Replacing the Drive Gear

The little train has worked flawlessly until a friend visited. The train ran around the track once and then stopped. The motor was running but the train wasn’t moving. I figured something slipped and it would be easy to fix. No dice.

I took the engine apart to get to the drive gearbox and found that the main drive shaft gear had cracked in half. So I went to the Bachmann site for parts to order the replacement only to find that they are out of stock. So I emailed them asking when they would be in stock. They didn’t seem to have much interest.

I then searched the internet and found that the gear commonly cracks and a third party called “NorthWest Short Line” at makes a replacement gear for $11.95. I ordered two since Shipping was $5.95 regardless of the quantity. I also figured that the gear was likely to break again.

QtyItem #DescriptionPrice EachTotal Price
22223-6#1 Bachmann 4-4-0 & 2-6-0 axle gear 24T$11.95$23.90

The gears arrived today and I took the gear box apart, took the drive shaft to the garage with the gear and used a rubber hammer and a small socket from a socket wrench set to tap the gear down onto the drive shaft. After getting it perfectly centered on the little grooves that gripped the gear to the shaft I put the drive gears back together. I then put a bunch of nylon gear grease on them and reassembled the train.

In the process of putting the train back together I found that the mechanism that simulates driving the valves that open and close for the steam pistons was mangled. I tried to straighten it back up but couldn’t do it without taking the entire thing apart more thoroughly. No-one will ever notice it as I never noticed it until it was apart. So I left it as was.

When I put the train back together it worked perfectly. I ran it around the track a couple of times and then cleaned up. My hands were covered in the electrically conductive grease that coats all of the parts that pick up electricity from the track. I have more of the grease and will dab it on another time.