Foreman: More with the new adoption

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 11:11 PM
Subject: RE: Forman’s doing great

Very good to news, and we very much appreciate you sending us a quickupdate.  I think he will do fine as it sounds like he is off to a greatstart.  He’s not a puppy, but you will get the chance to see him come out ofhis shell like we did.  Hopefully this time it will be a few weeks insteadof closer to a few months.

And here I was all worried he’d be nervous/skittish is first night away.You have definitely made him feel welcome/comfortable.

Keep the updates coming, placing dogs in good homes is the best reward wecan get.

Michael and Scott

Foreman: A note from the new home

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 10:44
Forman’s doing great

Hi Mike and Scott,

I just wanted to
check in… he’s doing really well so far. I’ve attached a couple pictures (my
in-laws came over to meet him). He ate up his dinner, so  his appetite is still
fine; when we ate dinner, he came in under the table without having to coax him
to come with us, and when Rob was working on the computer, he lay right at his
feet under the desk just like you said he liked to do – I think they both have
found a new friend. He seems comfortable in his kennel where it is, he tucked in
there when we were just talking and couldn’t keep his eyes open.

I’m hoping all will
continue well, but I thought you might find some relief that he doesn’t seem as
nervous anymore.

We’ll keep you
posted, thanks again.

~Niki and Rob




Foreman: Mike’s note to HART

Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2007 7:25 PM
Subject: Forman’s home visit

Forman’s home visit when very well.  He did better than both Scott or Iexpected, he did well with their 3 year old daughter (which meant ignoringher as she ran around the back yard).  He liked their back yard (~1/4 andwell fenced with Squirrels one yard over to watch) and was adventurousenough to walk around on his own without his tail tucked.  He led me aroundtheir house, including bounding up the stairs, once I motioned that it wasokay for him to go and as long as I stayed within sight.  

Scott gave them a good run down of his ‘idiosyncrasies’.  And they know itwill take him time, weeks, to get comfortable, they seemed up to the task.They both seemed to genuinely like him and good with dogs.

We both felt comfortable with leaving him there.  They will either stop bythis coming Sat and fill out the contract (first choice), or if for somereason they cannot make it Sat we will stop over with a contract.  We leftthem with the large crate (that he has been sleeping in) to borrow as wellas a bucket of food, his bowl, 2nd dog bed, two of his toys, a bottle ofdoggie shampoo, and the Red Folder.  He ran right into his kennel when weset it up and came right back out.  The father instructed the three year old(as best he could) that she was never to go in the cage after the ‘doggie’.We stressed this with both the parents and they were clear on the issue.  Hemay be ok but no sense risking it.

While perfectly fine the entire time we were there, Forman was expectedlyrather upset when we left.  They have our home and cell numbers as well asemail with instructions to call if there is a problem.  They are about 20minutes away (<5 minutes from the PV kennel).  She may call you Charlieasking for a local vet recommendation, the folder only listed emergencyvets.

We have our fingers crossed,


Foreman: Farewell

At about 3pm we took Foreman over to his new home.  They have a wonderful house with a nice large fenced back yard.  They parents look like they are between 25 and 30, and they have a young daughter that is 3 and a toddler.  They were both experienced dog owners and seemed to be very prepared for Foreman.  We took the crate that he sleeps in, his bed from the basement that he slept on during the day, his Kong toy, a bucket of food, his favorite bowl, a rope toy, and a bottle of Shampoo.  When we put the crate in the house, Foreman immediately ran inside and seemed to be content.  We went into their back yard and Foreman was fascinated with the squirrels.  He was inquisitive and seemed happy.  The first time we put him in our back yard, he dropped to the ground and cowered.  It was great to see how changed he was and how comfortable he seemed.

I’ll miss Foreman.  He changed so much since we took him in and he was such a better dog.  He was a great companion and shadowed me everywhere I went.  He was beginning to be a good watch dog for the house and was just learning how to use the doggy door.  But, as much as I will miss him, I am really happy that such a good family took him in as a permanent pet.  This makes fostering completely worthwhile!  Here is a classic picture of Foreman.  No expression…just that silent look of being scared of everything around him.

ClassicForman - DSC01494

Foreman: I may have a new home

I am still sick enough that I cannot go to the adoption events, but Mike took Foreman today as he has done every weekend since I got sick in November.  Well, today a family put in the adoption paperwork for Foreman and they get their home visit tomorrow.  Mike is going to do the home visit and he thinks they are a wonderful family for Foreman.  Everyone at the adoption event was concerned that I would be upset to see Foreman leave.  Much to the contrary… Like Riley, I really would love to see Foreman go to a great home where he has a family that can love him and care fore him.  He is a pretty good dog and has come a long way since we started fostering him back in October.  It will take some adjustment time with him, but I am really glad a family sees that he would be a great pet.

I may go with Mike to do the home visit but it will have to be less than 2 hours total away from the house else I won’t be able to make it.  We will see.

Foreman: Come on Bones… play with me!

Foreman mostly plays with Remy and they play pretty rough.  It is mostly Remy running through the house with his tail tucked while Foreman is chasing after him.  They get to the basement and Remy runs around the back side of the pool table and then darts out to bite Foreman and they roll around on the floor growling and biting at each other’s neck.  They are the same age and neither of them seems to be getting hurt.  Occasionally Foreman will try to play with Kira but she just snarls at him and he leaves her alone.

Over the past week, Foreman has tried to play with Bones but Bones doesn’t like it at all.  When Foreman starts to play, he rares up on his back feet and boxes bones in the face with his front paws.  Bones lashes out in a fury of biting, snapping, and growling.  Foreman darts back and then comes at bones from differnt angles.  Since Bones can’t see very well or hear, he is fairly defenseless and just starts snapping in the air in all directions making the most fierce noise.  Eventually Bones looses his footing in his back legs and he falls down and then is stuck laying on the floor snapping at any shadow he can see.

This obviously upsets Mikey something awful and all we have to do is yell at Foreman and he runs back into his crate.  Bones then struggles for a bit to get his back end back up and just pouts for a bit.  Mikey always holds Bones and checks him for damage.  Bones has some cuts on his ears and lip which we had not noticed before.  We are thinking that since Foreman escaped from his cage yesterday that he may have had one of these “play” episodes with Bones but there was no-one to intervene and so he actually made may have made contact.

When it all starts, it looks just like when Foreman is starting to play with Remy.  But, since Bones is the top male dog in the house, it could be that Foreman is trying to establish dominance.  He already dominated Remy in the first day just as all dogs do.  So, maybe he is trying to be king of the hill.  More to come I am sure…

Foreman: Ha ha! I’ve escaped!

It was an interesting house today.  At 7am we found a puddle in the front entryway to the house.  We have been letting Foreman sleep without his crate door locked.  Last night he must have had to go and he just wet in the front hallway.  Mike cleaned it up since he was the one that decided that Foreman could be trusted with more freedom at night.

When I got home from work, I was greeted by all 4 dogs.  I checked the basement and the cage was fully locked.  After further inspection I noticed that the clip that is used to hold the bottom of the cage together was missing and the wires were bent.  He somehow got that clip off (which I haven’t found) and squeezed through the bottom part of the cage.  Man this dog is good at getting out of his cage.

I also found an empty dogfood bag on the floor just inside the doggy door.  It had the signature of Remy on it and he hid as soon as I discovered the bag half chewed to bits.  I fussed at him and he cowered under the table while I cleaned everything up.  I fussed more at him and then changed out of my work clothes.  As soon as I stopped fussing he went to normal self.  Neither of us will hit him, but he certainly does not seem to take being fussed at to heart for very long.

Foreman: OK…. the doggy door isn’t so scary

After a week of tricking Foreman by going to the glass door and then nabbing him by the collar to lead him to the doggy door, he finally seems to have the hang of what the doggy door is about.  Today when I got home from work, he ran to the glass door and I walked past him toward the doggy door and he then ran past me and out the door.  When he finished his business, he came right back in. 

The next step…getting him to figure out that when he has to go, he can take himself out.  At the moment, he just goes and sits by the glass door until he is desperate and will then either bark or run in my office and paw on me.

foreman: Hey! I found a magic gate!

Starting on Sunday, rather than letting Foreman out the glass door to the deck, I walked him over to the doggy door and pushed his nose through it.  The first time he put on the brakes and then gave in and darted through the door.  He stood on the deck looking in at me as if he was terribly insulted.

Tonight I got home and let him out of his play cage and he ran to the door to go outside.  I walked to the doggy door and he darted right through the door outside, danced around on the deck, ran back inside, then back outside, and did his thing in the yard.  He seemed surprised that the same door could lead to two different places.  No trauma or whimpering.  He seems to be learning where the little door leads.

Foreman: I found a full trashcan! Yay!!!

I cleaned up my office a bit and put lots of stuff in my trash can. It was overflowing with papers and wrappers from stuff that had been on my desk. I went to the bathroom and heard a rustling sound. I thought it was the wind blowing a bush against the house but when I got back to my office, the trash was all over the floor. I think Foreman has some racoon in him as he just pulls everything out of the can, piece by piece, and tears it up.

Happy New Year!

It’s been a long year with lots of changes.  Fostering dogs has added an interesting twist to life.

Kira has grown into a good match for me.  Almost a perfect match… always sick, distant, unaffectionate, and grumpy.  But, she is sweet and stays with me all the time.  She isn’t scared of the pool table and gets endless pleasure from chasing the frisbee.  She never has an accident in the house except for the occasional episode of wetting the bed while sleeping due to her infections.  So, there are some differences between her and me…  I don’t wet the bed, and I don’t chase the frisbee.  🙂  One of the best things about Kira is that she always stays close to you wherever you go.  When in the yard she stays within 10 feet at all times.  When walking on a trail, she never leaves your side.  And when you take her to the office or to a park, she shadows you all the time.  The most rewarding thing about Kira is that she is protective of me.  Although she never seems to want to be pet, when she and I are around other dogs or people, she gets between me and whatever else is there and she will growl and snap if they get close to me.  She doesn’t do this when they are just near her, but she is protective of me.  All I have to do is say “Kira, no” and she will back down and lay on the floor.  I think she likes me.

Bones is getting way up there in age.  He can’t see very well, can’t hear much at all, and he is getting feeble.  He falls down a lot on the hardwood floors and falls down on the front steps quite often.  But he still eats and wags his tail for Mike.  He is Mike’s companion and whenever Mike leaves the house, Bones camps out at the front door looking through the glass at the driveway for the entire time that Mike is gone.  Occasionally he howls and cries. 

Remy is just a mush dog.  He loves everyone equally and has no loyalty to anyone.  His loyalties are only in those that have food or are willing to pet him.  But, he is so affectionate and gentle that you cannot help but hug on him.  His fur is so thick that he is like hugging a plush teddy bear.  He is the most vocal of the dogs and will bark at you whenever he wants something, is happy, is frustrated, or is hurt.  Each bark is different, so we know how to interpret it.  He is the only dog that does a little dance every time he is about to get food.  It is so cute.  And he is very good at staying near the house when we are outside.  His only big weakness is that he won’t give the ball back when you play fetch.  I mean, he will not give it back.  You can try to pry it from his mouth and you will not succeed.  You get one throw and that is it.

The foster dogs have taught me a lot about doggy behavior and provided great reward when the dog readapts to human companionship.  Riley was out of control when we got him.  He was aggressive and almost unmanagable.  But, after Riley bit me and I learned that he responded to a firm voice and dog language (yea, I growled at him a lot and forced him on his back whenever he was bad).  In time, Riley turned around and became a wonderful little dog that loved to talk to you and wagged his tail so hard that he would bloody the tip.  He was still aggressive with other dogs and became protective of me.  He seemed to really take to me which didn’t make Mike all that happy.  After 3 months with Riley, he was adoptable and it was a matter of finding the right family.  Fortunately, the perfect family found him.  After 6 weeks in his new home I went to visit him and he was a completely different dog.  Playful, attentive, and not a bit aggressive.  He lives with a slightly older female that is about his size, and he seems really happy.  Seeing Riley like this makes fostering completely worthwhile.

And the open book in fostering is Foreman.  He is like “Santa’s Little Helper” from the Simpsons both in action and look.  He is a mix of Grey Hound and Labradore.  He has wonderful colors and markings and can run like the wind.  He is beautiful when he is running.  When walking, he looks goofy.  He has such muscular back legs that they dwarf the rest of his body.  When we took him in, he was so skittish that the wind blowing through the leaves scared him.  Really…the first time he was out in the back yard and the wind blew through the leaves, he tucked tail and ran back to the house and right into the glass door.  It has been about 3 months of fostering Foreman now and he is getting better.  Like Riley, he responded quickly to dog signals like barking, growling, and putting him on his back.  He favors me over anyone else but he also seems to recognize people.  When he is in a strange environment and recognizes someone, he immediately goes to them and seeks protection.  It doesn’t matter if the past experiences have had him hiding from them or not.  They are familiar in a sea of the unknown.  Foreman is not aggressive with people, but can be with other dogs when they come near me.  He is protective of me, and is actually the best watch dog in the house.  Kira and Remy hear a noise and just look, listen, and occasionally growl.  But, Foreman will hear a noise and sneak up to where it is, peek around the corner, and if there is something there, he starts barking this nasty growly bark that would scare most people away.  When someone invades the home and neither Mike or I are around, he will stand his ground and be nasty.  But, if they approach him, he runs for cover.  So, not quite the perfect watch dog.  Hopefully someone will recognize him as a good family pet and will take him in.  Till then, he will sleep under my desk and be scared of the wind.

Happy New Year to all.  I hope you are enjoying the stories of the dogs.

Foreman: Stop throwing things!

A close friend gave me a dart board and cabinet for the basement. I hung the board on the wall but had not played with it till today. All of the dogs were in the basement while I was watching Farscape episodes when Mike came down and wanted to play darts. So, we opened up the cabinet and started to play darts. Foreman ran upstairs. Kira got off the couch and went into the server room. Remy got all nervous and went under the pool table. When we stopped, all returned to their usual spot.

Foreman: Almost an escape

Somehow Foreman figured out how to unweave the metal bar that I used to hold his door shut on his cage.  He broke a few more of the bars on the door and was able to break loose the hinge.  But, he didn’t get everything sufficiently apart to get out of the cage.  Man, this dog wants out of the cage.

Last night, Remy finally got fed up with sleeping on the floor and demanded to get on the bed.  He grunted at me all night and fussed.  He eventually fell asleep beside the bed.  He took his frustration out on the house while I was at work today.  When I got home, he had taken the big bag that we put the lint from the laundry in and managed to pull it out the doggy door and tear it to pieces in the back yard.  He then came inside and took pieces of cardboard from our recycling stack behind the trash can and peppered the entire first floor of the house with pieces of cardboard.

Kira’s fish smell is back so I think her infection in her anal gland was not cured by the antibiotics.  She will need to make another visit to the Vet to get this fixed up.

And, finally, I went to Bones’ room only to find that he had an accident in his bed.  That would explain why he slept in the bedroom beside my bed.  I cleaned everything up, and he immediately went into his room and went to sleep. 

What a day!

Foreman: My real name is “Santa’s Little Helper”

Well, over the weekend, I found that Foreman is quite the handful.  He sulks when he doesn’t get his way, picks fights with the other dogs by sniping at them from around the corner, whines when he wants something that he can’t have, and destroys anything near him when he is frustrated.  I have concluded that Foreman’s real name should be “Santa’s Little Helper” after the dog on the Simpsons.

I have never had a dog that randomly destroyed things.  Fortunately, Foreman seems to take his frustrations out on just small things like documents, cardboard boxes, and letters.  For example, Foreman doesn’t like the noise of the billiards table in the basement so he stays upstairs while I am playing pool.  He whimpers at the top of the stairs and occasionally peeks around the landing to see what he is missing.  The other dogs will all be down there with me and I think he gets frustrated that he is upstairs alone.  If I leave my office door open, I will hear his footsteps into my office, and before I can get to him, he will have taken something like the phone bill or some other random document from my office and will shred it.  I can now completely understand the phrase “my dog ate my homework”.

I’m taking back the house… well, at least the bed

Well, after a year of sleeping in Remy’s fur, Kira pissing in the bed, and Foreman destroying the comforter by chewing on it, I am putting my foot down. No more dogs in the bed. I put a rope around the posts of the bed to make a fence and put a gate on the bed that they are scared of. Kira whined all night wanting on the bed but I didn’t give in. She was mad at me this morning but she will get over it. No more dogs on the bed.

Foreman: My real name is Houdini

When I got home I was greeted by not 3, but 4 dogs.  Oh well, I let Foreman out, and checked for damage.  Remarkably, nothing out of place.  I checked the basement to see how he got out and I couldn’t see a way.  The door was still locked closed with the clips in place.  After a bit more inspection, I noticed that the metal wires around one side of the door were broken in half. 

Well, I checked Foreman’s paws for damage and checked his teeth for breakage and found none.  Well, now I need to figure out how to keep him in the cage.  I went back upstairs to feed the dogs and noticed that Remy wasn’t his usual dancing self.

After Mike got home and had eaten dinner he noticed something was missing from the counter.  He put on his shoes and went outside to find an empty bag in the yard.  Melissa, the lady that cuts our hair, had given the dogs a big bag of dog treats as a holiday gift and we set them on the counter near the breakfast table.  It appears that Remy was the culprit that stole the bag, and then the 4 dogs together finished it off.

Foreman: Ah, that is what the doggy door is for!

The wind kicked up this evening making quite a howling sound over the field behind the house.  I let Foreman outside between gusts and he went out to the grass to do his thing.  The wind kicked up and he found himself wanting in but debating on whether his fear of the doggy door was worse than his fear of the wind.  After a short pause and a visual plea through the glass window to come in another way, he darted to the house and came through the doggy door.

From that point on, I can put him outside, he does his thing, and then comes right back in the doggy door without pause.  Tough love works.

Boxes! Cage! The house!!! Argh

I walked in the door today to find cardboard pieces everywhere in the family room.  Since we live out in the country where we don’t have trash service, we are careful to only buy recyclable containers.  To this end, we take all of our cardboard boxes and fold them up in a pile and pin them behind a trash can till we can take them to the dump or burn them.  Remy apparently decided that this was a good pile of play toys and shreded the boxes.  This isn’t the first time and as soon as I walked into the room and said “what happened here”, Remy tucked tail, lowered his head, and left the room.  I cleaned it up while fussing at him and he sat at the doorway with his head low.  I then made up with him and he was happy.

I went to the basement to get Foreman and he had managed to push on the cage so hard that he pulled the staples out of the wall on part of the cage.  I let him out and he took off upstairs to go outside.  I let him out and then went back to the basement to nail the cage back to the wall.  As I am working on it, Foreman appears.  He had let himself back in via the doggy door.  I took them all upstairs and fed them, and then let them out in the yard.  Foreman wouldn’t come in the doggy door while I was looking but after I left, I watched and he let himself back in after making sure that I was not around.

Foreman: Ha ha ha! You can’t hold me!

We went to a fundraiser for HART last night.  As usual, we left the dogs in the house and put Foreman in the cage in the basement.  After the episode of chewing the side off the gym pad, we tied the cage to the weight stand and put a weight in front of the cage to keep him away from the pad.  Well, he discovered another way to get out.

Foreman managed to chew the nylon dog leash that we used to tie it to the weight stack, and pushed the entire cage over.  The cage is made to collapse when you pull a rod out of one piece so that you can fold it up to carry it.  It is made from 8 wire panels that hinge together and one panel has a door.  Well, by chewing off the leash that was holding it near the wall, he was able to get the sides close enough together to push the entire thing over.  When we got home we were greeted at the door by 4 cold noses when there should have been 3.  The cage was laying flat on the floor and we searched the house for any accidents or destroyed things.  Fortunately it appears that he did not destroy anything and didn’t have any accidents in the house.

Today I got out the U shaped nails that are used to tack down electrical wire in a house and I nailed one side of the cage to the unfinished wall.  We will see what he does now.

Foreman: I hate the dog door!

I got home at regular time tonight and sure enough, Bones had left me presents in the kitchen leading up to the doggy door.  I got to the basement and let Foreman outside then fed them all.  I put them back outside for a bit, and then headed to the basement to work on rack mounting the tape unit.  Mikey was in Chicago for a business trip so I had to figure out how I was going to get this 100 pound unit into the top of the rack.  I opened up the racks and mounted the rails for the unit and was in the process of getting everything ready when Remy appears and forced his way behind me and then behind the racks.  I couldn’t get him to leave.  I pushed, pulled, and did everything I could think of short of moving the rack and he wouldn’t budge.  I came out from behind the racks to see a zig-zag pattern of liquid on the floor.  Well, I immediately knew this pattern as that of Foreman’s.  He walks with a strange gate which causes this zig zag pattern when he leaks while walking.  I was furious and went upstairs, found him, and then shoved him out the dog door.  It wasn’t quite so easy as just shoving him, but he eventually went out on his own power once he realized he could not back up because of me and his only path forward was the door. 

I went downstairs and cleaned the floors and left him locked in the back yard.  I then finished mounting the rails and getting ready to load the unit.  I then had to figure out how to get 100 pounds up 5 feet in the air to put in the rails.  I rolled it on its side and lifted it to my theighs and then waddled over to the hyper-extension rack and set it on the rack.  I then knelt down on the floor and put my right shoulder under the unit and stood up.  After getting balanced, I headed to the rack and by some miracle I got both rails to line up the first time.  Woo hoo!  I pushed the unit into the rails and it got half way in when it stopped hard.  I pushed and pulled on it but couldn’t get it to budge.  Ugh.  So, I pulled it back out and as I did, all of the ball bearings for the right glider came tumbling out on the floor.  Ugh.

I manipulated the unit to the floor containing my frustration which was telling me to just heave it to the floor.  I then went upstairs and let Foreman inside.  He promptly went down stairs and took a dump on the carpet.  I grabbed him by the collar and took him upstairs and shoved him out the doggy door again and fussed the entire time.  I went back down stairs and cleaned up the mess.

Back to the tape unit.  This thing is 29 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 14 inches tall.  It has a label on its side that says it weighs 97 pounds.  I unmounted the rail from the rack, found as many ball bearings as I could, reassembled it with only 2 missing ball bearings, and then tested it on the drive unit to make sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with the rail or mount.  Nothing was wrong.

I went back upstairs, went out on the deck, got Foreman, and took him by the collar and showed him the doggy door from the outside.  There is a large piece of plywood that we have leaned up against the door so that it protects the doggy door from rain and snow.  I pushed him toward the A-frame shaped opening and he put on the brakes.  I stood behind him so that he couldn’t back up and reached inside to flip the flap open for him to see.  When it swung open he put his nose through but then pulled back.  I repeated it and he darted through the door.  This time he ran to the bedroom and got in his cage.  I crawled in and consoled him and then took him back outside through the glass doors and repeated the external entrance to the doggy door.  This time Remy pushed the flap open and it made a noise and Foreman got scared.  I stood there with him and pushed the flap open and he darted through. 

OK, enough teaching the dog about the dog door.  I put the rail back on the rack, hoisted the unit back on my shoulder, and by some miracle, was able to get the unit in the rails on the second try.  I carefully pushed it back and made sure that the ball bearing slider was alighned and pushed it back into the rack.  Voila…perfect!  I then got everything cabled up and headed to bed.  Man, my shoulder is really hurting something awful!

Foreman: Pay attention…. or I’ll poo!

I bought a tape backup unit for the servers for this site and it finally arrived today.  Weighs 100 pounds without the box.  I let the dogs out and then fed them and proceeded to work on the tape drive.  I poweered it up and all was well but it did not pass its self test.  So I took it completely apart and deciphered the mechanism that drives the robot arm.  After about 3 hours of obscessing over it I concluded that a small black piece of plastic that was about 1/4 inch square was broken off of the robot arm and thus never triggered a sensor to tell it the position of the arm.  A little creative engineering and I had a $3000 robot working again and I had only paid $50 for the unit.  Nice!

My excitement over fixing the robot was soon spoiled when I went to check on the dogs who were all upstairs.  I thougth that was odd in that Remy and Kira almost always stay in the basement with me when I am working on stuff.  As I entered the carpeted area where the pool table is I quickly realized why they were gone.  Foreman had taken a big dump in the middle of the basement.  He had already pooed after dinner but for some reason had to go again.  I wish this dog could learn to bark like Kira or take himself out the doggy door.  Ugh.

All: How the dogs react to my pain

So it is Thanksgiving Day and I am in the basement doing a half hearted attempt to work out while playing with the servers that host this site.  I started to feel pain in my right side which very quickly got so bad that I couldn’t stand up.  I was home alone with all of the dogs and I just sat down on the concrete floor and hold my knees close to my chest hoping the pain would go away.  I know this pain as I had it before in February.  It is a kidney stone and boy does it hurt.  I crawled out of the gym room and to the carpeted room and cried out in pain.  Kira had been laying in the chase lounge and Remy was on the couch.  Foreman was upstairs as was Bones.  When I let out the pathetic cry in pain, the reaction of the dogs was quite interesting.

Kira disappeared and was later found hiding as far back under the bed as she could go

Remy quietly got off the couch and came over to me with his head down low and his tail drooping.  He laid down right beside me and started licking my hand.

Foreman came running down the basement stairs and leaped on me and then started biting at my hand to play

Bones is so deaf that he never heard a word and never stirred out of his slumber

The pain comes in waves and between waves, I got upstairs and took some pain killer that I had left over from the last kidney stone.  I laid in the bed waiting for it to kick and Remy jumped in the bed and laid down beside me with his head on my pillow and put his paw on me.  Occasionally he would sit up and lick my arm and then lay back down beside me.  Foreman just sat in the hallway doing nothing while Kira was not to be found.

Foreman: My first day in the basement

Today was Foreman’s first day of being locked in the basement on the concrete floor in his 4×4 cage. Well, he was mostly locked inside. When I got home, he had chewed the clasps off that were holding the cage shut and then chewed up the leashes hanging on the cage.

At least he didn’t piss everywhere.

Foreman: Let’s turn the office into a men’s bathroom

Well, I have had it with Foreman. He pissed in my office yet again but this time it wasn’t just a little sprinkle like he got excited. It was a huge puddle. That’s it. He isn’t going to be allowed to live in my office during the day. I took his stuff and put it in the basement and got out the steam cleaner to clean the carpets. What a mess. My office smells like a men’s room at a football stadium.

All: What a mess

Oh my gosh.  I got home from work today and
the house was a disaster.  Upon walking in the door I noticed a pile of shredded
cardboard.  I thought to myself…oh well…dog
must have been frustrated.  I made my way
to my office and noticed some dark spots on the floor.  The lights were out so I turned them on to
discover that there was dog poo from my office, down the hall, through the sun
room, through the kitchen, and up to the doggy door.  Gees. 

I get to my office and let Foreman out so that he can go outside and
when I get back to the hall, there is a puddle in the hall to the dining
room.  I turned on more lights to get a
full view of any other hidden treasures and I find that there is shredded
cardboard all over the place.  They must
have been having a field day pulling stuff apart.

The poo is obviously Bones’ and the pee was very yellow
which also indicates that it was Bones’. 
He is getting so old that he can’t hold it.  Usually it is rather solid and easy to clean
up, but this time it was semi solid and quite the mess.  To add insult to injury, I was picking up poo
in toilet paper and putting it in the powder room and flushing each time.  But, apparently it was to much for the toilet
and so it got clogged up. 

Foreman: I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!

For such a timid pooch, you would expect that Foreman would be afraid of the tractor. Quite to the contrary, when I went out to cut wood in the field and started up the tractor, Foreman got excited and started running all over the place at full speed. As I drove the tractor around the house and down to where I was going to cut, he ran circles around the tractor and pounced on the other dogs. I also thought that he would be afraid of the chain saw, but when I started it up, he mostly ignored it and just ran around the thicket where I was working. He stayed within about 25 feet of me all the time.

Foreman: Pop goes the weasel

We had quite a party last night with about 45 people showing up. From about 6pm till 8pm all were in the house and Foreman hid in corners and under tables hiding from everyone.  He didn’t want to stay in his cage or in the bedroom and decided that Mike was a good refuge amongst all of the people.  He eventually settled behind the bar where he could have protection but still see everyone.

At about 8pm we started the bonfire.  I put Foreman on one of the leashes that winds out about 15 feet and he gingerly came out to the fire with me.  Once there he was scared to death of everything.  Since the entire yeard is fenced, we were not worried about Kira, Bones, or Remy but I still worry that Foreman will get spooked and jump the fence so he stayed on the leash the entire evening.  We have collars for the Kira, Bones, and Remy that have batteries in them making the collars glow.  In the dark of the field it was really interesting seeing the glowing collars dancing around the field as they played and chased rocks that people were throwing for them.

After about 30 minutes of being outside, I went back to the house to check on everything and took Foreman with me.  He seemed really excited to be back in the house and as soon as he was off the leash, he high tailed it up to the bedroom to his crate.  I couldn’t get him to come back out to get on the leash so I locked him in the upstairs and went back to the fire.  30 minutes later I came back in and he was quite excited at the opportunity to get back on the leash to go outside.  This time he wasn’t shy at all and intermingled with the people and other dogs without fear. 

This morning I cleaned up the house and put all of the food on the counters.  We put the padded mouse traps on the counter in front of the buns.  Since we haven’t had an incident of counter surfing out of Remy, I didn’t expect to catch a dog.  But, at about 6pm Foreman came running through the house with his tail between his legs.  I went to the kitchen to check the counter to find that the trap had been tripped.  I reset it and then searched for Foreman.  He was hiding under Mikey’s desk.

Foreman: I steal stuff

Over the past week I have found that if I leave any clothing of mine on the floor, it will magically migrate to Foreman’s cage. If I accidentally leave my closet door open, he has a preference to go get underwear. It appears he is making a bed out of my stuff because whenever I find it in his cage it is just layed down where he sleeps and all compressed as if he slept on it. He doesn’t chew it up. He also likes to take my socks and I am bad about taking them off beside the bed and leaving them on the floor. He never chews them or stretches them, he just sleeps on them.

Foreman: Aieyee! It’s a …. It’s a… a… FROG!!!

Foreman discovered a small frog on the back deck yesterday. The other dogs pretty much ignored it as they have tasted toads before and had the fun of foaming at the mouth for a good 5 minutes. Foreman appears to have never seen a frog so when he walked near it and it hopped, Foreman leaped into the air and ran for the house. The other dogs looked at him like he was crazy as he cowered at the door to the house. He eventually ventured across the deck but took a wide path around the little tiny frog. He kept a close eye on the frog as he stepped off the deck. After he did his jobs in the yard, he came back to the deck and was brave enough to sniff the little frog. It took a hop, and he leaped into the air again and then started barking at it. He danced around as it hopped across the deck and when it finally got to the edge and hopped through the railing, Foreman seemed puzzled as to where it had gone. He sniffed the railing all over and followed the path that the frog had taken and eventually just sat down and stared at the railing till I called him inside.

Foreman: Um…. I’m leaking

I came home and fed the dogs as I usually do.  They kind of expect that they will get food reasonably soon after I get home.  Well, I took them outside, played for a bit, and then came inside.  I put their food down and went back to my office.  When Mikey got home, he came in and said “why is there pee in the laundry room”.  The following evidence points to Foreman:

  • Foreman’s pee is dark yellow, but so is Bones’.  Kira’s and Remy’s pee is almost clear.
  • Foreman eats his dinner in the laundry room and Bones won’t go in the laundry room because he doesn’t seem to like the lenolium in there.
  • Foreman was sheepish after he finished dinner.

Thus I must conclude that Foreman had an accident. 

Foreman: Don’t mess with my friend

He has really come out of his shyness and plays with me whenever I bark at him.  He is jealous of the other dogs and won’t let them near me but he has figured out that Kira is my favorite so he has taken to imitating her.  Whatever she does that I praise her for will be immediately immitated by Foreman.  If she is in bed and gets up, he immediately jumps into her spot.  If he can get to my office desk before her, he will take her spot.  My approach to that is to block him from getting to her spot and let her get there.  I think she knows that I do this for her and so she takes her time getting to her favorite spots.

Foreman’s affection for me is beginning to be worrysome because he is becoming defensive of me.  Mikey has a bit of a habit of stealing my food.  I make a sandwich and leave it on the counter to go get something from another room and when I come back my sandwitch will either be gone or a bite will be taken out of it.  Hum, come to think of it, this is how Remy behaves also.  Anyhow, tonight Mikey grabbed my snack and ran with it.  I started chasing Mikey.  Foreman watched this transaction take place and he made a bee-line for Mikey, got between us, let out a growl, and then grabbed Mikey by the arm.  We immediately stopped and scolded him.  He didn’t do any damage but it was clearly not a “play nip”.

foreman: Mikey scared the piss out of me

I got home and none of the dogs were to be found.  Well, that is a normal indication that Mikey has beaten me home and has the dogs out for their long walk.  He does it every morning and evening and I play ball with them for about 30 minutes afterwards.  Anyhow, it was nice to come home to a quiet house but when I entered my office I was assaulted by the smell of dog urine.  Yep, Mike had apparently scared the piss out of Foreman when he got home and he had leaked all over the place in my office.  It was outside of the cage so it had apparently happened when Mike came to get him after letting him out.

The normal sequence of events for Mike is to let Foreman’s cage door open, then go get the leash, come back, and then drag Foreman out of my office.  If I am around, I just hold the leash up and Foreman comes over.  So, I figure that Mikey came to get him with the leash and Foreman got upset and had an accident.  But, what surprised me was that Mikey left it in my office and took them for a walk.

In full grumble mode I went and got a doggy towel and blotted it up.  I then got the Petastic out and put it on the carpet to kill the smell.  Just as I was finishing up Mikey came back with the dogs and they all ran into the office to greet me.  Kira and Remy acted like nothing had happened, but Foreman got all sheepish.  It was definitely him.  Mikey finally came in and I fussed at him.  He didn’t even know that Foreman had leaked.

Oh well… my office carpet is a disaster anyhow… it’s about time for a project to replace the carpet with hard wood.

Foreman: My mom

Holly (in the picture below) found these pictures of Foreman’s mother.  The message from her is below the pictures.



Sent: Sunday, October 15, 2006 9:23
To: Scott (HART)
Subject: Fuji – Forman’s

Here are a couple of pictures of Fuji.  One from an adoption and the
other is a picture I had taken of Fuji with Santa at Christmas 2004.  She was
the momma to Forman.  All of her kids are bigger than her


Foreman: Back to his shyness

This morning, at about 5am, Foreman started getting restless
so I got up and let him outside.  He did his jobs and then started
running around me wanting to play.  He stood on his hind legs and boxed
at me with his front feet.  It would have been quite funny had I been
fully awake.  I went back to bed and so did Foreman.  At 8am I got up
and took everyone outside and played with a stick.  Foreman was lively
and didn’t seem scared of anything.  He came when I called and played
with the other dogs.  At one point Remy and Kira were chasing the stick
and Foreman was on the opposite side of the back yard (about 1 acre
square).  Out of the corner of my eye I saw this blur of brown blasting
across the yard and he did a suicide run right into Remy.  Both went
tumbing to the ground.  Remy didn’t seem to know what had happened at
first but then started biting and tugging with Foreman till he realized
that Kira had gotten the stick and was playing with me.  Remy tried to
get back to the stick but Foreman wanted to play.

After all of the dogs were tired from playing I came back
inside and they all laid down on the hardwood floor panting.  I went
outside and used the string trimmer to remove the grass from around the
bottom of the fence around the property (about 5 acres).  While working
on the part next to the gravel road at the driveway, Kira appeared. 
Mike had let her out.  Fortunately, Kira stays on the inside of the
fence and never tries to escape.  So, regardless of what side I was on,
she was on the inside of the fence watching me from about 10 feet
away.  She went and got a big rock and would drop it near the fence in
the direction I was working.  When I passed by the rock and didn’t pick
it up, she would pounce on it like a Cat does with a ball of string and
then run ahead of me and drop it on the ground in my path. 
Occasionally I would pick up the rock and toss it deep into the trees
on the property.  She would run into the woods and rustle around for
quite a while and eventually come out with the exact rock she had been
playing with.

When I finished with the yard it was about time to take foreman to the HART adoption event.  I came inside and changed and went looking for Foreman. As soon as I called him, he ran to his cage and hid.  I took the leash to him and he went back into his normal shy mode and started shaking.  I snapped the leash on his collar and he willingly followed me through the house and out the door.  Mike pulled his car out of the garage and Foreman hopped in the car when I said “wanna go for a ride?”. 

At the adoption event Foreman initially was very nervous with all of the other dogs and would not let strangers touch him.  When he saw Dick, he went crazy wagging his tail and jumping on Dick.  All of the dogs do this with Dick and he is the driver of one of the transport vans and one of the people that handle the dogs more than anyone.  Foreman spent 6 months in the kennel so he knows Dick well.  After the first half of the adoption event, Foreman settled down and laid down on the concrete beside me.  It was a coolish day and so I sat in the sun near the vans.  People would come up and he would be shy but he didn’t pull away as he had done before.  During the last hour he started to try to play with me and was more animated.  Some people commented that he was looking better now that he was in foster care.

When we got home from the adoption event at about 4pm, we got into the house and found that some packs of yeast were laying on the floor.  Knowing that these had previously been on the counter we reasoned that Remy had stolen something off the counter again.  It only took a few minutes to look out in the back yard to see a brand new, but empty, bread bag laying in the yard.  When we went outside to pick up the bag, Remy disappeared.  That is 3 times that Remy has taken things off the counter so it is now time to start being much more dilligent about limiting where we leave things.

After taking care of Remy, I laid down on the bed to take a short nap and Foreman curled up right next to me on the bed.  He seemed very content so I didn’t throw him off the bed.  My alergies were acting up from doing the string trimming in the morning so I took some Benedryl and fell fast asleep.  Foreman never moved.

After I got up, I played pool, and Foreman, Kira, and Remy laid down on the basement couch and just watched quietly.  Now they are all sleeping in their various favorite places and the day is almost done.  Foreman seems to be adjusting well to living in the pack and is getting along well with all of the dogs.  He even went upstairs this evening and wagged his tail at Mikey.

Foreman: coming out of his shell

In an odd change of personality, on Friday evening I was watching a movie and Mikey was trying to fix his computer.  Kira and Remy were in their normal posistions on the couch with me.  Foreman went upstairs and tried to play with Bones but that didn’t work out and Mike put the gate at the top of the stairs to keep him from interfering with his work on the computer and to keep Remy away.  Forman came barreling down the stairs, leaped on me on the couch, licked me in the ear and then took off running through the house at full speed.  He ran from the bedroom to the kitchen and back, and repeated.  Then all got quiet…

For about 5 minutes there wasn’t a sound out of Foreman and like a thunder clap, the silence was broken.  Foreman was sitting on the my bed staring at the ceiling fan and barking his head off.  I turned on the light and he stopped and ran to his cage.  I turned the light out and went back to the movie and the barking started again.  This time when I went in, he had the big rubber mesh ball that is about 1 foot in diameter sitting in front of him on the bed and he was barking his head off at the ball.  I turned on the light and he grabbed the ball and took off running through the house.  He flipped the ball into the air and chased it barking like crazy as he ran.  Then back to the bedroom where he jumped on the bed and started barking at the ball.

Remy and Kira sat in the living room watching the entire running episode.  I went back to the couch and all of a sudden Foreman comes running out of the bedroom and leaps on Remy and starts trying to play.  Remy snarled and they tusseled around and then Remy got off the couch and headed upstairs.  Foreman followed Remy and I guess Remy was so upset with being jumped on that he just barreled through the gate at the top of the stairs and ran to the spare bedroom and hid behind the bed.  Mike was working in that bedroom on his new computer when Remy ran by.  He said that Remy jumped on the bed, and then off the other side and just curled up in the corner where he could peek under the bed to watch the door.

Foreman came barreling down the stairs and leaped on Kira. She gave a big snarl at him and he stopped immediately and went back into the bedroom where I later found him sleeping on my pillow. 

Foreman: Things have settled down

Well, for the most part this week has been rather quiet with
Foreman.  He has stopped getting up so early, has started to play with
the other dogs, and hasn’t been aggressive with anyone.  It appears
that his place in the pack is 3rd of 4 as neither Kira or Bones would
have any part in letting him be ahead of them in the pack.  He
routinely dominates Remy but does not attempt to take Kira’s space
under my desk or go near Bones’ closet.  He is still scared of Mike and
hides behind me when there is the slightest noise.  He follows me
around like a puppy and is the first dog that I have ever seen that
doesn’t get excited when you show him the leash to take him for a

Foreman is very well house trained as he hasn’t had a single
accident in the house.  He has learned how to let me know that he wants
to go outside and when I let him out into the back yard, he does his
stuff and then runs like the wind back to the house.  I can now open
the door to the deck and then walk away and he will come back in
without requiring an invitation.

When I got home this evening the back of my right hand was hurting like I had a bad bruise.  I couldn’t think of how I would have bruised it, but it still hert.  As the evening progressed the pain continued through to the inside of my hand.  Still it perplexed me as to why it was hurting and why it was so localized.  At about 9pm I went to the basement to lift and started playing with Kira when Foreman came down and started to play.  I chased him all over the basement and all 3 dogs chased me like a pack.  We would run from one end of the basement with them chasing me and then we would turn around and I would chase them.  They got all riled up and started wrestling with each other and then Foreman and I started playing Hand.  That was when I realized why my hand hurt all the way through.

Hand is a game that I started playing with Kira to teach her that it was OK for me to touch her nose, tail, and feet.  My previous dogs never liked for you to touch those parts of them so I was determined that Kira would get use to it.  So, I devised a game where I would sit on the floor at her level and would hold my hand up like a mouth and say “I’m gonna get you!” and then grab her nose.  She closes her teeth gently on my hand and then plays tug like my hand is a rope.  I initially did it with my workout gloves on but she is gentle enough that I can do it without gloves.  When she lets go of my hand, I then tap at one of her feet and she will lift it off the ground as if to play keep-away and then will grab at my hand with her mouth.  This goes on for a while and she seems to really have fun with it. 

Well, last night I had been playing with Foreman for just a bit and he watched me play Hand with Kira.  He decided to join in and I grabbed his nose.  He dropped down on his front feet and stuck his but in the air and then started spinning in circles and put his nose in my hand again.  I tugged a bit and he did the same.  Again it repeated and he started running around in circles in the basement round and round the pool table like a cat does.  Remy got into it and played Hand for a bit but Remy didn’t understand the gentle part and bit down on my hand.  As soon as I said “ouch” he let go and Kira disappeared.  The trick to hand with Kira when she was a puppy was that I would say “ouch” whenever she bit down to hard and she would immediately let go and stop until I grabbed her nose again.  Remy had watched this but didn’t quite understand.

Anyhow, while playing with the dogs I played Hand this evening and Kira gently closed her mouth on my hand as usual but this time it hurt like crazy and I realized that one of her canine teeth came down perfectly on the top of my hand where the pain was.  The lower tooth opposite the canine came right up where the part hurt on the inside of my hand.  So, I am figuring that last night got a little rougher than usual and I didn’t have gloves on to protect myself.  At least I know that it isn’t because I am so old that my hand just bruises on its own.

While Foreman is very shy, I am hoping that if I keep playing with him with the other dogs and he learns how to interact with me that he will overcome his fear of people.  Another game that I play with Kira is “hide and seek” but when she finds me, I jump out and go “boo!” and she spins in circles and jumps on me.  Well, I did this with Foreman and didn’t see him the rest of the evening.  It will take time, but he will learn not to be scared.

Foreman: Not having a good doggy evening

Well, the big brown beast of the house strikes again.  Foreman was under my desk and Bones came into my office while we were sitting in here chatting.  Bones headed over to my desk and next thing you know he was attacking Foreman.  No contact was made but Foreman was pretty scared.  Mike grabbed Bones and pulled him out of the office and fussed at him.  I am figuring that Bones is so blind and deaf that he had no idea that he was being fussed at.  We shut the gate and fed Foreman and he seemed to get over it fairly quickly. 

Foreman has also decided that he wants Kira’s place in the pack and so he has started trying to dominate her.  But, she won’t have any part of it.  He tried to take her spot under my desk while she was there and she growled a very low growl at him and he backed off.  He then tried to hump her and the moment he tried to straddle her, she gave that same low growl and he stopped.  It seems that she has figured out that he is a bit of a coward and she has taken to growling at him whenever he tries to take a toy or anything she is playing with.  I am guessing Foreman will remain number 3 of 4.

Foreman: Thank you for sleeping late!

Finally!  Foreman slept till 8:30am this morning without making a peep.  Mike stayed out with friends last night so there was no-one to let him out of his crate at 5am.  The crate was beside my bed so I would have heard him move around but he didn’t.  When I did get up at about 8:30am, he wagged his tail in the crate and I took him outside.  It has been a very good day.

An odd development has occurred with Foreman.  He doesn’t seem to like Mike.  He stays with me like a puppy and cries now whenever he cannot get to me.  When Mike walks in the room, he runs behind me and hides.  If Mike pushes closer to him, he starts to shake.  He won’t go outside for Mike and the only way that we can get him out of the crate is for Mike to leave the room.  This is truly odd as every dog seems to love Mike an shy away from me.

Foreman: time is a changing

For the first time since we took Foreman home (1 week) he slept through the night and didn’t get up until 5:30am.  Mike heard him cry so he got up and let him out of the crate and then let him out in the back yard.  When he finished peeing, he ran into the house as fast as he could and jumped on my bed and licked me.  He they laid down and went to sleep.  Kira wasn’t to happy about this and she got off the bed and laid on the floor beside me and then made a big sighing sound.

Later in the morning Bones was coming in from outside and walking down the hall when Foreman decided to try to play with the big beast.  To date Foreman has not been allowed around Bones to avoid a repeat of what happened with Riley and Bones.  He let out a playful growl and leaped at Bones.  Mike and I were watching and both yelled “No no!!!!!” but it was to late.  Bones lifted up his lips and gave a snarl and just kept on walking as if nothing happened.  It look like Bones and Foreman may be good together.

Foreman: Woo hoo! I found the food!

When I fed the dogs yesterday evening, I forgot to put the top back on the food pail.  Foreman disappeared and Mike found him with his head in the food pail eating as fast as he could.  He ate about 2 days worth of food and had a fat belly.  During the night I heard Mike get up and let Foreman out of his crate and this morning when I got up, there was poo all over the place in the kitchen.  All of the other dogs use the doggy door and it is safe because of the electric wire on the fence.  But Foreman hasn’t figured out the doggy door and had to go.

Foreman: What a cry baby

Foreman definitely acts like an adolescent puppy.  One minute he is shaking and hiding from you, and the next he is sniping from his cage at another dog.  Again last night as soon as he was put to bed, he started to cry.  This night he also barked in the crying which was to much for Mike so Mike came down and slept on the floor in my office with Foreman.  I’m sure that was comfortable.

Mike thought that Foreman was asleep and got up in the middle of the night to go to bed and Foreman whimpered for about 15 minutes before falling back to sleep.  I had to do a customer visit this morning and leave very early so the lack of sleep really sucked for being awake for the customer presentation.

Mike sent me an email saying that before he left this morning he let Foreman out and he tried to get through the fence.  He touched the electric wire between the bottom two rails and Mike said he yelped, leaped straight into the air, spun in the air, landed, leaped, spun, landed, and repeated as if he thought that the ground had shocked him.  Then he ran back to the house and stood on the deck looking out into the yeard.  When this happened to Riley, he wouldn’t go out in the back yard for a month.  Foreman doesn’t have a problem going into the back yard now, but he won’t go near the fence.

Tonight I will put the second crate by the bed and put him in it and see if that helps.

Foreman: Stop attacking Kira!

Ugh…I let Foreman out in the back yard and neither Remy or Kira would go out with him. He has terrorized them to the point that they won’t go where he is. Kira was in the bedroom and Foreman went in and attacked her. She started yelping and I ran to her aid and she was cowering in the corner with Foreman standing over her. Remy is slinking around like and peeks around corners before he goes into a room. When Foreman is locked in a cage, they all go back to normal.

How can a dog that is this skiddish terrorize the other dogs in the house? Ugh.

Foreman: 4am! Ugh

At 4am I was woke up by the sound of a dog crying.  It was Foreman and he was sobbing like a baby.  I got up and Foreman was at the door.  He wagged his tail furiously and jumped all over me.  I took all of the dogs outside hoping that it was just that he needed to pee.  After he finished doing his duty, I put him back in the office and shut the gate.  He immediately started whining so I opened the gate and sat on the floor with him.  Kira came in and tried to pick up a toy.  Foreman snarled and jumped on her and immediately had her by the neck.  I grabbed him and put him on his back until he stopped fighting me.

When I let him up, he went goofy and started running around like crazy.  Kira high tailed it out of the office and watched from the door to the hallway.  Foreman started playing.  He grabbed a toy and shoved it at me and we played tug.  After about 30 minutes of playing, he had calmed down and gone into his cage.  So, I got up and locked the gate to the office and went to bed.  Kira had been standing outside the gate watching me play with him and then she followed me to bed.  But, instead of laying down beside me like she usually does, she laid on the other side of the bed and turned her back to me.  I called her over and she jumped off the bed and slept on the floor.  After about 30 minutes, she seemed to get over being mad at me and she hopped back up on the bed and snuggled up against me with her head on my pillow.

At 5:30am I was startled by a howel.  Foreman was awake again and he was making a fuss.  But this time he was barking, crying, howling, and making every noise he could. I heard Mike get up and I suggested that we leave him so that he would get to know that behavior was not going to help him.  So, he made a fuss till about 7am and finally quieted down.  Mike got up at 7:30am and took him outside.

At about 8am I was startled yet again.  But this time it was Foreman jumping onto my bed and licking me in the face.  He flopped over on his back and I pet on his tummy for a while.  This was the most social I have seen him to date.  When I got up, he didn’t run to his cage as he had done before.  He played, and pranced around.  I tugged a rope with him and chased him in the house.  He seemed to be genuinely playing.  I took my morning shower and came out to find him sitting on my bed in the spot where Kira normally stays.  Kira was under the bed.  So, I shoed Foreman out of the bedroom and put up a gate so that I could play with Kira alone. 

Mike was already eating breakfast when I came into the kitchen.  Foreman was sitting beside the table begging for food.  When I walked in, he didn’t run away.  Rather, he came over to me with his tail held high and wanted to be pet.  He is holding his ears differently now.  Before he held them straight out to the side but slightly in the air which made him look a little stupid.  but, now he is holding them back like he is in a race and he prances around whenever he walks with you. 

I think he is adjusting to the new place.  I even got him to give me a paw when I held out my hand and said “paw”. 

Foreman: Attack of the lonely poochie

I woke up to an odd noise in the house at precisely 5am.  It was Foreman scratching at the gate on my office door.  I got up, got
dressed and took him outside thinking he just had to go.  Kira and Remy
accompanied me and all peed in the back yard.  I brought him back in
and when I got near the office, he ran to his crate.  I shut the gate
to the office and headed back to bed.

After going back to bed,
Foreman started to whine and cry.  So, I got up and let him out of the
office and put a gate up to keep Bones from getting to the bedroom. 

Foreman immediately jumped up on the bed and laid down, but he kept on
crying and whimpering.  So, I thought he might be hungy and got up and
gave him about a half of a cup of food.  He snarfed it down rapidly and
then went back in his crate.  I went to bed and all was quiet.

6am Foreman was scratching at the gate again but this time I heard
Mikey come to his rescue so I just stayed in bed.  Mike probably took
him outside, but then must have decided that he didn’t want to lock him
back in the office.  So, all of a sudden Foreman appears on my bed
looking me in the face.  I let him stay there till about 8am and then I
got up to take them all for a walk.  Rather than putting a leash on
him, I took them in the back yard where the fence has an electric
wire.  Every dog has been zorched by that wire once and they never try
it again.  So, I figured it was safe.  We all went outside and I just
stood on the deck.  The dogs all went into the grass and did their
business and then all came running back to the house.  This was a good
sign that Foreman was not going to take off and leap over the fence.

inside, I gave everyone food and got ready for work.  After getting
dressed, I took them all in the back yard and played ball with Kira and
Remy while Foreman investigated the yard.  He never got zorched, but he
was mediculous in searching for a way to go through the fence. He ended
up in the corner in the bushes when Remy wasn’t paying attention.  Remy
saw the bushes move and thought something was in the bushes and went
into attack mode.  He got low to the ground and went running to the
bushes.  Kira stood in the middle of the yard and just watched.  When
he got there, he startled Foreman who darted out the other side of the
bushes and then wanted to attack what had startled him.  It was quite
humerous to see Remy and Foreman circling the bushes thinking something
was in there. 

After a while Remy darted through the bushes and
Foreman started chasing him.  They started tusseling on the ground and
seemed to be having fun.  Kira kept chasing the ball while the others
were playing.  Eventually they stopped and Foreman went to poo.  As
yesterday, he did a double serve, but this time the second serving was
soft serve.  What is really funny is that as soon as he finishes
pooing, he takes off like a shot and runs across the yard as if he has
to get as far away from it as he can.

I headed off to work at 9am which is about an hour later than usual. My boss understood.

left at about 9:30 and said that he put Foreman in the 4×4 cage in my
office so that he could get the other dogs out the door for a walk but
that when he opened the door, there were 4 dogs running beside him. 

Fortunately, Foreman just followed the other dogs who came back
immediately on command and Mike was able to put the leash on Foreman
for the walk.  When he checked the cage, it appeared that Foreman knew
how to open the latches and had simply opened the door to the cage.

When we got home, we were cooking dinner and all of the dogs were laying on the floor.  Foreman came into the kitchen and was pacing round and round the kitchen.  He was in the area where we were standing when he just lit into Remy.  Remy just cowered while Foreman had him by the loose skin on his cheek.  Remy just cowered and cried.  We had to pull them apart.  We gave him solitary confinement in a cage for 30 minutes and then let him out. 

Later I was in the office and Remy ventured into the crate where Foreman sleeps.  Forman let out a growl and took off like a shot after Remy, pushed him out of the cage and gave a snarl. 

a few lessons have been learned about foreman

  • Foreman is smart and can open latches.  So we need to secure the cage more thoroughly.
  • Foreman
    appears to want companionship but doesn’t trust people.  This can work
    to our advantage as hopefully he will seek the same level of attention
    as the other dogs get.
  • Foreman adheres to the pack mentality so
    he seems to imitate what the other dogs are doing.  This also may help
    in keeping him in the home because he seems to follow the other dogs
    who never stray from our sight.
  • Foreman knows what a bed is and
    wants to sleep with people.  This is an odd contrast to being scared of
    people.  When he is on the bed, he wants to be pet and is friendly. 

    But the moment you are out of the bed, he disappears to his cage.

  • Foreman doesn’t play ball or have any interest in toys. 
  • Foreman
    does have aggression issues with the other dogs when they get near his
    crate.  Kira is now scared to come in my office so I moved Foreman’s crate to the other side of the room so that she doesn’t have to pass by it to get to her place under my desk.

Foreman: The dominance game

I got up at about 8am and Foreman was waiting at the gate to my office.  As I walked up he seemed happy to see someone.  His tail was curled over his back and he didn’t run away when I reached over the gate to pet him.  I took Foreman, Remy, and Kira for a walk.  Foreman did a double serve and then we headed back.  Along the way back, he decided to plan and took off running as fast as he could.  Only problem was that he had an 8 foot leash connected to his neck so he did a backflip when he hit the end of the leash.  He landed on his feet and then ran to me and dropped down as if he wanted to play.  He darted left and right with his butt stuck up in the air and then quickly stopped and started walking again. 

When we got in the house I took Foreman to my office where the his crate is and he quickly darted in.  I locked the gate to the office and then went back to the kitchen to feed everyone.  I then brought Foreman’s food to him and he wouldn’t come out of the crate.  I picked up a few pieces and he took them from my hand, but he wouldn’t come out to eat from the bowl.  I put the bowl at the entrance of his crate and he started eating.

After breakfast, I took Foreman into the bathroom and gave him a good bath.  He smelled so bad when we brought him home that this was pretty much a requirement to living with him.  He had bad dandruff so I used a medicated soap for dogs that helps take care of dandruff.  He didn’t like the bath but he didn’t fight me.  He tried to get out of the tub but I just said “no no” and he stopped.  He is obedient in that regard.

After his bath, I dried him with a towel and then took Foreman, Remy, and Kira down to the basement where I could let him run around.  I closed the basement door so that Bones couldn’t come down to mess with us.  I turned on the Simpsons DVD and started playing Pool.  Foreman stood at the landing on the stairs and watched carefully.  He eventually came down and sniffed around the walls of the basement and then sat in the gym room and just watched.  After a couple of games of Pool I sat on one of the couches in the basement that the dogs are allowed on and Foreman came over and got on the couch.  He initially sat at the opposite end so I scooted over and pet him gently under the chin.  Kira and Remy went and got a toy so I tossed it with them while Foreman just watched.  When I stopped petting him, he pawed me until I pet him more.

I got up and started using the eliptical machine and Foreman stayed on the couch.  After a little bit he started sniffing around.  Kira and Remy were laying on the floor beside the elliptical machine and didn’t acknowledge Foreman when he came around them.  After sniffing for a bit, he approached Remy and started his domination dance. 

First he dropped down on his front and stuck his butt up in the air.  He darted left and right and Remy responded by doing the same.  They started chasing each other around the pool table and Kira got interested.  They all ran back and forth playing and occasionally Remy would put his head over Foreman’s shoulders and then Foreman would do the same to Remy.  After a bit of this going on, Kira laid back down while Remy and Foreman continued to play.  The play got rougher and then they got calm and started sniffing each other.  They paced one another and then Foreman put his head over Remy and nibbled on his shoulders.  Remy did nothing.  Then Foreman mounted Remy and Remy did nothing.  From that point on, Foreman was dominant over Remy.  There were a couple of other episodes but they all ended the same.  Eventually Foreman took Remy’s toy and played with it for a bit before dropping it and laying down on the couch.

Foreman: On the attack

Remy and Kira are locked in the back of the house with Foreman and me. 
Forman is sleeping nicely in his crate and then the other dogs start
barking.  All come out and are in the hall at the gate that separates
them from the rest of the house.  Kira comes back into the office and
then Foreman lights into Remy.  Remy is such a submissive dog that he
gives in immediately and Foreman just attacks him.  I had to just yell
once and Foreman let go of Remy and ran to his crate. 

A bit later, Kira and Remy were by my side when Foreman darted out of his crate and ran over to Kira to nip at her.  Again, a stern warning and he ran back to his crate.  I put the leash on him and took them all outside so that he could pee.  He continued to do this sniper type of attack with all of the dogs whenever they came within visual range of the door to his crate.

It appears that Foreman is a bit nervous tonight and may need some quiet adjustment time.

Foreman: Day 1


Just a quick initial progress report.  So far so.  We did the initial
meeting in the back yard with Foreman on a leash.  We let Remy and
Kira run up off leash, they all did fine.  I then brought up Bones on
leash.  They sniffed, he curled his lip, so I just took Bones for a
walk around the yard. We let the other three run around the house while
I was out back with Bones making sure the electric fence did not have
any shorts in it.

is skittish but he is inquisitive and he followed me around the house.

As long as I don’t grab for him, he is fine.  If I want to put the
leash on him I go to the door, he follows, we both look out the window,
and then I can easily put the leash on.

I took them all for a
long walk outside and Bones got a much better sniff, no growling this
time.  Foreman walks very well on the leash.  They are all inside now
but I’ll keep Bones gated apart from Foreman for a while.  They are
laying on either side of the gate peacefully, about 10 feet apart.
Bones really does not have too much interest in him which is good.

did lie down next to Foreman for a bit and he was comfortable enough to
fall asleep next to me.  It was funny to watch as he wanted to stay
alert and look around but his eyes kept closing, then his head dropped
a bit, then do the ground, then he rolled over on his side into me and
fell asleep.

So in summary zero issues with Remy and Kira, so
far Bones seems neutral, and he seems comfortable enough that he’s not

Foreman adoption?

I got an email with the status of the adoptions from this weekend and it looks like Foreman is getting adopted.  This is great news.  I will still foster another dog but we still need to find one that matches our criteria for not being a challenge to Bones.