Hachi: Evicted

Well… after trying to train this dog and seeing his behavior, I just don’t think this dog is either a fit to be fostered by us nor do I think he is adoptable.  The problem that I see building is that he is territorial and aggressive with anyone that isn’t his master.  If he gets put into a family, what happens if he decides he doesn’t like the child after he is off leash.  What happens if he decides he doesn’t like the husband after getting off leash.  It took a couple of days before Hachi started this and then he didn’t stop.

Then my concern is that if he does get into a family that he gets along with, will he let them have visitors.  What if he gets protective and territorial with the family and the kids have friends over.  That biting on their legs could turn into something much worse if he starts thinking that he is getting away with it.

So, I told Mike that having a trainer come to the house was useless.  Observing the behavior is not something that is going to help and I am having enough problems with work, my cars, and other distractions that I don’t have the patience to deal with this.  So, Mike talked to HART and they agreed to the situation and Hachi has been evicted.  On Saturday he will go back to the Kennel for a night and then on Sunday he will start a program of day care and then a Trainer will take him home at night to work with him to try to fix the behavior.  Part of this decision is that we are also getting Laredo back and while he is a sweet dog, dealing with both dogs will be very difficult.

I feel somewhat bad that I gave up on this dog but I am not in a state right now that I can devote the time or the energy to deal with a difficult dog.  I have scars on my arms and face from past dogs that we eventually broke.  But that was when I was allowed to react to a dog biting me with aggressive responses.  But tying my hands that I cannot discipline the dog makes this a non-starter.

Hachi: Giving up

I had a bad day on Thursday.  Coming home to a dog that keeps stalking and biting me from every corner is just beyond annoying.  HART offered to have a trainer come out and observe the behavior and provide guidance.  But Mike had taken Hachi to work with him and found the same behavior when it was just one-on-one with some men.  When in groups of 4 or so people he behaves normally.  But when you have 2 or even 3 people, he gets aggressive and barks at people.  So, the behavior isn’t unique to me.

But I really lost it when Hachi was upstairs and I had gone to bed.  He came downstairs, looked in the door to my bedroom, and then pissed while looking at me.  I yelled and he calmly stopped and walked upstairs.  Mike came downstairs and cleaned it up.

And, quite frankly, with everything else that is going on right now, I just don’t have the patience for this.  I have done the things that I am “allowed” to do.  Mike has prohibited me from dominating the dog and just taking a harsh stance with the dog.  A big part of it is that the moment I move toward him to catch him or show any aggression, he expresses his anal glands and then he just stinks. And he is so hairy that it is really hard to get him cleaned up. So, if I am this limited, I don’t see a way out of this with Hachi.

So, I told Mike that Hachi could stay till he was adopted but there had to be rules.  We have imposed rules before on difficult dogs but these are the most harsh for Mike.  The dog has to stay tethered with a leash whenever I am in the house.  He can’t have free run of the house and hast to be locked behind gates upstairs when he is not on a leash.  If Mike is going to be out while I am home, the dog will be locked in a cage or he will be tied on a leash to my leg.  Mike must feed the dog each morning and evening (which is hard on him because he is not an early bird).


Hachi: Great progress… then not so

This morning with Hachi was great.  I went in the shower and he jumped in the bed.  When I came out of the shower he didn’t growl or anything.  I walked over and pet him and he rolled over and let me scrub his belly.  I pet him on the head, he gave me his paws, and in general we had about 15 minutes of us getting along well.

When I left the bed to finish getting ready for work, he watched me and every time I walked by the bed I pet him and he was like a normal dog.  So, I figured that our chats were now working.

Well… that all ended when I got home from work and he started stalking me and biting at the back of my leg.  He wouldn’t come near me and just kept barking at me and being aggressive.

Hachi: Let’s try getting along

Mike took Hachi to work with him on Wednesday and so I didn’t have to deal with Hachi when I got home.  But tonight Mike was home with Hachi. This morning when I got out of the shower, Hachi had jumped on my bed and was acting like it was his.  As I walked through the room he started charging me and nipping at the back of my legs.  If I turned toward him he backed off and barked at me.  He is demonstrating a defensive behavior as if I am the intruder.

So, tonight I took him and put him on a leash and tied him to my leg.  He is forced to stay with me and to not be able to get to Mike.  I found that when he is on a leash he isn’t aggressive with me.  He even rolls over and shows me his belly… with his tail tucked of course.  But he spent an hour pacing back and forth while tied to me and yipped for Mike to come get him.  He tugged and pulled on the leash for a bit and then gave up till dinner was ready and then he just got agitated.

We will see if making him stay with me will help this situation. I can’t have a dog go to a home in which he could be this aggressive with a member of the household.  He would be returned in an instant if he does this.

Hachi: New Year’s day

Well… it is New Year’s day of 2013 and Hachi is glued to Mike like there is no tomorrow.  I got the camera out and took a couple of pictures of him.  He usually curls his tail over his back, but whenever he looks at me, his tail goes down.  Clifford is standing behind him in this picture.


Here is a picture of Hachi by himself.


Hachi: New Year’s eve…

What an interesting way to spend New Year’s eve.  Mike went to a HART party, I am making french bread ( I am on this bread kick) and Hachi is in the basement in a cage.

Why a cage?  Because he bites me and charges me whenever I turn my back to walk.  It started Saturday night and I dismissed it.  Then on Sunday he was nipping at me but running away from me when I tried to approach him.  Then tonight when it was feeding time he wouldn’t come to his food and instead tried to get Kira’s.  She got nasty… he backed off.. and I grabbed him by the collar and drug him into the pantry where foster dogs are fed.  This is where he was fed on Saturday and on Monday morning.  He ate with me in the room with him and then I opened the door.  He took off like a shot.

Then Mike came down and was fussing about why he heard the scrambling nails on the floor and I told him I tackled Hachi to get him into the closet to eat.

Well… that was the beginning.  Every time I walked around, Hachi would run up behind me and bite me on the back of the leg.  Usually the calf.  Finally, I watched and grabbed him and sat in a chair with him on his back.  He gave in… but struggled like most dogs.  I let him down and he stayed away for a while. But then started biting at me again.

He was biting at me whenever Mike was around and so I charged him and started treating him like an aggressive dog would treat him.  I walked down the hall just as he came down the opposite side and he didn’t seem to realize I was there and when he was startled by me, he bit at me, and I grabbed him by the collar.  He expressed his anal glands, and Mike got terribly upset that I had tormented the dog.  I stood my ground that this was my house and the dog should learn to get along.

Mike took another stance and took into protection.  Mike was going to a New Year’s party with HART so he had to get showered.  He got cleaned up and then came into my office and said “I will stay here with Hachi since you and he are not getting along”.  I said that he should go the party and lock Hachi in the dog cage like a dog should be treated if he is not able to adapt.  He reluctantly finished getting cleaned up and went to the party.

Hachi has been in the cage all evening barking.  He hasn’t stopped since he was put in the cage.  But he hates me and every time I get near him he cowers and when I turn to walk away, he bites me on the leg.  I tried sitting in a chair and holding him in my lap with him on his back, but he doesn’t seem to get that.  All other dogs have… but he doesn’t give in.  So… he will be in a cage till he is adopted.

Ultimately… Hachi needs to go to a home where the family doesn’t trigger this behavior.  He took an immediate dislike to me… so there is something about me that he hates.

So… here I sit.. about to turn in the new year… baking French Bread while a dog is in a cage in the basement barking its head off.  What a grand way to start the New Year.


Hachi: Untrained new dog

Yes, this is being posted at 3am.

We got this new dog in to foster on Saturday night.  It looks like a mix of a Chow and a German Shepard.  Looks like it could be a pretty dog.  Mike locked the other dogs out of the bedroom upstairs and slept with the dog to get him comforted.  He was living in a kennel and so he isn’t house trained and Mike didn’t want him free in the house.

Saturday night went OK except that the dog seemed scared to death of me.  Then on Sunday, further proof that the dog was skittish around me.  He hides behind Mike and only comes near me when I am playing with the other dogs.  When I hug and pet on any of the other dogs, he runs over and tries to hump them.  If I try to touch him, he scrambles off and looks at me.  His tail stays curled up, but otherwise he won’t come near me.

Well… Sunday comes and goes with Mike taking care of Hachi.  Then it is bed time.  So, tonight, Mike decides to lock him in the bathroom with a gate.  He barked and made noise for an hour or so wanting out of the “pen”.  Then at about 3am I hear Mike moving around and I go to check and find that he has pooped everywhere and peed all over the bathroom.  What a mess.  I mean a real mess.  And frustrating as all get out because I had spent most of the day on Sunday cleaning the house and scrubbing the bathrooms with bleach.

Well… so at 3am we are now both up and Mike takes Hachi outside while I got out a dust pan lined with paper and scooped up the poo from everywhere.  That dog must have been fully of poo… gees!  The rugs were soaked… and so I put them in the washer… and then bleached the floor because the yellow was staining the grout.

Time for a second attempt at bed.