Goof: What fun it is

GoofAfterABathI haven’t written in a while as I shut down my server due to security problems with WordPress.  Those have been patched so I made the server available again.

Goof is just an incredibly sweet and frustrating dog.  He has lots of the personality of Darby but he isn’t nearly as mischievous.  He does tear up the plants and he likes to sleep in a little ball under my left arm every night.

During the last week he discovered that there is something under the deck in the back yard.  He crawled under and when he came out, his chest and feet were covered with dirt and rock that was used to fill in under the deck.

He did this on Monday and Mike didn’t clean him up.  Today was a unique day in which Mike is out recuing a dog and he called to ask me to fill the dog tub with stuff to treat the pooch for fleas and ticks.  While I had the hose out to fill the pool, I grabbed Goof and washed him.

I don’t think he has ever been washed. He does have short hair so it is understandable that he doesn’t need to be washed as the fur comes out every season.  But in this case he needed to be washed.

He was curiously watching the tub fill and I grabbed him by the collar and then turned the hose on him.  He went ballistic and started screaming and wiggling to get away.  I held him tight and eventually pinched his back end between my legs as I hosed him down.  I got just as wet as he did but he got his first bath.

When I let him go, it was like letting a Tasmanian devil out of a cage.  He just started running through the house, around the deck, and just went crazy.  He is like a cat in a lot of ways in his reaction to excitement.

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