Remy: Ashes returned

I am sad.  Remy was put down 2 weeks ago and we had him cremated.  We just got his remains.  We have rescued more than 100 dogs but the loss of Remy is significant.  We started the dog rescue when hurricane Katrina damaged so much.  We rescued about 2000 dogs and Remy (and Riley) were the ones that we just loved.

Remy’s ashes came back today.  He had a good and hard life.  We rescued him in 2005.  He was a pup.  We think he was 9 months old when we rescued him.

Remy never fit into the pack.  He never wanted to sleep on the bed. He was always the “observer”.  Every dog is different.  We adapt to them and they adapt to us.

I miss Remy.  His life was short, but I think we made it better than he would have had otherwise.

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