Remy: Farewell

On Friday Remy stopped eating and got lethargic.  Then Sunday I heard him fall at about 3am and got up to find him laying in the floor in the kitchen.  I would have stayed home with him but I had to lay off about 1/4 of my staff so it wasn’t an option to stay home.  I carried him to his bed and got him a bowl of water which he seemed happy to have.  He drank 2 bowls of water but still didn’t get up before I had to leave for work.

I have been through this enough that I knew it was the end.  I hugged him and said my goodbyes.  Mike was able to stay home from work and called the vet.  The vet came out to the house and Mike held him as they put him down.  He had esophageal paralysis and there wasn’t anything that could be done.

Here is the last picture I have of Remy.  He is the yellow one in the middle.  This was just before our Stump burning party.  He was waggy and healthy through Thanksgiving and overnight he just changed.

Remy was the first rescue dog that got us involved in HART ( He was a really good dog.  He was a weak alpha but he never had accidents and never destroyed anything (other than when his tail knocked stuff off of tables).  He was about 9 months old when we rescued him from hurricane Katrina in 2005.  He lived 11 years with us.

Remy started life in a difficult situation.  When we got him, he had been trapped in the floods and had learned to fend for himself along with a dog named Riley.  During the first few months of having him he was running in the yard with the other dogs and his foot broke for no apparent reason.  He fell over and we ran to help him.  You could feel the bone grinding but he never bit us or lashed out while we were checking out his foot.

Remy was the only dog that couldn’t be taught not to bark.  He would wake the house up if you didn’t get up to give him food.  And the entire time you were putting the food in the bowls, he would bark.  It was frustrating but now that he is gone, I miss it.  Every morning and evening I still get out food for him and then have to kick myself because something is missing.  It is a dog that is missing.

Friday came along and I was off for my birthday.  I had Mike cancel dinner as I just am too sad to celebrate.  My father died on my birthday and it seems that my dogs die close to my birthday.  I think I have had one dog (Grendel) that didn’t die right near my birthday.

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