticking his nose in the Clorox.

Thank goodness… we are back to a sane balance of humans and animals.

The house is normal

Today Mike took Atlas and Apollo to work with him.  I left work a bit late so that I sat in traffic, but I looked forward to getting to the house because it would just be me and the 3 normal dogs.  I left at 4:30 and got home at 5:30 which is frustrating but not bad.  It is only 22 miles from the office to home.

As a side note, that Lincoln MKZ makes that commute really nice in that the engine just turns off and I am on battery most of the way.  So, sitting in stop and go traffic is not so bad since the car is so efficient in that kind of situation.

I got home and it was the normal Kira, Clifford and Remy.  Everything was back to normal.  They acted like the always have.  Kira was mildly interested that I came home, Clifford wanted to be hugged and petted, and Remy wanted his dinner.  No pooch was pouting and every dog was happy.  That is a big change.  The regular dogs have all been pouting and unhappy with the horse in the house.

Well… around 10pm Mike came home from dinner with HART and brought home Apollo and Atlas.  Immediately the other dogs seemed to change their disposition.  They really don’t like having the big beast in the house.

He has two applications that look good so there is a very good chance that Atlas will be adopted and leave this coming week.  Gees, I really hope that dog leaves.  On the one hand, I cannot imagine anyone wanting something like Atlas.  On the other, I hope someone adopts him just to get him out of our house.  He isn’t bad, doesn’t do anything wrong, but he is just too large to live in a home with normal sized humans.

Apollo adoption

I have not written much about Apollo.  He has been a really interesting foster.  He is an intelligent, inquisitive, and free spirit.  He gets into everything but he is not destructive.  Compare him to Kira (my girl).  Kira is the most well behaved dog I have ever seen but as a 9 month old puppy she chewed up the legs to an antique sewing table and I struggled to keep her in control just walking the property.

Kira is 100% Labrador and so her personality evolved exactly as expected.  And she is the perfect companion for me.  But she is near the end of her life and I will be devastated when she dies.

As I did with Bones (Mike’s beloved dog) I arranged to adopt Remy before Bones died. But Bones lived a lot longer than I expected so I ended up arranging to adopt Clifford to help in the transition.  The strategy worked and the move from a lifelong companion was eased by moving to another companion that was similar in color and size.

Well… Kira is a dog that shares my soul.  She is moody, grumpy, happy, affectionate, and determined.  She is a mirror image of me.  But she doesn’t have long left.  I truly thought that she would die last year, but she pulled through.

I need a companion.  I really need something that really adores me so that I have something to care for.  Not just a random creature that I adopt but that doesn’t care in the least about me.  I really need a creature that looks to me as the most important thing to their life and I look to them as the most important thing I must care for.

That relationship is really difficult to find.  I have it with Kira to a limited degree.  Kira appears to exist with no dependency on any other creature in life but she dislikes Mike significantly more than me so she stays with me.  She doesn’t adore me or see me as anything more than the alpha that doesn’t hurt her.  Mike gives her shots, gives her meds, and does the difficult things.  I pet and love on her and so I am the most desirable protector.  But she doesn’t adore me.

I never knew what it was like to have an animal that absolutely adored me until I had Darby.  If you look back in my posts, Darby was one of the most difficult dogs we ever fostered.  But he showed me something that I have never seen or felt before.  Darby absolutely adored me and was so attached that his life revolved around me.  I liked him a lot, but he created terrible problem in that he was so destructive.  I hated caging him but he could not be let loose on his own.

Let’s not get me wrong here.  I absolutely adored Darby.  But he absolutely destroyed our home.  You can read about what he did to the house.  But no matter what he did, I loved him and loved his soul.

I have a chance with Apollo to fix the mistakes I made.  This dog appears to be the exact incarnation of Darby in a different body.  I mean, this personality is precisely Darby.  He is ugly and cute at the same time.  He is 9 months old, he adores me, he is uncontrollable, and in every way he is Darby except that he is not destructive.

It would be a very bad thing to adopt a dog because he reminded me of a dog that I let die in bad circumstances.  But I do not think I am trying to recreate Darby in another dog. Apollo is unique.  He is interesting, he is a free spirit (like Darby) and he seems to have a soul like Darby.  But he is not Darby.  He is a wrinkly terrier mix that walks upright and he doesn’t have the least desire for birds, squirrels, or groundhogs.  He doesn’t care in the least of the chickens.  He isn’t Darby.

But he has everything I loved in Darby and he seems to adore me.  This will take a lot of work and a lot of patience, but this dog could something really great.

I love most all dogs.  But it is rare that one really touches me so deeply as Darby or Apollo.

We call this a “foster failure” and well.. I am pleased with this failure.

Kira, Clifford, Remy: Our first big snow of the winter

I got up this morning, got completely ready for work knowing that there was sleet hitting the window as I fed the dogs this morning.  But I figured that the weather was saying the temperature would be 45 degrees so I would go to work.  Well… after getting all ready, going to the garage to put my stuff in the car, I looked down the drive and there were yellow and blue lights.  A van had gone off the road and they had 2 tow trucks trying to get it out of the ravine.  A police man was blocking route 50 and I would be able to get out of my drive.

So, I waited around and it took about 2 hours to get the van out.  And what did they do… they put it on a flat bed and then parked in my driveway.  By 8:30 I had already called the office and told everyone to go home and so my team was watching the customer support queue from home.

By 10am, it was snowing pretty hard.  And by 11am, there was about 3 inches of snow alternating with ice on the ground and drive.  I am fairly certain that if I had gone to work that it would be a miserable drive home.

At 11:30, I put on a coat and took the dogs for a walk around the property in the snow.  I got balls for each of them and they were just so excited and ballistic.  We walked through the front 4 acres and watched the work on the van.  The tow trucks left and the police left but the van was still sitting in my drive.

After checking things out, I walked around the yard for about an hour throwing the ball for Clifford and Kira.  Remy won’t ever give up his ball and just runs around trying to take the other dog’s ball.  Clifford leaps into the air and pushes off with his feet so hard that it looks like a snow plow with the amount of snow kicked into the air.  Kira seems to do better in the snow than in the summer and will give me the ball if Remy is not around.

I got them all tired out.  I put bird food in the feeder, and then we went into the house.  They all laid down and went to sleep giving me the rest of the day to myself.

Kira and Remy: Lyme’s Disease

The vet called and left a message for the dogs. Remy and Kira had tested positive for acute Lyme’s disease. Kira had been getting thinner and seemed to be in more pain than usual. So, we put them both on a 1 month plan for Doxycycline. So we started them today and will be done on December 30.

Raven: Gets into everything

Accidentally leave a door open?  She is immediately in there sniffing everything and finding something to run away with.  She doesn’t chew everything up like Darby did, but she takes it back to her bed. If you are in the house and things are a little too quiet… you better get up and start looking for her because she is into something.

Raven is just a bundle of joy, energy, licks, and belly rubs.  She knows paw and when she can’t get your attention, she puts her nose down, looks up out of the top of her eyes, and lifts up the paw.  Everyone just melts to that.

I think the only problem that Raven has is that she is skittish.  If you rush up to her too fast, she flops on the floor and closes her eyes like you are going to hit her.  If you raise your hand to her, she flops on the floor and closes her eyes as if she thinks she is going to be hit.

She loves the Piano, and loves to just crawl all over the other dogs.  Remy is just an old kremudgin with lots of growls, and leaving the room, but eventually he just lays on the floor while she chews on his tail, bites at his feet, licks his ears, lays on his head, and in general just mauls him.  She does the same with Clifford but Clifford eventually tires of it and lifts his lip and then swats her with his paw.  Kira won’t have anything to do with her but I have fussed at Kira for snapping at her so Kira lifts her lip and there must be some low growl that I can’t hear, but Raven jumps up and gets about 6 feet away from Kira whenever it happens.

She is a sweet little dog… but she is trouble if you don’t keep an eye on her.

Kira & Remy: Another reason that you should walk your dog on a leash

So, Mikey takes the dogs out for their usual walk, and when he returns, Kira and Remy reek of the smell of a skunk. Well, it turns out that during the walk, Remy found a skunk and chased it and then got sprayed. Kira apparently got only a peripheral spray. She stinks, but Remy smells horrible. Mike immediately took Remy into the bathroom to be washed and Kira is under my desk at the moment.

Remy & Ruben: Destroying the house

Well, it is a good thing that the columns in the house are very solid and well attached.  Remy and Ruben have been playing chase all morning.  They run outside through the doggy door and chase each other around the yard.  Then Remy does his tuck-tail run back to the doggy door and through the house as fast as he can.  Ruben realizes that Remy is gone and runs in the house as fast as he can.  Remy positions himself at a blind spot in the hall to my office and when Ruben comes running by, Remy will make this loud growl and jump on him.  They slam into the column at the end of my office, and then Remy takes off toward the doggy door with Ruben running as fast as he can.  At every turn in the house they will lose their footing and go sprawling into the wall or a piece of furniture and then they are out the doggy door for a run in the yard.

It looks like Remy is playing Kira’s tricks.  He will also run into the house and wait for Ruben to come through the doggy door.  Then Remy will stand just in front of a column and when Ruben comes running up to him, Remy will step sideways and Ruben will splat head first into the column.  Remy will then take off the other way toward my office, make the turn and wait for Ruben to come down the hall.  Inevitably Ruben will be going to fast to make the turn and will then slide on the rug outside my office till he hits the edge of the carpet in the bedroom where his front end will come to a rapid stop while his back end smashes into him and he goes tumbling to the floor.  Remy then takes off back down the hall while Ruben gets his bearing and you hear Remy go outside just as Ruben is taking off down the hall. 

Rugs are everywhere, furniture is against the walls, and they are having a blast.  In a surprising change in dynamics, Kira is left out of the play and now she is wandering around watching them with an occasional growl like she wants to play.  But they are completely ignoring her. 

I took all of the dogs outside and picked blackberries.  The vines are not in good shape from the drought, but there are a lot of new plants coming up from the root system that I will transplant in the fall.  The dogs were playing along when the Mockingbird came and started dive bombing the dogs.  Turns out one of her chicks is out of the nest and to big to fly so it is hiding in the thick grass under one of the orchard trees.  The dogs cannot get to the little bird because of the deer fence around the trees, but the mother is upset all the same. 

Remy: Where is my bed?

Remy doesn’t really have a bed in the house other than my bed. Kira has always slept under the bed and if anyone attempts to get under the bed, she nips at them. Remy has tried getting under the bed but has failed to win Kira over. We put a bed out by a dresser for him and he sleeps there, but occasonally Bones will take Remy’s bed. So, when we put the crate in for Marty, We found that Remy wanted his own home and he slept in the crate.

RemyInMartysCrate - DSC01567

Remy: Not fond of getting a bath

The construction company has been working on the house for the past few days and they pulled out a lot of rocks that were previously used for the landscaping around the front of the house.  They had piled them up as if they were going to take them away so I got out the tractor and moved all of the rocks down to the area where we burn brush.  I intend to build a short wall that will contain the fire when we burn the winter’s brush.

While on the tractor, Remy and Kira disappeared and so I had to go searching for them.  Kira was trying to get water so she was drinking out of the ditch.  Remy found something to roll in so he was covered in whatever he found.  I acted like I was going to go into the door of the house and Remy came running up thinking he was going inside for food.  I snagged him by the collar and he immediately tucked tail.  When he saw me reach for the hose, he started squirming and then gave up.  I washed him down and wrung some of the water out of his thick coat and then let him go.  He ran to the house in his goofy “scruncy butt” run as if something was chasing him and then shook out his fur while standing at the garage door.  I let them in and toweled Remy off.  He gets over being mad a lot faster than Kira!

Remy: Pouting

Once again, Remy is low man on the totem pole.  But, this time, he isn’t happy about it.  This morning he was sulking when Babe snatched his spot away.  She is very good at watching the other dogs and then when they move, she takes their place.  On the first day she took Bones’ closet away from him so he slept in the hall.  Then she took Kira’s spot under my desk so Kira layed in the middle of the room.  Now, she took Remy’s spot on the bed.  After they got their morning food, Babe finished first and got back to the bed before Remy could.  When Remy got there and she was laying in his spot, he just layed down at the end of the bed and sulked.  How can you tell he is sulking…he stopped wagging his tail when you called his name, and when you offered to pet him, he just looked away.  I pulled Remy to me and pet on him, but he is clearly depressed. 

Kira, on the other hand has taken a more aggressive approach.  Whenever Babe tries to get near Kira’s spot or me, Kira growls and if Babe doesn’t get the message, Kira makes a nasty attack sound and snaps her teeth at Babe. Babe stays away from Kira.

Bones, well, he is so old and blind that he doesn’t really have the ability to do anything about Babe.  The poor old dog just meanders about the house looking for Mike.  If he cannot find Mike, he will lay down in the middle of the room that I happen to be in. 

Babe is more of a social pack type of dog.  She goes where the other dogs are and she tried to lay down beside them. Only problem is that our dogs don’t really like to lay down with each other and they have staked out their own places in the house that are specific to them.  The dogs seem to respect each other’s space and never try to take one another’s area.  Babe doesn’t respect space, and will gladly crawl under the desk with Kira there. 

Remy: Were have all the bread loafs gone?

On Saturday I stopped by the store and got a loaf of bread.  On Sunday I wanted a piece of bread and when to the kitchen but couldn’t find the bread.  I thought I had left it in the truck, but it wasn’t there.  I checked the refrigerator, the cabinets, the stove, the oven, my office, and even the refrigerator in the basement.  No dice.  I asked Mike if he had hidden the bread and he said no.  So, the only conclusion that I can make is that Remy stole the bread while I was taking a nap on Saturday.

Roxy and Remy: What great dogs!

Roxy and Remy play continuously now.  They are like bear cubs rolling around on the floor all the time.  Roxy always initiates the play but Remy seems to be having a good time.  Well, till he gets tired of it and then he runs out the doggy door.  Roxy hasn’t figured out the doggy door so she gets stuck inside when he runs out.  Pretty smart of Remy to figure out that he is safe outside. 

Roxy has grown accustomed to sleeping in a crate by the bed and knows the crate to be both her safe place and her place for when she is bad.  She has accidents every day and you have to take her out ever hour if you don’t want to have a mistake in the house.  When she has an accident, and you fuss at her, she looks down at the floor and then skulks back to her crate and lays down.  It is perplexing that she seems to understand that it is wrong, but cannot seem to avoid having the accident.

Remy: Woo hoo… they forgot the office door!

I left for a meeting early this morning and forgot to shut the kiddy door to my office. Mike left to go to the dog adoption event and Remy went into my office and ate everything in site. He took a half of a can of pringles and destroyed it and left it in the back yard. He then returned and got a jar of peanut butter and opened it and got as much out as he could reach with his nose. Fortunately there was only about a half of a cup left in the bottom.

Remy: Felling a little better

This morning Remy was looking better but was still not feeling great. I gave him about 1/2 a cup of food and he just sniffed it. He is usually voracious with food. When Mike got home from work this evening he said that Remy was getting back to normal. Maybe he learned something.

Remy: Oh, my belly hurts!

Mike and I went to lunch in DC and came home at about 6:30pm.  When we got home all of the dogs were happy as usual, but very soon after starting to pet on the dogs we noticed that Remy was a bit different.  His belly was huge!  It was quite tight and he wasn’t dancing around as usual.  A quick check in the laundry room discovered the source of the problem.  I had put a new bag of dogfood in the laundry room and Remy had opened the top corner and eaten quite a bit of food. 

Well, we fed the other dogs and Remy didn’t even act like he was going to need food. 

Remy: Woo hoo! I got in the office!

I had a meeting this morning at 8am so I rushed out and forgot to lock the gate to my office. While I was gone Remy went in and took everything out of the trash can and tore it to pieces. Mike got home before I did and sent me a picture on my mobile phone of the disaster in my office. Ugh…

Remy…. bad Remy!

I am in the basement just watching TV, playing pool, and occasionally throwing a dart or two when I hear this big commotion from upstairs.  Soon the commotion is heading down the stairs and Remy comes blasting down the stairs into the basement.  He runs to me seeking cover and then hides under the pool table.  Shortly thereafter Mike comes stumbling down the stairs fussing at Remy saying “Bad Remy!  Bad!!!” and shaking his finger at the dog. 

I asked Mike what was going on and he said that he heard a noise from his office on the second floor and came down to find that Remy had pulled the empty dog food bag out from behind the bin where we store the dog food and was laying in the middle of it tearing it to little tiny pieces.  Well, Mike caught him in the act and chased him through the house yelling at the dog.  Unfortunately for Mike, the dog us less clumsy than Mike and could easily outrun Mike to head for cover. 

About an hour later, I hear the sound of a herd of cattle running through the house and then down the stairs to the basement, but this time they were all just making noise around Mike.  The noise was Mike coming down to let me know he had made up with Remy.

Happy New Year!

It’s been a long year with lots of changes.  Fostering dogs has added an interesting twist to life.

Kira has grown into a good match for me.  Almost a perfect match… always sick, distant, unaffectionate, and grumpy.  But, she is sweet and stays with me all the time.  She isn’t scared of the pool table and gets endless pleasure from chasing the frisbee.  She never has an accident in the house except for the occasional episode of wetting the bed while sleeping due to her infections.  So, there are some differences between her and me…  I don’t wet the bed, and I don’t chase the frisbee.  🙂  One of the best things about Kira is that she always stays close to you wherever you go.  When in the yard she stays within 10 feet at all times.  When walking on a trail, she never leaves your side.  And when you take her to the office or to a park, she shadows you all the time.  The most rewarding thing about Kira is that she is protective of me.  Although she never seems to want to be pet, when she and I are around other dogs or people, she gets between me and whatever else is there and she will growl and snap if they get close to me.  She doesn’t do this when they are just near her, but she is protective of me.  All I have to do is say “Kira, no” and she will back down and lay on the floor.  I think she likes me.

Bones is getting way up there in age.  He can’t see very well, can’t hear much at all, and he is getting feeble.  He falls down a lot on the hardwood floors and falls down on the front steps quite often.  But he still eats and wags his tail for Mike.  He is Mike’s companion and whenever Mike leaves the house, Bones camps out at the front door looking through the glass at the driveway for the entire time that Mike is gone.  Occasionally he howls and cries. 

Remy is just a mush dog.  He loves everyone equally and has no loyalty to anyone.  His loyalties are only in those that have food or are willing to pet him.  But, he is so affectionate and gentle that you cannot help but hug on him.  His fur is so thick that he is like hugging a plush teddy bear.  He is the most vocal of the dogs and will bark at you whenever he wants something, is happy, is frustrated, or is hurt.  Each bark is different, so we know how to interpret it.  He is the only dog that does a little dance every time he is about to get food.  It is so cute.  And he is very good at staying near the house when we are outside.  His only big weakness is that he won’t give the ball back when you play fetch.  I mean, he will not give it back.  You can try to pry it from his mouth and you will not succeed.  You get one throw and that is it.

The foster dogs have taught me a lot about doggy behavior and provided great reward when the dog readapts to human companionship.  Riley was out of control when we got him.  He was aggressive and almost unmanagable.  But, after Riley bit me and I learned that he responded to a firm voice and dog language (yea, I growled at him a lot and forced him on his back whenever he was bad).  In time, Riley turned around and became a wonderful little dog that loved to talk to you and wagged his tail so hard that he would bloody the tip.  He was still aggressive with other dogs and became protective of me.  He seemed to really take to me which didn’t make Mike all that happy.  After 3 months with Riley, he was adoptable and it was a matter of finding the right family.  Fortunately, the perfect family found him.  After 6 weeks in his new home I went to visit him and he was a completely different dog.  Playful, attentive, and not a bit aggressive.  He lives with a slightly older female that is about his size, and he seems really happy.  Seeing Riley like this makes fostering completely worthwhile.

And the open book in fostering is Foreman.  He is like “Santa’s Little Helper” from the Simpsons both in action and look.  He is a mix of Grey Hound and Labradore.  He has wonderful colors and markings and can run like the wind.  He is beautiful when he is running.  When walking, he looks goofy.  He has such muscular back legs that they dwarf the rest of his body.  When we took him in, he was so skittish that the wind blowing through the leaves scared him.  Really…the first time he was out in the back yard and the wind blew through the leaves, he tucked tail and ran back to the house and right into the glass door.  It has been about 3 months of fostering Foreman now and he is getting better.  Like Riley, he responded quickly to dog signals like barking, growling, and putting him on his back.  He favors me over anyone else but he also seems to recognize people.  When he is in a strange environment and recognizes someone, he immediately goes to them and seeks protection.  It doesn’t matter if the past experiences have had him hiding from them or not.  They are familiar in a sea of the unknown.  Foreman is not aggressive with people, but can be with other dogs when they come near me.  He is protective of me, and is actually the best watch dog in the house.  Kira and Remy hear a noise and just look, listen, and occasionally growl.  But, Foreman will hear a noise and sneak up to where it is, peek around the corner, and if there is something there, he starts barking this nasty growly bark that would scare most people away.  When someone invades the home and neither Mike or I are around, he will stand his ground and be nasty.  But, if they approach him, he runs for cover.  So, not quite the perfect watch dog.  Hopefully someone will recognize him as a good family pet and will take him in.  Till then, he will sleep under my desk and be scared of the wind.

Happy New Year to all.  I hope you are enjoying the stories of the dogs.

OK… maybe we won’t go cold turkey on the bed

Last night I woke up to hear Kira whimpering beside the bed.  I reached down to touch her and she was shivering.  At first I thought she was cold so I lifted her onto the bed and put her under the top layer of the covers.  She stopped whimpering but kept shivering.  I held her and she calmed down.  She snuggled up to me in a more affectionate way than usual and stayed close the rest of the night.  When I woke up, she had gotten out from under the covers, but was still laying with her head on my pillow beside me.  I pet her in the morning but she started shaking again when I motioned for her to get off the bed.

So, it would appear that my poor little pooch was very upset that she was banned from the bed.  Remy took it well and slept in his bed.  He didn’t even try to get on the bed when I put Kira up on the bed.  So, maybe we will have to do this a little less abruptly.

I’m taking back the house… well, at least the bed

Well, after a year of sleeping in Remy’s fur, Kira pissing in the bed, and Foreman destroying the comforter by chewing on it, I am putting my foot down. No more dogs in the bed. I put a rope around the posts of the bed to make a fence and put a gate on the bed that they are scared of. Kira whined all night wanting on the bed but I didn’t give in. She was mad at me this morning but she will get over it. No more dogs on the bed.

Kira & Remy: Great Falls

What a beautiful day!  So nice that we took Kira and Remy to Great Falls State Park and walked around for half an hour.  I had Kira on the 15 foot windy leash and Remy on a 6 foot leash.  The guards that take your donation just loved Remy and throught he was a handsome dog.  They didn’t see Kira in the back of the truck, but Remy immediately popped up between the front seats when I stopped to pay.

When we got to the edge of the service canal, Kira just took off and leaped into the water.  She walked the trip in the water and loved it.

Boxes! Cage! The house!!! Argh

I walked in the door today to find cardboard pieces everywhere in the family room.  Since we live out in the country where we don’t have trash service, we are careful to only buy recyclable containers.  To this end, we take all of our cardboard boxes and fold them up in a pile and pin them behind a trash can till we can take them to the dump or burn them.  Remy apparently decided that this was a good pile of play toys and shreded the boxes.  This isn’t the first time and as soon as I walked into the room and said “what happened here”, Remy tucked tail, lowered his head, and left the room.  I cleaned it up while fussing at him and he sat at the doorway with his head low.  I then made up with him and he was happy.

I went to the basement to get Foreman and he had managed to push on the cage so hard that he pulled the staples out of the wall on part of the cage.  I let him out and he took off upstairs to go outside.  I let him out and then went back to the basement to nail the cage back to the wall.  As I am working on it, Foreman appears.  He had let himself back in via the doggy door.  I took them all upstairs and fed them, and then let them out in the yard.  Foreman wouldn’t come in the doggy door while I was looking but after I left, I watched and he let himself back in after making sure that I was not around.

All: How the dogs react to my pain

So it is Thanksgiving Day and I am in the basement doing a half hearted attempt to work out while playing with the servers that host this site.  I started to feel pain in my right side which very quickly got so bad that I couldn’t stand up.  I was home alone with all of the dogs and I just sat down on the concrete floor and hold my knees close to my chest hoping the pain would go away.  I know this pain as I had it before in February.  It is a kidney stone and boy does it hurt.  I crawled out of the gym room and to the carpeted room and cried out in pain.  Kira had been laying in the chase lounge and Remy was on the couch.  Foreman was upstairs as was Bones.  When I let out the pathetic cry in pain, the reaction of the dogs was quite interesting.

Kira disappeared and was later found hiding as far back under the bed as she could go

Remy quietly got off the couch and came over to me with his head down low and his tail drooping.  He laid down right beside me and started licking my hand.

Foreman came running down the basement stairs and leaped on me and then started biting at my hand to play

Bones is so deaf that he never heard a word and never stirred out of his slumber

The pain comes in waves and between waves, I got upstairs and took some pain killer that I had left over from the last kidney stone.  I laid in the bed waiting for it to kick and Remy jumped in the bed and laid down beside me with his head on my pillow and put his paw on me.  Occasionally he would sit up and lick my arm and then lay back down beside me.  Foreman just sat in the hallway doing nothing while Kira was not to be found.

All: What a mess

Oh my gosh.  I got home from work today and
the house was a disaster.  Upon walking in the door I noticed a pile of shredded
cardboard.  I thought to myself…oh well…dog
must have been frustrated.  I made my way
to my office and noticed some dark spots on the floor.  The lights were out so I turned them on to
discover that there was dog poo from my office, down the hall, through the sun
room, through the kitchen, and up to the doggy door.  Gees. 

I get to my office and let Foreman out so that he can go outside and
when I get back to the hall, there is a puddle in the hall to the dining
room.  I turned on more lights to get a
full view of any other hidden treasures and I find that there is shredded
cardboard all over the place.  They must
have been having a field day pulling stuff apart.

The poo is obviously Bones’ and the pee was very yellow
which also indicates that it was Bones’. 
He is getting so old that he can’t hold it.  Usually it is rather solid and easy to clean
up, but this time it was semi solid and quite the mess.  To add insult to injury, I was picking up poo
in toilet paper and putting it in the powder room and flushing each time.  But, apparently it was to much for the toilet
and so it got clogged up. 

Remy: Where did the groceries go?

Ugh…what a surprise!  Last night, Mikey came home with groceries and put them on the counter.  One had his leftover lunch in it.  He put the bags on the counter by the sink and then went out to his car to get the rest of the groceries and when he returned the lunch was gone.  He thought he had left it in his car so he went back to search for it but couldn’t find it.

This morning when the sun came up, Mikey found the empty paper bag laying in the yard.  Remy had stolen it faster than he could get through the door.  We now have mouse traps set around the counter to catch him in the act.  We put padding on the bar and a rubber band wrapped around them so that they cannot snap to fast.

Does Remy have worms?

Just a bit of concern that Remy may have worms as this morning he had what looked like a live tapeworm segment on his tail.  It was curled up and wiggling.  Looks like it is time to give all of the dogs some worm treatment.

When I got home from work today I found a pile of poo with a plastic like sheen to it.  After a bit of inspection, it was two pieces of the wrap from the missing cinnamon rolls.  Five left to locate.

Let’s try making cinnamon rolls again

On the way home from the city last night we stopped at Harris Teeter and got flour for making more cinnamon rolls.  After losing 7… most likely to the dogs… I figured that I would try again today.  At about 9am I got up and started making the dough, caramel, and icing.  I didn’t think about it at the time, but none of the dogs cared in the least as to what I was doing.  They all went back to sleep after they got their food.

I carefully rolled out the dough, coated it with butter, a layer of cinnamon & sugar, and then a thin layer of caramel made from butter, brown sugar, and Karo Syrup.  We bought some extra large muffin pans that made 4 inch muffins so that I could make the buns separately.  I ground up some pecans, made a second batch of caramel and put about 1/4 inch of this pecan/caramel mix in the bottom of each pan.  I cut the roll into 1 inch sections and gently put them in the pans.  No dogs in sight.

I let the pans rest for an hour so that they would rise nicely and then put them in the oven to bake.  I went to my office and started working on my computer while they cooked.  A fresh smell of cinnamon began to fill the house and when I went to check on them when the timer beeped, I noticed that Remy was camped out at the oven staring at it like it was his next meal.  Hum, this confirmed that he knew the smell and had interest.  I think we have established motive right?

When the buns were ready, I took them out of the oven.  I had put a little to much caramel in them as it bubbled out of the buns and had dripped onto the bottom of the oven.  I spread a large piece of aluminum foil on the counter and inverted the pans.  When I lifted the pans, the caramel from the bottom of the pan oozed down the side of the rolls and they looked perfect.  Better than the previous batch and perfectly formed in the new pans.  The sides had crisped as the caramel had risen on the edge of the muffin cup and then crystalized on the side of the roll.  After letting them cool briefly, I put two on plates and took one up to Mike in his office.  Remy was dancing along at my feet while the other dogs seemed oblivious to the events.

I put a metal pan under the aluminum foil and then set it on top of the refrigerator to ensure that a dog could not get to it.  When the rolls were cooled enough to wrap, I wrapped each one in Saran Wrap and set them on top of the refrigerator.  Remy camped out staring up at the rolls for quite a while before giving up.

At about 6:30pm I heard an odd noise coming from the kitchen.  I got up just in time to see Remy heading out through the doggy door with the aluminum foil that I had initially turned the rolls onto.  I opened up the door on the deck and yelled at him saying “Remy!  No!!!”.  I shook my finger at him and fussed loudly.  He tucked his tail and headed for the doggy door as fast as he could.  I picked up the aluminum foil and found my best mixing spatula on the ground with teeth marks.  Ugh.  Remy was peeking out from the doggy door and I picked up the spatula and waved it at him and fussed “Bad Dog!  Bad!  Bad Remy!”. 

By this time, all of the dogs had disappeared.  I found Remy hiding in my office under my desk.  He had his nose as far to the back of the corner as he could and had his tail tucked.  I fussed at him and shook my finger.  It appeared that he fully understood that he had done wrong.  I went back to the kitchen and made sure that nothing else was within doggy range and then came back to the office.  He was still cowering under my desk.  I called him out and pet him for a bit until he seemed like he was OK.  He wagged his tail and then laid down with a bit of a sheepish look for the rest of the evening.

A visit to the vet for all

Mike took off from work today and took Kira, Remy, and Bones to the vet for their regular shots. Kira had a skin tag that was growing so I asked him to have it removed when he was there. He said that she did well. When I got home from work she had a 3 inch square shaved patch on her side with a tiny wound and a single stitch. Mike said that we needed to take it out in 10 days. I gave Kira some special food with her dry food last night. She was still mad at me and wouldn’t sit in the same room with me.

Where did the Cinnamon rolls go?

Aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!  After my trip to Belgium where I cou.ldn’t get anything with the flavor of cinnamon in it, I decided to make cinnamon rolls.  So, last night (Tuesday night) I got home from work and spent 4 hours making the dough, caramel, and topping for buns that would rival “Cinnabon“.  I made a total of 12 and they were so good and tasty.

After I finished making the buns, I carefully wrapped them in Saran Wrap and and set them on the back side of counter by the stove.  I had one, Mike had one, and then we left them over night.  The next morning Mike had one for breakfast and I took two to work.  Mike got home about 30 minutes before I did tonight and at about 9:00pm I went to get a roll.  I got to the counter and there were no rolls.  I called out to Mike… “Mike!  What did you do with the cinnamon buns?” and he said “I didn’t touch them”.  He came downstairs and looked just as perplexed as I was.  I checked the refrigerator, oven, and cabinets thinking that Mike was playing a joke on me.  Well, no joke… and no rolls!

The dogs have never taken things off the table or counter so I just couldn’t imagine that they had done such a crime during the day.  But, we had to assume that they did it.  The only alternative was that someone broke into the house in the middle of the day and only took the cinnamon rolls.  Now, I am one paranoid fellow, but even this is a big stretch for me.

Recognizing that this presented a fundamental problem in that they were wrapped in Saran Wrap and such stuff is not good for dogs or people.  So, we got out the brightest flashlight we have and we went into the back yard looking for the remnants of the rolls.  We couldn’t find anything.  We searched upstairs, downstairs, and everywhere that the dogs could have gotten to.  But, we couldn’t find any evidence that the dogs had touched the rolls.  Not a crumb!

So, I still think that Mike is playing a trick on me and has hidden the buns.  He will eventually come clean.

Foreman: The dominance game

I got up at about 8am and Foreman was waiting at the gate to my office.  As I walked up he seemed happy to see someone.  His tail was curled over his back and he didn’t run away when I reached over the gate to pet him.  I took Foreman, Remy, and Kira for a walk.  Foreman did a double serve and then we headed back.  Along the way back, he decided to plan and took off running as fast as he could.  Only problem was that he had an 8 foot leash connected to his neck so he did a backflip when he hit the end of the leash.  He landed on his feet and then ran to me and dropped down as if he wanted to play.  He darted left and right with his butt stuck up in the air and then quickly stopped and started walking again. 

When we got in the house I took Foreman to my office where the his crate is and he quickly darted in.  I locked the gate to the office and then went back to the kitchen to feed everyone.  I then brought Foreman’s food to him and he wouldn’t come out of the crate.  I picked up a few pieces and he took them from my hand, but he wouldn’t come out to eat from the bowl.  I put the bowl at the entrance of his crate and he started eating.

After breakfast, I took Foreman into the bathroom and gave him a good bath.  He smelled so bad when we brought him home that this was pretty much a requirement to living with him.  He had bad dandruff so I used a medicated soap for dogs that helps take care of dandruff.  He didn’t like the bath but he didn’t fight me.  He tried to get out of the tub but I just said “no no” and he stopped.  He is obedient in that regard.

After his bath, I dried him with a towel and then took Foreman, Remy, and Kira down to the basement where I could let him run around.  I closed the basement door so that Bones couldn’t come down to mess with us.  I turned on the Simpsons DVD and started playing Pool.  Foreman stood at the landing on the stairs and watched carefully.  He eventually came down and sniffed around the walls of the basement and then sat in the gym room and just watched.  After a couple of games of Pool I sat on one of the couches in the basement that the dogs are allowed on and Foreman came over and got on the couch.  He initially sat at the opposite end so I scooted over and pet him gently under the chin.  Kira and Remy went and got a toy so I tossed it with them while Foreman just watched.  When I stopped petting him, he pawed me until I pet him more.

I got up and started using the eliptical machine and Foreman stayed on the couch.  After a little bit he started sniffing around.  Kira and Remy were laying on the floor beside the elliptical machine and didn’t acknowledge Foreman when he came around them.  After sniffing for a bit, he approached Remy and started his domination dance. 

First he dropped down on his front and stuck his butt up in the air.  He darted left and right and Remy responded by doing the same.  They started chasing each other around the pool table and Kira got interested.  They all ran back and forth playing and occasionally Remy would put his head over Foreman’s shoulders and then Foreman would do the same to Remy.  After a bit of this going on, Kira laid back down while Remy and Foreman continued to play.  The play got rougher and then they got calm and started sniffing each other.  They paced one another and then Foreman put his head over Remy and nibbled on his shoulders.  Remy did nothing.  Then Foreman mounted Remy and Remy did nothing.  From that point on, Foreman was dominant over Remy.  There were a couple of other episodes but they all ended the same.  Eventually Foreman took Remy’s toy and played with it for a bit before dropping it and laying down on the couch.

Foreman: On the attack

Remy and Kira are locked in the back of the house with Foreman and me. 
Forman is sleeping nicely in his crate and then the other dogs start
barking.  All come out and are in the hall at the gate that separates
them from the rest of the house.  Kira comes back into the office and
then Foreman lights into Remy.  Remy is such a submissive dog that he
gives in immediately and Foreman just attacks him.  I had to just yell
once and Foreman let go of Remy and ran to his crate. 

A bit later, Kira and Remy were by my side when Foreman darted out of his crate and ran over to Kira to nip at her.  Again, a stern warning and he ran back to his crate.  I put the leash on him and took them all outside so that he could pee.  He continued to do this sniper type of attack with all of the dogs whenever they came within visual range of the door to his crate.

It appears that Foreman is a bit nervous tonight and may need some quiet adjustment time.

Foreman: Day 1


Just a quick initial progress report.  So far so.  We did the initial
meeting in the back yard with Foreman on a leash.  We let Remy and
Kira run up off leash, they all did fine.  I then brought up Bones on
leash.  They sniffed, he curled his lip, so I just took Bones for a
walk around the yard. We let the other three run around the house while
I was out back with Bones making sure the electric fence did not have
any shorts in it.

is skittish but he is inquisitive and he followed me around the house.

As long as I don’t grab for him, he is fine.  If I want to put the
leash on him I go to the door, he follows, we both look out the window,
and then I can easily put the leash on.

I took them all for a
long walk outside and Bones got a much better sniff, no growling this
time.  Foreman walks very well on the leash.  They are all inside now
but I’ll keep Bones gated apart from Foreman for a while.  They are
laying on either side of the gate peacefully, about 10 feet apart.
Bones really does not have too much interest in him which is good.

did lie down next to Foreman for a bit and he was comfortable enough to
fall asleep next to me.  It was funny to watch as he wanted to stay
alert and look around but his eyes kept closing, then his head dropped
a bit, then do the ground, then he rolled over on his side into me and
fell asleep.

So in summary zero issues with Remy and Kira, so
far Bones seems neutral, and he seems comfortable enough that he’s not

What’s all that barking about?

I’m sitting at the computer and I hear Remy barking his head off in the basement.  I go down to find him standing in the middle of the room with the gym equipment and servers barking like crazy at something on the floor.  I say “something” because there was nothing there but he seemed to think something was there. I followed his gaze and the only thing near where he was looking was a disconnected receptacle that was just laying on the floor.  I kicked it and he jumped a foot off the ground and started barking at it like crazy.  After I picked it up and held it for him, he went crazy wagging his tail and seemed happy.  We then went upstairs and all was well.

What is Remy digging for?

Strangest thing occurred tonight. We heard an odd sound and followed it to the washroom where the clothes washer is. Upon entering the room, there was Remy digging like crazy in the corner of the room like he was trying to dig up something. We fussed at him but he didn’t stop. When we pulled him from the corner, there was nothing there but scratched up lenolium.

Bad Remy…. Bad!

Sent: Friday, September 01, 2006 6:23 PM
Subject: RE: Home

If I would had figured it out earlier I would have fussed at them more….

Maybe I should blog this 😉

I got home early, there was enough noise from the heavy rain they did not hear me.

There were a few card board boxes knocked off the pile, no biggie.

I took off my shoes and tip toed around.

I found Bones sleeping at the bottom of the stairs.

I was tip toeing around him to see who might be sleeping on the bed when I heard the dog door open (I just thought it was the wind as it is gusting pretty hard out).  Then I heard and a box crash.  Bones heard it too and once he was awake, he sniffed me out so I could not sneak back to see what was up.

So Kira and Remy run in all wet and happy to see me.  No big deal.  Then I notice the box of treats on the floor, unopened but with a tooth hole near the top.  That is what crashed.  I fussed at them a bit and they took off.  I stuck the box back where it was and noticed a wet foot print (best guess is it was Remy’s) on the counter.  Then I noticed the bag of treats was gone.  I looked outside and there it was chewed up in the back yard.  That is why they were outside when I got home.  From the looks of things it just happened and I could have caught them carry out the box that they came back in for (their second theft) if Bones was not alerted to my presence thus giving me away to the other two.


Remy is adjusting well

This morning was remarkably quiet.  I woke up to a house free of any noise.  Since Riley was always locked in my office at night, he would always wake me up barking to get attention.  Without Riley in the house, the morning are quite calm.  After 6 months of the same routine, it just seems like something is missing now.

Remy seems to be adjusting to life without his buddy Riley.  He has started pairing up with Kira and mimicing everything that she does.  They are about the same size and weight and they tussle around growling and playing together.  Kira still runs to me and defends me from anything that is around, but she is letting Remy get more attention now.

Yesterday I moved Remy’s food bowl to the kitchen so that he would start eating in the same room with Bones and Kira.  Previously Remy and Riley had their bowls in my office so that they could eat without fear of being near Bones.  Yesterday morning Remy wouldn’t come to the kitchen to eat and kept barking at me from the office wanting me to bring the food in there.  I finally coaxed him into the kitchen and led him to the bowl.  He took a bite of food, and then took off to the office and barked for me to follow.  I coaxed him back in and had to pet him while he ate.  Last night it was similar except that once he started eating he continued without me having to stand there with him.  And, this morning, when I said “want some fud!” all three dogs ran to the kitchen and Remy sat by his bowl in its new location.  He is a quick study!

I took all of the dog crates out of my office and bedroom and put them in the basement.  Kira and Remy watched with their tails down as I did it.  They followed me very quietly down the stairs.  They usually race as if they are trying to beat me down the stairs, but this time they just followed quietly.  They sniffed the crates in their new location and then went back to normal.

Ugh… puke in the bed

I woke up this morning to find Remy laying in the bed beside me. At least Kira sleeps at the foot of the bed; but, Remy was sleeping with his butt on my pillow (good thing this dog doesn’t have gas!). Ugh. Now, I have become quite accustomed to Kira. She does sleep on the bed, but she waits till I have fallen asleep. In the morning when I first move she gets off the bed. If she needs to scratch or anything that will make noise, she gets off the bed, leaves the room, and does whatever she needs to do before returning to the bed.

Well, not Remy. I wake up at 7am to a butt in the face, and then at 7:15am to the sound of a dog puking. Before I could get him off the bed, Remy had puked on the bed. Ugh. I jumped up and cleaned it up. He looked sheepish but seemed to get over it after a bit of petting.

I let them all out this morning, minus Riley who doesn’t live here any more, and they started sniffing around the hole from the groundhog. I don’t think there is another groundhog in the hole but they are very intent at sniffing at the hole. Remy was acting a little odd this morning…maybe it is just my sensitivity to Riley being missing, but he is just being exceptionally affectionate and is following me around like a puppy. He hasn’t done that before. It could also be that Mike is gone this week and Mike usually loves on Remy all the time.

Ugh… they killed a groundhog

Last year a groundhog dug under the concrete pad of the front porch and built
a nest.  We put a Have-a-heart trap out and caught it and then took it a few
miles away and let it free.  This year another groundhog took up residence in
the same hole.  The hole was rather obvious and I put a rock over it to see if
he was really active.  The bugger pushed the rock away and dug another path.

Every time I take the dogs out in the front yard, Riley follows the scent but
has never seen it.

Well, today that all changed.  We went outside to play and Riley started
sniffing around.  Apparently the groundhog had not made it back to its hole in
time and was stuck behind a bush.  Riley flushed it out and chased it around the
side of the house by the garage.  Kira and Remy took off after Riley and Bones
soon followed.  By the time I got around the side of the house they were all
sniffing around the cedar bushes at the top of the driveway.  I ran back in the
house to get some shoes on and came back out just in time to see a small rabbit
run from the bushes.  Bones took off after the rabbit but the other 3 dogs kept
circling the bushes.  They were remarkably coordinated in their circling of the
bushes.  They barked and nipped while circling.

All of a sudden the groundhog darted out toward the apple trees in the
orchard and all 3 dogs took off after it.  Riley caught up quickly and nipped at
it on the butt.  He flipped it into the air and it stopped.  I ran in the garage
to get something to catch the groundhog so that they wouldn’t kill it.  I
grabbed a glove and a trashcan and came out of the garage in time to see the
groundhog playing dead.  I laid there while the 3 dogs circled in a frenzy of
barks.  I just laid there on its back.  Riley darted in and nipped at it and it
flipped over and stood up.  It made a squealing sound and tried to dart off.

Remy jumped at it and it fell back on its back motionless.  Kira got close and
it jumped back up, squealed and tried to run again.  This repeated while I was
running toward it but before I could get there, one of the dogs must have made
contact and hurt it.  Then another dog grabbed it and shook it.  Then another
grabbed and shook.  When I got there they were all still circling and it was
laying motionless on its side.  I shut the dogs up but Riley was in a frenzy.
With the glove on my hand, I picked it up by by the scruff.  It was completely
limp and motionless.  The dogs were leaping into the air to try to take it from
me.  As I carried it along, it must have been alive because at some point it’s
bladder gave way and it peed. It never moved the entire time I was carrying it.

I went to the back field and tossed it over the fence.  The vultures will
quickly find it and take it away.

I got all of the dogs back inside the house and checked them to see if any
had been bitten.  None had as best I could tell.  I kept them inside but Riley
was frantic to get back outside.  I kept him inside and locked the doggy door so
that they could not get to the fence or to the back field before the birds go

More History of Remy and Riley

While at the adoption event, Gale told me the story of Remy and Riley and forwarded an email of them to me from when they first came to HART.  I had thought all along that they were in the group that was rescued in the big trip down to New Orleans.  But, it turns out that Remy and Riley were the very first dogs to be rescued in Mississippi after the storm.  The pictures of the dogs are just so amazingly different from the dogs that we know.  Both look like skeletons and Remy is drooling feverishly.  As I noted in a previous post, Remy drools like crazy if he is locked in a cage or confined to a small area.  Sandy told me that Riley is a completely different dog now that he has been in our home.  She said that when they arrived, they were so scared that they just shook all the time and were scared of everyone.  That explains why everyone is so surprised when they see me handling Riley like a baby and how much he seems to adore me.

Here is the email that brought them to Virginia:

Sent: Tue 9/6/2005 7:15 PM
Subject: 2 Hurricane Katrina
Got a call
from the Culpeper shelter today.  There was a guy there with 2 dogs that he had
rescued from Mississippi.  He had gone down there to help his sister & her
family relocate because they lost their house, etc.  He brought down tons of
supplies for the neighbors & their kids and said the gas alone to & from
was sky high & in some places, very scarce.  While there, he heard a noise
at 5 in the morning & thought it was someone trying to siphen gas from his
truck (seems that’s been happening a lot).  Turns out, it was the yellow lab
trying to get water & his dalmatian friend watching guard.  They didn’t find
the owners, but neither dog had collars and both were full of fleas & ticks
and neither are neutered.  He brought them back up here & took them to the
vet – the dal is heartworm positive.  The dal gets very nervous when he doesn’t
have his buddy with him, so they might need to find a home together.  The guy
said that he took the yellow lab into his sister’s yard, but the dal didn’t want
to come – he did stay outside of the yard barking for his friend.  They
eventually got him into the yard & then he was happy.  The guy is very
overwhelmed with the 2 new dogs, his dog & cat, his job, pregnant wife,
etc.  He didn’t know what to do with them, especially since the one is heartworm
positive.  The shelter was no help to him, but they called me & so now, here
are the 2 new residents!  So far, they are just so very nervous, but very sweet
& good with other dogs.  The dal will be going to the vet shortly to start
treatment – I will get him on the Special Needs page of the web site so we can
get some donations & maybe a home for both!





Summer Storms are scary!

At about 3am Riley bolted out of his crate beside the bed and started whimpering.  He paced all around the bedroom running in a horse-shoe shaped pattern in the room.  When he would get to the side of the room near the windows he would put his front paws on the bed and scratch at me.  I’ve seen this behavior before and it always preceedes a big thunder storm.  He is scared to death of thunder storms.

At around 3:20am, Remy jumped into the bed and laid down on top of me shivering.  Riley took a dive under the bed and burrowed as far back under the night table as he could.  He continued to whimper and shuffle about.  Kaboom!  Huge thunder clap outside the house accompanied by a bolt of lightening.  It was close enough that all of the UPSs in the house alarmed for an EMS pulse.  Riley came flying out from under the bed and started scratching furiously on the side of the bed.  Kaboom!  Another huge thunder clap and the outside lit up like it was daylight.  I couldn’t see the actual lightening bolt so it must have been on the other side of the house.  Rain started coming down so hard that you could hear it overflowing the gutters as it came off the roof.

Kira remained calm on the bed by my feet and didn’t even whimper.  Remy was shaking and was nervously looking out the window.  I put my arm over him and pet him.  He calmed down.  Riley was getting more agitated as the rain grew louder and the thunder grew more frequent.  I heard Bones stir and he started clawing at his gate.  I heard Mike get up and comfort him.  I got up and put Riley in the bed with me and tried to comfort him.  He was shivering and whining.  I tried to cradle him then tried to get him to lie down, but he wouldn’t have any part of that.  He sat on the bed beside me staring intently out the window.  Every time a flash of lightening would light up the room he would jump and shiver more.  I forced him to lie down and tried to cover his eyes, and he capitulated for a while but then stood up again.  I think it was too much activity on the bed for Kira.  She hopped off the bed and laid down by the night stand while the other two dogs stayed on the bed with me. 

The storm lasted for about an hour with intermittent periods of very hard rain, thunder, and lightening.  Riley shivered the entire time and I didn’t hear Bones or Mike moving around.  At about 5am all was calm.  Riley hopped off the bed and went to sleep in his crate.  Kira hopped back on the bed, and Remy curled up at the foot of the bed.  Remy is not normally allowed to sleep on my bed.

At about 8am I heard Mike moving around and he took all of the dogs outside and then fed them.  He said he slept in Bones’ room to keep him calm.  Kira is the only one that seemed to not care at all about the storm.

Remy eats Kira’s frisbee

Ugh…I have a frisbee that I have had since I got Kira and I have a red ball that Remy likes to play with. I usually throw the ball in one direction and the Frisbee in the other so that both dogs play. Well, today I couldn’t find the Frisbee and then saw Remy in the yard with it. He shredded it. Ugh. Now Kira doesn’t have a favorite toy.

Remy tries to serve himself dinner

Well, I got home early from work at 3pm. When I got in the house there were little pieces of pink plastic everywhere. There are only 2 pink plastic things in the house…the two bowls that we use to feed the dogs. Remy had gone into the pantry, pulled out the serving bowls and proceeded to shred them. One was partially intact and in his mouth when I got in the house.

Guess who got outside

I got home from work and was quite surprised to see Remy running down the driveway toward me.  I thought that Mike was home but when I got to the house, there was no Mike.  All of the dogs were in the house but Remy was outside.  My only guess is that the electric fence was turned off and he slipped through the rails.  Yep…the electric fence was off. 

The good thing that I learned from this is that Remy just stayed by the house waiting for us to come home.  So, at least he didn’t roam or anything.  We are on a long gravel road so there is little chance he would see a car to be interested in except for us. 

When Mike got home I fussed at him for turning off the electric fence. 

Remy eats my shoe and the bed

Ugh…Remy must have been frustrated today while we were at work. I accidentally left one of my good dress shoes on the floor, and when I got home, it was shredded. He also decided that it might be a good idea to defluf the comfortor on the bed. White fluffy stuff was everywhere.

Remy takes his cast off

Remy was doing so good about not pulling on the cast. We went to dinner in DC and got home late. When we got home, there were little blue pieces of stuff all over the place. Remy had shredded his cast. So much for keeping it set.

Yep, Remy’s toe is broken

When we took Remy to the Vet, the vet did the same thing we did. She moved the toe and he didn’t wence or do anything other than breathe fast. She did an Xray and sure enough, his toe is broken. So, she bandaged him up, gave us some pain killers, and I took him to work with me so that the cast would stay on his foot. He did just fine and was groggy from the pills.