Atlas: The horse is finally gone

Oh my, the horse finally got adopted.  That was probably the worst foster we have ever had.  He was sweet, non-aggressive, and was house trained.  But he intimidated all of the other dogs and brought Kennel cough into the house.  Remy and Kira caught it and I was worried that Kira would die from it.

Besides bringing the cough to the house, he was unmanageable and jealous.  He couldn’t let me play with any other dog without charging me and wanting to get in the middle.  He was so big that even Clifford went and hid.  For the time he was here, Clifford basically hid upstairs and couldn’t interact with anyone.

He took food from over your shoulder at dinner and he cleaned the counter tops (not a good thing).  We had to erect cage barriers in the kitchen to keep him out of the kitchen.  It is one thing to have a dog surf the countertops and having a dog that just grazes on the counter tops.  He licked the clean plates that were drying and licked the stove.  I still shiver with trying to get the lick marks off of the basic appliances.

He went to a good home that is enormous in Great Falls.  That is the area where the exceptionally wealthy live so he should do well there.  After he left, there was a great relief that the entire house seemed to exclaim.  All of the dogs started acting normal and even Goof started acting like a normal dog.  It is great to have all of the gates gone and have a normal house again.

That dog was the most disruptive thing I have ever experienced.  I hope we never see another one of those beasts.

JB is back

Well, JB is back.  I call him “Santa’s little helper”.  I had agreed months ago to dog sit JB for a friend when they were on vacation.  Mike seemed to have forgotten about that when he took in Atlas so now we will have 6 dogs in the house.

I do find it interesting that Mike is willing to take Atlas and Goof to work at the same time but has no problem locking JB in a cage.  I haven’t figured out his mental processes, but I am thinking that if he is the one that takes on a responsibility, he will adapt his life to the responsibility.  Whereas, if I take on a responsibility, he sees it as a secondary thing.

Originally I thought that all dogs were the same.  But I am beginning to realize that dogs that he chooses are better than a dog that I might choose.

Atlas is huge

I stopped on the way home and got dinner.  Today was a really bad day at work so I figured I would try to make the evening better buy doing pickup instead of cooking when I got home.

Well… I guess it was convenient that I didn’t have to cook.  But while sitting at the dinner table, I felt a warm puff of air over my ear and turned to find a horse head standing behind me breathing over my shoulder watching me eat.  If you haven’t thought about it, it is unnerving to have a creature in the house that stands taller than you when you are sitting down and can stand behind you and want what you are eating and have the size and power to eat your entire head in one bite.

Why is this thing in my house?

Atlas at work

Well… Mike took both Atlas and Goof to work.  Apparently everyone loved both of them and asked if he would bring them back on  Thursday.

So much for the theory that they would disrupt the workspace.  I cannot possibly take dogs to work because two of my staff are scared to death of dogs.  Goof might be OK.  But Atlas would probably cause an HR event.

Atlas day two

Well, Goof (aka Apollo) is in love with Atlas and has decided that humans don’t exist.  He walks around looking at Atlas like he is better than a bowl of food.  So, I have lost the little dog I adopted.  He seemed to adore me so much.  I thought I had another Darby, but clearly I just have a puppy that loves anything that seems bigger than him.

Atlas is persona non grata with me.  I am still thinking through why I am so mad.  I have narrowed it down to not even being asked if he could be our foster.  I have thought about it and if Mike had asked if the animal could be brought home, I would have capitulated.  But I think I am angry because I wasn’t even asked.



Atlas arrives

Well… I thought I had seen just how mad I could get in the past, but I think Mike just pushed me to anger beyond anything I have ever felt.  I have a lot going on at work and have been really sick recently.  So, it is very possible that I am overreacting.

I got an innocuous email from Mike with this picture:


I responded… “big dog”.  The woman in the picture is Meg and she is a very normal sized human that looks tiny with the dog.

Saturday night I was playing a video game when Mike comes home and says “I have a surprise” and I figured it was something simple like groceries or something from the store.  But in walked a freaking Star Wars AT-AT Walker with a horse head pasted on the top.

OMG… this dog is huge.  Its back is taller than me when I am sitting in a chair.  Goofball runs around under him without ducking.  Kira, Remy, and Clifford ran to corners of the house.

Well… this beast doesn’t belong inside a house.  I mean… it is just too big to be inside a house.  It is like getting a pony and making it a house pet.  At least it is house trained.

But I am furious… because Mike never asked if we could foster it, he knew that we had Apollo (aka Goof) and this is a 5th dog.  We always discuss the fosters and agree on the fosters.  But he didn’t even ask.  But more over, he didn’t think this through.  I took off a week of work to take care of Apollo while Mike was on travel because I didn’t want the little guy locked up 12 hours a day.  And now Mike has to figure out how to handle Apollo and Atlas on Mondays and Thursdays when he has to drive to Maryland.  Taking dogs to work is ok when they aren’t disruptive.  Taking something this big will just mean either he is disruptive or no-one gets anything done while this beast draws attention.

I am not expressing my concerns or anger very well.  But needless to say, I needed a Xanax to even cope with my level of anger over this one.