Another week with Glenn

Well, Glenn isn’t so bad.  He is not socially educated with other dogs and does things that make the rest of the dogs mad.  But he is smart enough that I have trained him for a few things.  First, I trained him that he has to sit and wait till I let him have his food.  I do this with all the dogs repeating the word “stay” over and over and getting them to sit while I put the food in all of their bowls.  They all sit there waiting for me to say “go” before they will touch the food.  This method teaches them “stay” so that I can use it when in the yard to get them to stop chasing bunnies or birds.  After properly teaching them “stay”, every dog we have fostered will plant their but on the ground and drool but never go after something that interests them.

Glenn learned “stay” this week with his food.  Remarkably, he learned it quickly.  He also learned the doggy door and a few other basic words.  Intellectually, he is very much like Darby so I need to distance myself from him.  I adore dogs with intelligence, and Glenn is showing signs of being very intelligent.  He gets into trouble because he gets bored easily and wants to do something.

I need to avoid liking this dog.  He could easily be an emotional replacement for Darby.  And Darby had a very bad end.  Glenn is the kind of dog that is also very likely to jump the fence when not monitored carefully.

But, Glenn is a good dog.  Just untrained and not socialized with dogs.  He is learning quickly.  When I go to bed, he runs to his little area in the hall and lays down even without putting up the doggy gate or asking him to go.  He just recognizes the pattern that I turn out the lights in the house and it is time for bed.  He is intelligent.  He thinks through problems and is surprising that he can solve simple problems like the maze that we put in the doggy door.  That little maze normally prevents dogs from accidentally discovering the door and slipping out.  But the smart ones figure it out.

Anyhow, he is a very sweet dog and will be great with a family.  He is affectionate and after a little bit of work, he is now house trained and he is exceptionally friendly.  Once I fussed at him about knocking over Kira (14 years old), he stays 6 feed from her at all times just because I fuss every time he gets within 6 feet.

Overall, he is a good dog and will do well if someone will just give him some boundaries.

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