Goofy: Goofy McGoofface

I have been told that Goofy isn’t a good name for a dog.  Mom says “it isn’t regal enough”, Mike says I can’t name a dog something stupid, and people at work roll their eyes.  When we foster dogs, within a couple of weeks of having them I get to know their personality and a name just comes to me.  It isn’t always regal, and it isn’t always flattering.  But from that point on I hear that name in my head when I see the dog.

Goof is really a very goofy dog.  He runs around the house in fits like a cat, pounces on me whenever I am at his level, and brings me gifts like small dead animals or disgusting maggot infested things he has dug up.  When he decides it is dinner time, it doesn’t matter what I am doing, he comes to me and then slaps my hand away from whatever I am doing.  If I don’t respond in a few slaps, he jumps on me and puts his chest in my lap and then stares at me.  If I still ignore, he gets down, and then jumps in the air and punches me in the nose with his nose.  It is almost humorous.

In the morning or at night, he will be outside and I will hear the dog door open and then it sounds like a heard of animals running through the house.  He runs like a puppy, and leaps in the air about 5 feet from the bet and lands on the bed without even shaking it and then gently walks across the bed as if he is stalking me, and then leaps into the air and body slams me on the bed.  He rolls onto his back throws his head back and wants a belly rub.

I know this is the dog for me because with most dogs I would get really upset with this kind of misbehavior.  But I just find it adorable.  Mike calls him “bad dog” all the time, but he is not a bad dog.  He is an energetic young dog.

Well, anyhow, when I watch him, he is acting just like a goofy little puppy.  I just look at him and I think he is the goofiest thing I have ever seen.  You just have to watch him chase a fly or a shadow to see.  He acts so stupid, but he is really very smart.  He is gets into everything.  If you put a ball in the room, he will notice it on walking in.  And he is quick to learn right and wrong.  It just takes two scolding’s before he stops being bad.  He still tests the boundaries.  For instance, he is a food hound but after being fussed at a couple of times for stealing Kira’s food, he now sits in the laundry room while Kira is eating and silently sits.  When she is done, she goes out the doggy door.  If I am still standing by her bowl (I stand by her bowl when feeding her to keep the other dogs from taking her food.  She is 14 and they will take advantage of her weakness if I am not there.) he will sit in the laundry room where he was fed and stare at the bowl.  If I walk away, but go around the corner, he will look right and left, then stalk forward very slowly toward her bowl.  He takes a few steps, looks around, then a few more, looks around, and then when he gets to the bowl, he stops and looks around to see if anyone is going to fuss.  If no fuss is made, he eats whatever is left in her bow.  If I step out from hiding, he stops, sits, and then won’t touch her bowl.

He is a smart little dog.  He is an adorable little dog.  And I was recently reading about the British exploration ship that is being built and the idea that they had to have the Internet name the ship only to find the largest result was “Boaty McBoatface”.  The ship didn’t take on that name, but they named one of the submersibles after the internet name.

So, with everyone saying that Goof isn’t royal enough, I say, what could be more royal than to name a dog after the name of a part of the British Royal Navy.  His new full name is….

da ta da da daaaa da…. Goofy McGoofface.

Now that is regal!

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