Bull… aka double ugly

The latest rescue comes from a shelter in southern VA. Bull was on death row after being picked up as a stray and no-one had come to claim him. He had no tags and no chip or tattoo.

Bull is a bit uncontrollable. He looks like a Black Lab mixed with a Pitt Bull Terrier. He has the muscular rear legs of a Pitt and the meaty face of a Pit but the rest of him looks like a Lab.

On his first night in the house he slept in the hall to the bathroom with a gate on the door. He whined and complained but everntually settled down and slept.

Bull isn’t the prettiest dog. He is muscular in the back, skinny in the front, and has wirey hair. He is about 1 year old by the look of his teeth. He is incredibly trusting and will roll over on his back if you scrub his belly. If you give him a ball he will lay on the floor and roll on his back and chew on the ball while pawing at the air. He is happy and doesn’t appear to be emotionally damaged.

We will have to test him for food aggression, toy aggression, tolerance to being handled, doggie social skills with other dogs, trainability, a safety with small children.

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