Venus (aka clown dog)

We took in the latest foster. It is a very large dog (larger than Clifford) but doesn’t weigh that much. She is a Great Pyrenees. She looks fairly young and is very shy. She plays well with Goofy. In looking at the markings on her face and how big her head is compared to her body, she looks like a clown.

She was in the kennel but went home with a foster over the weekend. Unfortunately the fosters tried to cut the mats of hair from under her chin and ended up slicing her open with the scissors from her neck down about 5 inches. The fosters took her to the vet but didn’t want to continue fostering her. She has stiches down her neck and seems to be OK. We don’t have any other history.

She has a good disposition. She is very skittish. But she is interested in investigating things and will let us pet her. She got one look at Duane’s tiny dog Sonny and largely just walked over the little thing as if it didn’t exist. Goofy had his bone and she came over and just took it from him. He didn’t do anything other than look at her like he was happy she took it. Then she started playing keep-away with him.

Goofy: Apparently he knows when to be smart

I picked up dinner on the way home yesterday.  Goofy planted himself near my chair and sat there staring at me.  Mike made a comment that I had taught the little guy to beg from the table.  I promptly took some food from my plate and gave it to him but didn’t give any to Mike’s dog Clifford.  Mike fussed that Clifford didn’t get anything and then gave Clifford something.  I chuckled that Mike was teaching Clifford to beg from the table.

I said that Goofy was smart and told him of Goofy waiting with is paw in the air in the morning when I was feeding him.  Mike exclaimed that the Goofball tries to get his head in the bowl as you pour the food into it.  I chuckled that Mike wasn’t doing it right.

Apparently Goofy changes his behavior depending on who he is dealing with.  This isn’t the case for Clifford.  Clifford does exactly the same for Mike as for me… which is to dance around and knock stuff over and then dive into the bowl unless you fuss and say “sit”.  Clifford doesn’t change for either of us but Goofy does.

This is what he looks like when begging.

Goofy: Smart little monkey

This morning was the breakthrough morning for teaching Goof to wait for his food.  When I got the food from the pantry I had Clifford sit as usual, put the food in his bowl, and then asked for “Paw”.  He drooled and wagged his tail while sitting and gave me the paw while staring into my eyes.  I said “Go!” and he dove in.  When I turned around to feed Goof, he was sitting by his bowl.  I came over and he looked straight into my eyes, and raised his right paw.  I put the food in and then shook his paw.  He didn’t move.  Then I said “Go!” and he dove in.

That is a smart little monkey!

Goofy: The food hound learns “stay”

Goofy is more of a food hound than I have ever seen.  The slightest sound of plastic will have him sitting in front of you in less than 10 seconds.  He seems to hear it even when he is out in the back yard chasing bunnies.

But, it turns out that it is easier to train such a dog.  Clifford is also a food hound but not nearly as obsessed with it as Goofy.  But until Goofy, Clifford was the only dog that I ever got to successfully do “stay” when playing with toys or food.  Kira did “stay” without really any training so she doesn’t count.

I have been working with Goofy to teach him to hold back while I fill his bowl for breakfast and dinner.  I take the scoop and fill it with food for Clifford and Goofy.  Then I feed Clifford first while Goofy is watching and tell him to sit, then stay, then give paw and Clifford does each as I request them.  I then pour his food in his bowl and he stares at me waiting for me to say “Go!” and when I do he digs in.

I then go to Goofy’s bowl and repeat the same thing.  In less than a week (2 meals a day) Goofy has gotten to the point where he does the sit, paw, and stay part but he doesn’t wait for the “Go!”.  He is getting better though.  Previously he would knock the scoop out of your hand.  Now he doesn’t dive in until the food has been poured into his bowl.

Baby steps…

Goofy: I am so tired

Today was Independence day.  I bought enough fixings for 4 people figuring that Mike would invite someone over at the last minute.  In the past I have gotten just enough for the people that live in the house only to find myself scrambling because Mike invites other people over at the last minute.

So, not surprisingly, Mike invited a couple from HART.  They were planning on attending the Middleburg fireworks and were going to drop their dogs off before going to the event.  But all of that changed a bit.

When they arrived with their foster dog named Bordeaux, chaos ensued and they never made it to the fireworks.  It started with Goofy and Bordeaux fighting on the first meeting.  Goofy hasn’t shown any aggression to any dogs but Bordeaux just jumped on him and Goofy fought back.

Bordeaux looks like a hound mixed with a lab or something large.  He is high energy and doesn’t have any doggy manners.  So both Bordeaux and Goofy spent the first hour on leashes so that they couldn’t get to each other.  After a while they were let go and they started playing.  Then… they didn’t stop playing.  So from about 6pm till well past 8pm they tumbled and played continuously until they were both laying on the floor as if exhausted pawing into the air and showing their teeth but never even getting close to each other.

When the couple left, Goofy laid down and didn’t move until the next morning.  And, in the morning he appeared to be tender or sore and didn’t want to be pet much.

JB: Summer camp is over

Bart and Carolyn just got back from their vacation to Hawaii and picked up JB at 11am.  He is a good dog but he was a bit of a pain.  He is a slow eater and had accidents in the house.  Mostly he would poop in the house like Kira did so it may be an age thing for him.  He also peed a couple of times if we didn’t keep letting him outside on a regular basis.

The most annoying thing about JB was that he picked fights with Troll dog (aka Tina).  He would follow her around and then nudge her.  She would put up with it for a while before she would finally light into him.  She never hurt him but she clearly let him know that she wasn’t happy with him.

On the plus side, on previous visits JB wouldn’t eat his food.  We had to melt bacon grease for his food to get him to eat.  But on this visit we fed him the food that our digs eat and locked him in the kitchen area behind the doggy fence and he ate like he was starving.  He still eats slow, but he actually hopped up and down when we were preparing his food.

Tina: Farewell

Troll dog has finally gone home today.  She was a sweet little thing but just ugly as could be.  I think Goof will miss her as they played almost continuously.  She went to a home that has another young dog so hopefully she will be very happy.