Goofy: I am so tired

Today was Independence day.  I bought enough fixings for 4 people figuring that Mike would invite someone over at the last minute.  In the past I have gotten just enough for the people that live in the house only to find myself scrambling because Mike invites other people over at the last minute.

So, not surprisingly, Mike invited a couple from HART.  They were planning on attending the Middleburg fireworks and were going to drop their dogs off before going to the event.  But all of that changed a bit.

When they arrived with their foster dog named Bordeaux, chaos ensued and they never made it to the fireworks.  It started with Goofy and Bordeaux fighting on the first meeting.  Goofy hasn’t shown any aggression to any dogs but Bordeaux just jumped on him and Goofy fought back.

Bordeaux looks like a hound mixed with a lab or something large.  He is high energy and doesn’t have any doggy manners.  So both Bordeaux and Goofy spent the first hour on leashes so that they couldn’t get to each other.  After a while they were let go and they started playing.  Then… they didn’t stop playing.  So from about 6pm till well past 8pm they tumbled and played continuously until they were both laying on the floor as if exhausted pawing into the air and showing their teeth but never even getting close to each other.

When the couple left, Goofy laid down and didn’t move until the next morning.  And, in the morning he appeared to be tender or sore and didn’t want to be pet much.

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