Kira and my back, and Goof learning the electric fence

Well… first off… I am walking with crutches right now because Kira is having problems and I had to pick her up to help her out.  In the process of picking her up I didn’t do it right and pinched a nerve in my back.  My legs went numb and I haven’t slept in 2 nights because of the shooting pain down both legs.  I am wearing my brace and went to the doctor who gave me something to stop the muscle spasms but not make me go deaf.

On the other hand, I had to take half a day of vacation on Monday because Goof kept trying to get out of the fence.  I have a couple of electric generators that will kill chickens and rabbits but won’t kill a dog of his size so I wired them up and fixed up the wire at Goof’s nose height.  There are 2 wires but I only needed to electrify one.

Well… within an hour of electrifying the fence I heard Goof yelp and come running to the house.  It wasn’t an hour later before he touched his pink nose to the wire again.  This is why the wire is there.  It will keep him in the yard unsupervised.

But he is a stubborn little beast and he won’t accept that he can’t do whatever he wants.  He is going to be a handful.  But at least he doesn’t have the problems of Darby destroying everything in his path.  Maybe I have a moderate challenge instead of an extreme challenge.

I worked from home today so he wouldn’t live his life in a cage but so that he wouldn’t get into trouble.

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