Goofy: The monkey

Well, now that the house is back to normal and I am not mad at Mike for bringing home the horse, I have gone back to calling the little brown dog “Goofy”.  He truly is Goofy.  I also call him “monkey” as he just crawls on everything and gets into everything.

He is a really convenient dog.  He has no sign of aggression and seems to be put together with rubber bands.  He flexes in every direction on his own.  His most goofy trait is that every morning at 6:30, he wakes up, gets on the bed, and then lays on me and paws at my face until I either grab his nose and play with him or crawl out of the bed and feed all the dogs.  Yes, just another case of the dogs being spoiled little things.

He only weighs 50 pounds even though he is the same size of Kira.  Kira is 85 pounds and hard to pick up.  But Goofy is so light that it is easy to pick him up and put him where you want him.  When I do “pick up”, he just lays there happy as can be.  “pick up” is where I grab the dog and turn it upside down and hold in my lap.  It is basically dominating them and reminding them that I am boss.  I do it to all of the dogs.  When I say “pick up”, Kira turns around ready for it, Remy turns around ready, Clifford runs away, and Goofy turns his head as if he doesn’t understand.  Clifford is the only one that hates “pick up”.  But occasionally I snag him too.


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