The little pisser

Goof had no house training when he arrived.  He routinely would poop in the room with all of Mike’s plants.  That was easy to clean up, but he poops a lot.

What is worse though is that he hasn’t mastered the idea that he should stand still when he pees.  If you can get him outside when he seems to stop everything he is doing, you can keep him from having an accident.  But if you don’t catch him, he just starts leaking and trots through the house as if he is trying to make one stream through every hall and into every room.  He doesn’t appear to be running to the dog door or anything.

He has learned the dog door and runs outside when he has to poop now.  And he usually runs outside to pee.  But, like tonight, sometimes he just starts leaking and wanders around peeing.  He was over visiting someone from HART and just started peeing on the woman and then walked around peeing as if nothing was happening.

What is odd is that when I see him take himself outside, he hasn’t learned to lift a leg and most of the time he pees on his front legs or on whatever happens to be in the way.  But there is hope.  Yesterday he went outside and tried to lift a leg while leaking but didn’t seem to get that he needed to stop the other 3 feet and so he had one leg in the air while hobbling forward on the other feet and then fell over on his face.

But it is clear that he is a puppy and the instincts to care for himself are beginning to develop.  If you read way back to when I first got Kira I found it incredibly interesting that she didn’t know how to feed herself, how to stand to pee, or what to do when she had a bone.  She would fall face forward into her food or water, would pee and sniff herself as if she didn’t know where the liquid was coming from, and when she had a bone she would walk around the basement putting it in a corner, under a couch cushion, or under a table, then paw at the air as if digging in dirt and flipping her nose like she was pushing the dirt.

I missed those months of Goof, but some of his instincts are still developing and I am getting to see that again.  Last night he got on the bed, tried to dig, pushed the covers with his nose, but had no idea what to do next.  I suspect that in the coming week or so he will dig, turn, nose the covers, dig, and then lay down in the little bed he just made for himself.

It is really interesting watching their natural instincts turn on.

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