Woola and Goofy fight

it started in the kitchen. Goofy fought him down and the fight was done before I could get. Then Goofy started coming down the hall and Woola just jumped him from the back. I came running and Goofy dropped to the floor… probably of fear of me as I was yelling at them. I grabbed Woola and threw him into the kitchen. He came back and I tried to grab him and he ran past me. I chased him into the bedroom and then grabbed him by the collar, slapped him on the ass and then drug him down to the basement.

I checked Goofy all over and he had some missing fur patches but is otherwise OK. The rest of the dogs are hiding. I don’t want to leave Athena out with Woola in the house. Everything is ok now. I have calmed down and am about to call Nate. I wish Woola would get adopted and get out of here. That was the dumbest thing I have done in a long while. I mean dumbest thing in bringing that stupid dog home.