Leala: Farewell

Leala had to be put down.  Carolyn took her to the vet and had her checked and they found that she was riddled with cancer.  Carolyn had her put down so that there would be no opportunity for HART to challenge it.

There is a bit of a divide in HART over when putting dogs down when they are terminally ill.  Many want to let the dog live until it dies naturally.  The others don’t want to see a dog go through that pain.  Carolyn made sure that there wasn’t an opportunity for argument.

Leala: New foster

Carolyn offered to foster Leala.  Mike arranged it so that Leala wouldn’t be fostered by us.  Mike suspects that something is very wrong with Leala and is afraid to have her here

Leala: What a skinny dog.3

Mike texted and asked if he could bring home a small female dog that had just come in and had a good application.  I agreed.

Leala is a small dog standing about 1.5 feet from floor to the top of her head.  She is skinny as a rail.  She arrived with another dog as a “give up”.  The family didn’t say why they were giving up their dogs and just dropped them off.

Leala is a very sweet little dog.  She loves being pet but she doesn’t do much.  She largely just lays around.  Mike thinks she is around 10 years old.