Why does everyone hate “Goof”

OK.. this is not negotiable.  I have named this dog “Goof”.  Everyone hates the name.  Is it because it is not regal enough for a dog in my home?  Is it because no dog has had such a name.

This dog isn’t regal.  This dog is not traditional.  This dog is literally “goofy”. His head is too big, his feet are too big, his privates are too big, his tail is too small, his ears are too big.  He looks just stupidly goofy.  So every time I give him food and try to teach him a trick, I say “pay attention goofy” or I say “sit goofy”.  When I want him to come around, I say “come goofy”.

Sure, I could name him “Aristotle” or some other great Greek name that shows my grand admiration for how good this dog will become.  But, lets face it.  That is a facade.  The dog is goofy.  He falls down when running, when laying by me in the bed he is half upside down and half right side up.  When he is excited he stands perfectly upright on his back legs and balances himself with his tail but otherwise prefers to lay on me like I am his pillow.  This dog is, by every thought… goofy.  and every time I look at him I address him as “goof”.

Oh wait. I could name him “de loi était“.  Would that make everyone happy? Or how about “doof”?  Maybe “mentecato“?

So, why can’t I call him “Goof”.   It is just too darn hard to say “de Loi Etait”.  So, let’s keep it simple and say “Goof”.

Hmmm… seems like that is a good name for the pooch.  By the way.. the alternative is “Caramel” which seems to be hated more than “De Loi Etait”.

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