The house is normal

Today Mike took Atlas and Apollo to work with him.  I left work a bit late so that I sat in traffic, but I looked forward to getting to the house because it would just be me and the 3 normal dogs.  I left at 4:30 and got home at 5:30 which is frustrating but not bad.  It is only 22 miles from the office to home.

As a side note, that Lincoln MKZ makes that commute really nice in that the engine just turns off and I am on battery most of the way.  So, sitting in stop and go traffic is not so bad since the car is so efficient in that kind of situation.

I got home and it was the normal Kira, Clifford and Remy.  Everything was back to normal.  They acted like the always have.  Kira was mildly interested that I came home, Clifford wanted to be hugged and petted, and Remy wanted his dinner.  No pooch was pouting and every dog was happy.  That is a big change.  The regular dogs have all been pouting and unhappy with the horse in the house.

Well… around 10pm Mike came home from dinner with HART and brought home Apollo and Atlas.  Immediately the other dogs seemed to change their disposition.  They really don’t like having the big beast in the house.

He has two applications that look good so there is a very good chance that Atlas will be adopted and leave this coming week.  Gees, I really hope that dog leaves.  On the one hand, I cannot imagine anyone wanting something like Atlas.  On the other, I hope someone adopts him just to get him out of our house.  He isn’t bad, doesn’t do anything wrong, but he is just too large to live in a home with normal sized humans.

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