Goof (aka Apollo) isn’t going anywhere

We call this a “foster failure”.  It is where the foster home loves a dog so much that they adopt the dog.

We have fostered “Apollo” for 6 weeks now and well…. I just adopted him.

I have been the CEO of a company, COO, and various other officer like things.  I know when something is right and when something is wrong.  And when this dog got here, I knew it was right.  There isn’t a magic pill or a specific thing that I can identify.  But from the start, I knew this little dog would be part of our home.  I have spend 6 weeks hoping he would get adopted, hoping I would not like him, and trying my best to kick him to the curb.

But that just isn’t possible.  He is ugly, he is difficult, he is intelligent, he gets into everything, and I adore him.

I gave in today… and I adopted him.  A foster failure.  Mike should never have brought him home.  He is Darby’s soul in a different body and I won’t fail this time.

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