JB: Summer camp is over

Bart and Carolyn just got back from their vacation to Hawaii and picked up JB at 11am.  He is a good dog but he was a bit of a pain.  He is a slow eater and had accidents in the house.  Mostly he would poop in the house like Kira did so it may be an age thing for him.  He also peed a couple of times if we didn’t keep letting him outside on a regular basis.

The most annoying thing about JB was that he picked fights with Troll dog (aka Tina).  He would follow her around and then nudge her.  She would put up with it for a while before she would finally light into him.  She never hurt him but she clearly let him know that she wasn’t happy with him.

On the plus side, on previous visits JB wouldn’t eat his food.  We had to melt bacon grease for his food to get him to eat.  But on this visit we fed him the food that our digs eat and locked him in the kitchen area behind the doggy fence and he ate like he was starving.  He still eats slow, but he actually hopped up and down when we were preparing his food.

Tina: Not such a nice doggy

When Troll Dog first arrived we didn’t agree with the HART people that the dog was toy aggressive and bad with children.  And to date (after 3 weeks of fostering) she hasn’t shown any aggression over toys or food (there are no children around the house).  She does like to sit on the back deck as still as a statue (of a gargoyle) and wait for the bunnies to get close and then she pounces.  She has almost caught a few.

But this past weekend we started dog sitting for a friend. The dog is named JB and Troll Dog took a dislike to him.  JB has been here many times.  He is a very shy dog that usually won’t eat unless you sit with him and coax him to finish his bowl.

The problems started at his first meal.  Troll Dog ate her food at her usual spot and I locked JB in the area of the kitchen where we have a doggy fence to keep the dogs out of the kitchen area.  When she finished her food she went to the fence and started growling at JB every time he got near the fence.  The next day I fed him in the bedroom so that he would be away from the others and she proceeded to go to the bedroom and growl at him through the gate that was locking him in.

Then later that same day I was in the office at about noon and I was startled with a dog fight.  I jumped up and ran to the kitchen.  Apparently as soon as the fight started Goof high tailed it out the doggy door and was standing on the deck looking in the glass window.  But Troll Dog had her hair all up and JB was slinking down the hall with his tail between his legs.  I separated them and fussed at her.  But that does no good as it is like fussing at a rock.  She just wags her tail at you while you fuss at her.  I swear that she looks like a gargoyle when she is sitting.

A couple of hours later she came into my office and just lit into JB for no reason.  I separated them and they have been kept separate ever since.

JB goes home

Today is Mike and my anniversary so I asked Bart to come pick up JB as early as possible.  He tried to be here by 10 am but got here a little late.  We spent an hour and a half chatting in the driveway after he arrived so I didn’t get back in the house till noon.

I returned to find Mike sitting at the table mad at me because he wanted breakfast for our anniversary and I had spent the morning chatting with BART.

Clearly, there are other issues at play.  But at least we are back down to 4 dogs.

JB is back

Well, JB is back.  I call him “Santa’s little helper”.  I had agreed months ago to dog sit JB for a friend when they were on vacation.  Mike seemed to have forgotten about that when he took in Atlas so now we will have 6 dogs in the house.

I do find it interesting that Mike is willing to take Atlas and Goof to work at the same time but has no problem locking JB in a cage.  I haven’t figured out his mental processes, but I am thinking that if he is the one that takes on a responsibility, he will adapt his life to the responsibility.  Whereas, if I take on a responsibility, he sees it as a secondary thing.

Originally I thought that all dogs were the same.  But I am beginning to realize that dogs that he chooses are better than a dog that I might choose.