Jay-Z gets aggressive

Today we were having dinner and Jay-Z was begging at the table. But tonight he got really aggressive at trying to get food from the table. Mike swatted him on the nose and I fussed at Mike. Jay-Z came at my plate and I blew in his face. He growled and then started snapping at me. Mike grabbed a newspaper and swatted him in the face a couple of times and he got really nasty. We subdued him and fussed at him.

I don’t know what we are going to do with this dog. Mike and I started talking that maybe this is one of those dogs that just won’t come around. I told HART that I wasn’t going to keep this one and it couldn’t be in permanent foster. So a decision is going to have to be made as to if we keep him in a foster slot while more adoptable dogs are being put down at the pound daily.

This is where fostering dogs becomes not-so-fun. No life is expendable. But it is hard to watch so many well behaved and adoptable dogs get put down when this dog is taking up a foster slot.

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