Goof: Just a wonderful companion

I still cannot imagine how someone could throw this little dog away.  Yes he is energetic and wants a lot of attention, but he gives back more than any dog we have had.  Every morning I find him laying on the bed with his head on the pillow next to me and when I move, he adjusts.  When I wake, he is watching me and slaps me in the face with a paw to start the morning.  We wrestle and play for a while and then I get up and for my shower and shave and he waits by the door.

I really am happy that this little dog likes me.  I feared that I would never have a dog like Kira that liked me and stuck with me, but I was wrong.  Goof seems to really like me.

He is just so much a Darby reincarnation that I have to think that this kind of dog personality must exist all over the place.  When I walk through the house, he walks with me watching me… literally looking at my face… for direction.  When I sit down or lay down, he lays on my foot or finds a way to be touching me.

I am really glad we adopted this little guy.  He does get into trouble and he cannot be trusted alone in the yard, but in time I think he will figure out the boundaries.  He is only 1.5 years old right now.

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