Goof: Wake up!

Oh my stars.  I was on the phone with my mother from 8pm till 1am and I stayed up till 5am thinking through everything that we talked about.  I am not the best of children and rarely go home but occasionally mom and I talk and it is a marathon.

Well… Goof got tired and went to bed long before I did.  I went to bed at 2am and all 4 dogs were on the bed.  There was no room for me.  So, I got my favorite yellow blankey and I went to the basement and slept on the old couch that I have had for 30 years.  That thing just puts you to sleep when you lay in it.  It is the exact opposite of that great German couch in the living room.

Well…. I didn’t go to bed till 5am so I didn’t wake up at 6am which is when I normally get up and feed the dogs and chickens.  They all waited… except Goof.  Kira, Clifford, and Remy camped out staring at me but they never made a noise.  Goof… on the other hand, jumped on me, grabbed my right hand and started chewing on me.

Goof is a pup.  And a really interesting pup.

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