Marty: Farewell

Just as Marty was beginning to grow on me, he got adopted.  Isn’t it that way every time.  Well, this time he got adopted by a woman who had 2 dogs and one passed away due to old age.  So she wanted another companion dog for her 8 year old dog.  She is a real-estate agent so she spends a lot of time at home.  She passed all of the inspections and so Marty went to his new home at 10am this morning.

Mike and talked about it and considering that Bones is getting to old to defend himself, we cannot bring another male dog into the house.  And considering that Kira has emotional problems when another female is in the house we don’t need another female.  And, considering that I have 11 more weeks of traction for my back, we are probably not going to foster another dog for a while.

Here is a picture of Marty all healed up and about to go to his new home:


Marty: I can’t bite with a ball in my mouth

Mike has been gone since Monday and Bones has recovered. I have been taking the dogs for a walk every morning and then heading into work. One of the problems that I have is that Marty (the foster dog) bites at Kira’s back legs and will run at full speed and knock her over. So, today I gave both Kira a ball and Marty a ball. He is a smart little dog, but not smart enough to figure out that he cannot bite Kira’s legs if he has the ball in his mouth. After three or four tries, he gave up on biting her and all was fun. The only problem with this plan is that Marty has Attention Deficite Disorder and will drop the ball and forget where he dropped it. So, I have to keep an eye out for where he leaves it.

Marty: Attacking Bones

Mikey stayed home today to work from home and so Marty wasn’t locked up.  Mike said that all of the dogs got along very well all day and that Bones had decided to hump Marty.  This is pretty normal for fostering in that after about a week, the male dogs start trying to establish dominance.  Marty didn’t fight back as Bones dominated him.  But, then at about 9pm I was in my office when I heard Mike yell “NO!” and I heard the dogs fighting.  I ran up stairs as fast as I could to find Mike holding Marty in the air smacking him in the face while Marty had a lock on the side of Bones’ face.  Bones was snarling but couldn’t do anything about it.  It was identical to how Riley would attack Bones and wouldn’t let go.  When we finally got Marty off of Bones, I grabbed Marty and put him in his crate.  We inspected Bones and found his right ear to be cut with about a 1 inch tear and numerous puncture wounds.

I thought that Mike was going to start crying.  I wet a towel and put it on Bones’ ear and we checked Bones over.  Mike was shaking and started to do his usual chatter about how it all took place.  This is how Mike vents.  I went downstairs and checked out Marty and there was no damage on Marty.  Mike was terribly upset and we had a brief conversation with me reminding Mike that every male dog we have taken in has had a fight with bones when establishing dominance and Remy is the only one that didn’t beat Bones up. 

Mike has a short memory and didn’t remember fights between Foreman and Bones.  But he did remember the fights with Riley and Bones.  I think Mike is really torn up about this and he is tending to Bones.  On the plus side, Bones does not appear to be in any pain and he is following Mike around as if nothing happened.  Poor old dog.  He cannot see anything, cannot hear, and now is getting attacked in his own home.  We need to stop fostering until Bones passes away.

Marty: lacking some social skills?

When I got home from work, I let Marty out of his crate and took the dogs in the back yard.  Kira and Remy ran around like usual.  Marty zipped around and seemed faster than Kira.  Kira ran and got a toy and brought it to me.  When I threw it, Marty chased after Kira and bit at her back legs.  Kira growled and kicked at him but they didn’t fight.  Marty did the same with Remy whenever Remy had the toy.  Then when Remy and I started tugging, Marty started nipping at my legs.  I yelled at him but it didn’t phase him a bit.  I pushed him away but he just ran back and kept nipping at me.  I now call him “strange dog”.

After play time I fed the dogs and then was petting on Kira.  Marty couldn’t stand that Kira was getting attention and started nipping at me and jumping on Kira to try to get attention.  I pet him but it wasn’t enough and he wanted Kira away.  Well, this is one thing that Kira does not tolerate.  No dog is allowed between Kira and me and she snarled and pushed him aside.  Marty backed off and then tried to push in again and I shoved him aside.  He then attacked Remy by pouncing on him and nipping at his tail and legs.  Remy just sat there looking pitiful.

Marty: Another foster

Mike called from the adoption event and in his usual way asked if we could foster a little brown dog for a week.  I gave in and Mike brought home a non-descript little brown dog.  The dog has a bulldog kind of face with a square jaw and heavily muscled back legs.  His tail curls over his back like a Chow and he has the fur of a chow.  But, he is small weighing only about 25 pounds.  The dog’s name is Marty.  He appears to have previously had an owner as he knows basic tricks like paw and sit.  He is completely house trained and knows what a doggy door.  Marty is a brave little dog and appears to have no social manners with both people and dogs.  He bravely tried to take food from Kira who gave him a nasty growl.  He didn’t back down until Mike yelled at him.  So, on our first night, we learned that Marty has to eat by himself.  I am sure that more will come of this little Foster.

Marty is all torn up with lots of puncture wounds on his face, legs, and ears.  He has been to the vet where they shaved his wounds and patched him up.  He clearly was on the losing end of a dog fight.

Marty - DSC01569