Jay-Z: Farewell

Jay-Z finally got adopted. I haven’t written much at all since Jay-Z came back. He didn’t change or grow a bit while we had him. He has to be the dumbest dog we have ever fostered and no matter what we did with him he didn’t learn. But at least he wasn’t a dog that damaged anything or got into too much trouble. He also respected gates and doors. About the worst thing he did was scratch on the doors whenever he wanted what was on the other side. The second worst thing was that you couldn’t get him to come back to you if he got outside. At night he would bark continuously into the back field as if something was there… but there never was anything. We had to lure him back inside by shaking a bowl of food.

Overall, since he largely didn’t change or do anything different, there wasn’t much to write about. The family that adopted him lives in Culpepper. They visited last weekend to see him and liked him. Mike drove him down to Culpepper (1.5 hours) to see if he would try to kill their cat. He had shown aggression toward smaller animals and had dominated Clifford in our house. So there was question as to if he would get along with their cat.

It turns out he sniffed the cat and then went about his stupidity of running around without any purpose. I am glad they liked him, but I am 50/50 that he will be returned again. Not holding my breath.

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