Welcome Jay-Z

Well, we got the next foster. Jay-Z. He looks like he is about a year old and a mix of some kind of hunting breed and maybe a lab. HART thinks he is a Pointer/Lab Mix. I don’t know.

Before you start thinking he is a good looking dog, remember that you can take over 100 pictures of a troll with a digital camera and one is bound to come out good.

Jay-Z is not new to HART. He was adopted out once before and brought back. After interacting with him for less than an hour I can see why. He has no manners, nips, and is toy aggressive. In less than an hour he had roamed around the house, taken every toy he could find to a bed, pissed on the 150 year old grandfather clock from the German castle, and chewed the rung of an old Lincoln rocker.

This one is going to be a lot of work. Thank goodness I have been studying that “zen” shit. I didn’t lose my temper once even after I realized that the finish on that clock is now destroyed.