Goof: Emotionally intelligent

I was quite upset this morning when I went out to feed the chickens and found a henhouse filled with feathers and one chicken.  All of the other chickens were killed and taken.  Mike thinks it was a raccoon.  I don’t know how it got in the henhouse.

I was all teary eyed and a bit of a surprise happened.  Goofy McGoofface became really affectionate and wanted to sit on me.  He pawed on me and tried to lick my face.  That is pretty unusual for him.  I am thinking that this little dog is emotionally intelligent and knows when I am upset.

Sure there are all kinds of videos of really smart and exceptional dogs, but I never thought I would have one.  Kira is emotionally intelligent but she is not a particularly affectionate dog so it balances out.  But Goofy is an affectionate dog and he is showing that he is more than a furry meat bag.

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