Goofy: House privileges

Goofy McGoofface has graduated to getting house privileges when we are away.  We started by giving him a short time free in the house when we went to the store or mowed the field (2 to 3 hours) and he didn’t destroy anything and didn’t have any accidents.  We transitioned to locking the doggy door and leaving him for 6 hours and he didn’t destroy anything.  The only thing that has gone bad in this process is that Kira is accustomed to going out whenever she wants and so she has had accidents with the doggy door shut.

Goof seems to be treating this as his home and he doesn’t challenge the fence at all.  We haven’t had the electric fence on for a long while and grass has grown near the wires.  So I need to clear the fence of grass and test out the electric wire and then we can transition to letting him stay home with the doggy door open.

By the way, he prefers staying at home.  He gets terribly car sick whenever he has to ride to work.  He is the first dog that we have had that just hates riding in the car.

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