Piss and fostering

I sometimes question why I foster dogs when they piss all over my house, poop in every room, and ruin every rug.  But when we get a dog adopted that we took in, fostered, and changed to a good pet, the feelings come though so strongly that I know why I foster.

It is still very frustrating to walk through your home at 1am and step in a puddle where a dog has pissed in the night.

We are taking care of a dog that is not a foster.  JB is the dog of a friend that is taking a Cruise.  We knew of this in January before Atlas was our foster.  Mike forgot about that or thought that Atlas would be here only 2 weeks.

Either way, we have 6 dogs in the house.  Apollo (aka Goof), Kira. Clifford, and Remy are permanent.  Atlas is the foster and JB is the dog we are taking care of.

That is a lot of dogs.

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