Goof: The monkey boy

Well.. Goof is a perfect fit for me.  I have come to hate people due to the stupid drive I do every morning and evening which is 20 miles but takes 1.5 hours.  The absurdity of the drive just makes me want to disconnect.

On the other hand, our normal dogs are just “dogs”.  They don’t do much.  But this new Goofy McGooface dog is intrusive.  He is disruptive.  He won’t let me just sit and play a game or watch TV.  He jumps on me when he is bored and he disrupts everything.  Even in the morning when I get up for work at 5:30am, he is sitting there staring at me and the moment I move he throws a paw on my face and then chews on my hand.  I have learned that if I am to sleep in on the weekends that I need to be silent and still so as not to attract his attention.

He is still learning.  He stole Kira’s food and I smacked him on the butt and he ran out the dog door.  He wouldn’t come back inside till I went out on the deck and welcomed him.  This dog is smart.

This dog is good for me.  He challenges my patience.  He is just so happy about everything that I wish I were a dog. He is so emotionally reactive that I want to apply human thoughts to him.  He isn’t that complex though.  He is driven by food and attention.  He is into everything.

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