Goofy: The food hound learns “stay”

Goofy is more of a food hound than I have ever seen.  The slightest sound of plastic will have him sitting in front of you in less than 10 seconds.  He seems to hear it even when he is out in the back yard chasing bunnies.

But, it turns out that it is easier to train such a dog.  Clifford is also a food hound but not nearly as obsessed with it as Goofy.  But until Goofy, Clifford was the only dog that I ever got to successfully do “stay” when playing with toys or food.  Kira did “stay” without really any training so she doesn’t count.

I have been working with Goofy to teach him to hold back while I fill his bowl for breakfast and dinner.  I take the scoop and fill it with food for Clifford and Goofy.  Then I feed Clifford first while Goofy is watching and tell him to sit, then stay, then give paw and Clifford does each as I request them.  I then pour his food in his bowl and he stares at me waiting for me to say “Go!” and when I do he digs in.

I then go to Goofy’s bowl and repeat the same thing.  In less than a week (2 meals a day) Goofy has gotten to the point where he does the sit, paw, and stay part but he doesn’t wait for the “Go!”.  He is getting better though.  Previously he would knock the scoop out of your hand.  Now he doesn’t dive in until the food has been poured into his bowl.

Baby steps…