Goofy: Apparently he knows when to be smart

I picked up dinner on the way home yesterday.  Goofy planted himself near my chair and sat there staring at me.  Mike made a comment that I had taught the little guy to beg from the table.  I promptly took some food from my plate and gave it to him but didn’t give any to Mike’s dog Clifford.  Mike fussed that Clifford didn’t get anything and then gave Clifford something.  I chuckled that Mike was teaching Clifford to beg from the table.

I said that Goofy was smart and told him of Goofy waiting with is paw in the air in the morning when I was feeding him.  Mike exclaimed that the Goofball tries to get his head in the bowl as you pour the food into it.  I chuckled that Mike wasn’t doing it right.

Apparently Goofy changes his behavior depending on who he is dealing with.  This isn’t the case for Clifford.  Clifford does exactly the same for Mike as for me… which is to dance around and knock stuff over and then dive into the bowl unless you fuss and say “sit”.  Clifford doesn’t change for either of us but Goofy does.

This is what he looks like when begging.