Tina: Not such a nice doggy

When Troll Dog first arrived we didn’t agree with the HART people that the dog was toy aggressive and bad with children.  And to date (after 3 weeks of fostering) she hasn’t shown any aggression over toys or food (there are no children around the house).  She does like to sit on the back deck as still as a statue (of a gargoyle) and wait for the bunnies to get close and then she pounces.  She has almost caught a few.

But this past weekend we started dog sitting for a friend. The dog is named JB and Troll Dog took a dislike to him.  JB has been here many times.  He is a very shy dog that usually won’t eat unless you sit with him and coax him to finish his bowl.

The problems started at his first meal.  Troll Dog ate her food at her usual spot and I locked JB in the area of the kitchen where we have a doggy fence to keep the dogs out of the kitchen area.  When she finished her food she went to the fence and started growling at JB every time he got near the fence.  The next day I fed him in the bedroom so that he would be away from the others and she proceeded to go to the bedroom and growl at him through the gate that was locking him in.

Then later that same day I was in the office at about noon and I was startled with a dog fight.  I jumped up and ran to the kitchen.  Apparently as soon as the fight started Goof high tailed it out the doggy door and was standing on the deck looking in the glass window.  But Troll Dog had her hair all up and JB was slinking down the hall with his tail between his legs.  I separated them and fussed at her.  But that does no good as it is like fussing at a rock.  She just wags her tail at you while you fuss at her.  I swear that she looks like a gargoyle when she is sitting.

A couple of hours later she came into my office and just lit into JB for no reason.  I separated them and they have been kept separate ever since.

Goof: Not a Pitt Bull

Goof has changed over the past year.  When we got him in January 2016 we thought he was a little over a year old.  But now that we have had him for a year I don’t think he was a year old when we got him.  Mike and I both agree that he was between 8 months and 10 months old.

When we got him, he had a little body, short legs, and a big head.  His fur was almost orange and his eyes were orange.  He had been dropped off because he was a terror in the people’s house and he couldn’t be put in a cage without him going crazy and hurting his paws trying to get out.

When we took him in we tried to have him sleep in a section of the hall to the bathroom with a gate so that he couldn’t get out.  He cried and clawed at the gate but eventually went to sleep and then got up whenever there was a noise and he would start crying like a baby.  He was a very vocal dog.

So we moved the gate to the door of the bedroom and he was content.  It was impossible to keep him off the bed so he became a permanent fixture sleeping at the bottom of the bed.  Kira slept at the top of the bed beside me and usually with her head on my pillow.

Fast forward to June 2017 and that little body has grown significantly.  He has long legs, a very thin and trim body, and his head is perfectly proportional.  That Pitt look that he had has gone away and he looks more like a Boxer.  He is still full of energy and gets into everything.  He is smart and can understand more words than even Kira understood.  He adores me and walks around like Darby use to do where he just stares up at me as he is following me around.

His fur has turned to a light brown but he still has those pretty orange eyes.  He still eats poop but now that we have just 2 dogs he doesn’t get as much as he previously did.

The people that gave him away really missed out on a wonderful dog.  Short of Kira, he is one of the best dogs I have ever had.

Leala: Farewell

Leala had to be put down.  Carolyn took her to the vet and had her checked and they found that she was riddled with cancer.  Carolyn had her put down so that there would be no opportunity for HART to challenge it.

There is a bit of a divide in HART over when putting dogs down when they are terminally ill.  Many want to let the dog live until it dies naturally.  The others don’t want to see a dog go through that pain.  Carolyn made sure that there wasn’t an opportunity for argument.

Tina: Aka Troll Dog

This is Tina on the left.  She is a full Pitt Bull but is tiny.  She is about half the size of a normal Pitt.  She is just barely over 1 year old and was brought to HART full of puppies.  She birthed them in the kennel and just weaned them off her milk.  All but one of the puppies has already been adopted.

We took her in as a foster because the woman that classifies dogs tagged her as aggressive toward children and other dogs and as toy aggressive.  So she to our home.

On the first introduction to the house she just started wagging her tail like crazy and ran over to me wanting some attention.  All of the dogs did their usually sniffs and there was no aggression at all.  We had already picked up all of the toys so that there wouldn’t be any fights.  She appears to be very sweet and affectionate.  She can jump on the bed (which is 3x her height) without missing a stride.  She has powerful back legs and ears that are very expressive.  Unlike Goof, her ears can stand up and rotate like radar.

Goof: My new best friend

Prior to Kira leaving Goof was a great little dog and was incredibly affectionate and fun to play with.  But after Kira was gone he started staying with me in my office and started sleeping against me every night.  As time has gone on he has turned into my shadow.

When I got Goof I was concerned that he would turn into Mike’s dog because Mike works from home every day and I figured that Goof would decide Mike was his best friend.  But it appears that Goof has decided that he likes me over Mike.

Leala: New foster

Carolyn offered to foster Leala.  Mike arranged it so that Leala wouldn’t be fostered by us.  Mike suspects that something is very wrong with Leala and is afraid to have her here

Kira: Ashes Returned

I was having a good day.  Work went well for the first time in a long while and traffic was light.  I stopped at the store and got pizza fixings to make dinner.  I had the basic pizza laid on the pizza board and was adding cheese when the dogs started barking.

The UPS truck pulled up and stopped.  I washed my hands and wondered what it could be.  I hadn’t ordered anything online in a while.

The UPS man had me sign for a box that was addressed to me from a Pet supply store.  I took it inside and opened the box.  My heart sank and I just started to cry.  It was Kira’s ashes.

I really didn’t expect to get them this way.  I thought that I would go down to the vet and it would be a solemn thing with both Mike and me.  But instead it was this cold delivery.  I put the box on the table in the hall where all of the other dogs are and finished the pizza.  I took a Xanax and the rest of the evening was shot.