Clay: Going back to the kennel

Well… it could have been a lot worse… but fortunately it isn’t.  I wasn’t here for it so this is second hand information from Mike who was here.

The neighbor was driving his tractor and the dogs were in the garage barking at the tractor.  All of a sudden Clay attacks Clifford ripping up his rear left leg and biting his tummy.  Had Mike not gotten them separated, he could have really hurt or killed Clifford.  Mike was just horribly upset and texted me with the F word that he almost never uses.  He took Clifford to the emergency room and they checked him out and stitched him up.  Now he is limping pretty bad.

So, Mike called around and everyone in HART agreed that there is something wrong between Clay and Clifford and that he needs to leave our care.  So, Clay is going back to the kennel as we don’t have any fosters that can take him in.  It is really too bad because as I type this he is sitting here with his head in my lap wanting to be pet and he seems to know that something is wrong.

I’ll miss Clay.  I really liked him.  He falls asleep when you rub his tummy, he is incredibly affectionate, and he doesn’t care in the least if you pick him up and hold him on his back.  He just adores attention.  He is a great watch dog for the house.  But he and Clifford don’t get along.  So, he has to be moved.

Clay October 3, 2012

Sweet Clay

Clay: A sweet little dog again

Clay is a sweet dog… there is no doubt… but he has an instinct… that is…. to dominate any other dog that he can… and to kill anything that it smaller than him.

With that introduction… I have to explain. It turns out that Clay… like Darby… will corner and tree any prey that he goes after. But unlike Darby…. Clay seems to think that the neighbor’s cats are also prey.  Darby went after birds… shook them from trees… but largely stayed with birds.  Occasionally he would go after the groundhogs when the other dogs formed a pack with him… but when alone… it was just birds.

But Clay… seems to want to kill anything that isn’t a dog.  This is bad.  This is not what gets a dog adopted… but it is what he has an instinct for.

Now… while you are reading this in horror for your cat… or pet hedgehog… remember… this dog falls asleep when you scrub his tummy and he is obedient beyond anything I have ever seen.  One reprimand and he never repeats the mstake.  If you feed him after another dog he knows his place in the pack.  And if you fuss for jumping on the bed… he never jumps again.

But he has an instinct to kill anything smaller than him.  So… we should factor this into everything.

Clay: Interesting pooch

Pooch… an interesting term… the term given to any dog that we take in that my friend… Will… doesn’t know the name for.  A dog with no name is a Pooch.

Will and I returned from West Virginia where we helped run a water line to the farm house to the city water supply.  It was one of the most physically intensive weekends I have spent in a long time and when I got home on Sunday (left on Friday) I could barely stand up.  But I came home to a new dog.  Clay.

Clay is a mix of something like a black lab and a boxer.  High energy… very docile… and just a sweet little muscular dog.  Man… this dog is all muscle and makes him look like a Pit.  And… his previous owners docked his tail and his ears so that he looks more like a pitt than anything.  But he isn’t a pitt.

Clay is a sweet little dog of about 5 to 7 years that is just…. well… sweet.  He is completely house trained, smart, and obedient.  He takes commands well… and seems like a perfect dog for someone that just wants a companion.

Clay: OK… not such a sweet dog

I don’t know what happened…. but Mike texted me that Clan and Clifford had gotten into a fight and that one was going to the hospital.  I thought that Clifford had attacked Clay but it turns out that it was the reverse.  Apparently Clifford was playing with the ball and Clay wanted it and they got into a scuffle and Clay ended up cutting a 3 inch gash in Cliff’s back.

Mike tried to clean Cliff’s wounds up but it turned out that it was much deeper and so Cliff went to the emergency vet.  The sedated him and put in stitches in the under part of his body and then put in 5 staples in the outside.  This was pretty major and costs us about $500 to get Cliff patched up.

Needless to say, we were both upset and mad… but Cliff… once he shed the sedation… was best friends with Clay.  They played together and seemed like nothing had happened.

Still… you can’t touch Clifford’s back without him getting nervous about touching the wound.  It is deep… about 3 inches wide… and probably very painful.

Dogs forgive dogs far better than I ever forgive anyone.  Maybe a lesson… maybe a conclusion…

Abe: Failed attempt

Well… I went away for the weekend to West Virginia and Mike brought home the latest dog…. Abe… Nice dog… but the moment he got near the house hie lit into Kira.  Kira… of all dogs… the queen of the house.  Well… the moment a dog comes into the house and attacks Kira… well.. that is the moment that the dog goes anywhere but our house.

So… Abe went to a kennel and we took in Clay.  We will see how this turns out.