Goofy: Home

I have not written in a while as “I” adopted goof.  I write that specifically because I adopted him and Mike declared that he was my responsibility.  Despite his declaration. he has taken Goof to work on the days that he has to work from MD and has taken care of the dog.

But, he has treated the dog as a distant relative. And this is good.  Mike works from home so any dog it likely to bond to Mike rather than me.  It was rare when I got Kira that I was home for 8 months between jobs where I took care of her and she bonded to me.  She has always been my dog simply because she bonded to me in her youth.  So, Mike has been exceptional in not letting Goof bond to him and pushing him to me.

In any case, we adopted Goof.  Not a single person likes his name of “Goof” so I named him officially “Goofy”.  My mom disliked the name because it wasn’t “regal” enough for a dog.  Well… that tells me that “Goof” is the right name.  He isn’t regal in any way.  He is the most stupid thing I have ever seen and yet the most loveable thing.  He is truly goofy in every way.

Well.. I ended up making him two tags at Pet Smart.  One says “Apollo” and the other says “Goofy”.  The Apollo tag has Mike’s name and phone and the one that says “Goofy” has my name and phone.  I satisfied the political problem with his name, and now it is just a matter of habit.

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