Goof is going to be king of the castle

I never thought I would see it, but Kira just gave in to Goof.  Kira ia 15 and can barely stand up.  But when Goof challenged her, she growled and snapped and then laid down.

Goof has already put Remy in his place so all that is left is Clifford.  Putting a young 100 pound lab against a 50 pound Pit/Lab mix probably won’t result in anything good.  I can already see Goof challenging Clifford.

It is not horrible if Goof becomes dominant in the dogs, but it will be bad if he tries to do the same with Mike or me.  This is something we need to watch for.  In the dogs, there is a social order.  Goof just rearranged it.  But he cannot be allowed to think he is anything other than a dog to humans.  We need to work carefully with this pup to keep him in place.

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