Holden: Gone to his new home

Well, cute little Holden got adopted.  The new family has an older Beagle that will keep Holden occupied.

Holden was a really fun dog.  He looked older than he really was so it was easy to think he was a mature dog.  He played well with all of the other dogs, was dumb as dirt, and sweet as could be.  He adored being pet and he really seemed to like me.  Followed me around like a puppy.

But Holden wasn’t a dog that I wanted to keep… well, admittedly, I did want to keep him, but he just wasn’t right for the pack.  He needs a lot of attention and the moment he is quiet… is the moment that something is being destroyed.  He chewed a hole in the rug in my office, chewed up socks like they were candy, and on the last day that he was here, he destroyed the basement carpet. Mike made the mistake of putting him in the cage but not securing the plastic pan that goes in the cage.  He was able to push the pan out and then proceeded to pull up the carpet under the cage.  It will cost a small fortune to fix the carpet.  And he did it in such a way that it isn’t something that can just be covered.  He pulled the carpet threads and ran them to the pool table.  So, it is quite an expensive mess.

Well.. on Saturday he went to the adoption event and his new family came and got him.  I did get to say goodbye and my eyes watered up as I bid him farewell.  Doing this fostering is good for the general community, but it is heart wrenching when you like a dog and have to let it go.  We have fostered over 100 dogs at this point.  Each one has its own quirks and personality.  And I fall in love with just a few.

But there are those few that I do come to adore and it tears me up when they leave.  It would be easy to say that they are just dogs.  But they are like small helpless children being shuttled from one place to another until we find them a home. It is rewarding to have such an impact on a single life and to sheppard them through recovery from their trauma to being really happy animals that go to really nicely matched homes. If it weren’t for the HART approach for making sure that the dogs go to a really nice fit, it would be impossible to put this much effort and emotion into an animal and then give it up.

So, I’ll never see Holden again but I trust that he will have a happy life and will be a wonderful companion to a lovely family.

Holden: All “fixed” up

On Thursday Holden got chopped… or… fixed… well… he was neutered.  He stopped humping everything in sight but is still a sweet pooch.

He has to be one of the sweetest dogs we have fostered in a long while.  Dumb as dirt but sweet as can be. Just wants attention all the time, wants to play all the time, and when not playing just wanders around like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

I can’t get over how much he looks like a lab with its legs cut in half.  A normal sized dog with really short legs.  Makes him look like a dachshund that got 4 times its normal size.  He is just sweet as can be and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body.  He tries to play with the other dogs, but they largely ignore him or fuss at him. He tries to play with Kira and she just gets nasty…yet he doesn’t stop… he bats at her with his front paws, kneels at her and does everything he can to get her to play… but she won’t.  She doesn’t play with any dogs except Clifford.

He is wearing a cone since he got fixed and it is the most sad thing you have ever seen.  He puts his head down and it drags on the ground.  Every time it catches on the rug he stops and stands there like something is going to magically fix it for him.  If he walks too close to a wall it hits on the wall and he just stops and stands there with this blank look on his face.  And frequently he will walk into one of the other dogs and stop… the other dog will stand there looking at him, and he will stand there like it is an immobile object.  Just sad.  He is so complacent with everything.

Well… at least he is easy to take care of and he is house trained.  But he hasn’t figured out the doggy door… and that is a good thing… because when outside, he walked through the electric fence and got shocked but didn’t seem to care.  Didn’t even yelp… just kept getting shocked as he brushed against the wire.  Most dogs yelp and run backwards… but hot Holden.  He just doesn’t care.  Reminds me of “Ole Yeller” with short legs.

Loredo: Broken nose, broken helicopter

Well I found out today that not only did Loredo break my nose when playing, but he also destroyed my toy helicopter.


Yes, for Christmas as a stocking gift, I got a super cool Syma toy helicopter in yellow. It was great to play with and I had planned to take it to the office.

Well… weeks went by and Mike had cleaned the house when we had guests 2 weekends ago and I finally asked “Where is my helicopter”.

Mike came down and said “do you want the truth?” and I said “Yes”. He then told me that on one of the last mornings that Loredo was staying with us, he got the helicopter and chewed it up.

So, not only did the dog break my nose when we were playing but he destroyed my toy helicopter. Fortunately the nose is healing and the helicopter is now only about $25. It was $120 when Mike bought it for me before Christmas.

Ahhhhh… darn dogs.

Holden: won’t eat

Holden is suppose to go to the Vet to get fixed today, but he was up all night. He threw up all of his breakfast and dinner from Monday and has had diarrhea since he got to the house. So, he may not be able to get fixed if he is sick.

Holden: long lab


Holden came to our home on Saturday. He kind of looks in a lab but either has really short legs or has some other mix in him that makes his body very long. He is on the smallish side for a lab and has an interesting black, white, and brown muzzle.


Holden is really sweet, very playful, wants to play with everybody and all dogs and doesn’t seem to have any aggression at all. He is not fixed and so he has been humping everything. Clifford just stands there looking all sad. Kira collapses on the floor because her ACL tears make it hard for her to walk even without some dog hanging onto her butt. But Remy gets aggressive. Remy growls, barks, lunges at Holden every time he gets close to him. But Holden keeps trying.

Holden is very affectionate. He comes into my office all waggy and then tries to crawl up on me. He doesn’t understand “NO!” and just keeps trying to crawl up on you. If you are eating dinner he begs like there is no tomorrow.

Remy seems upset and jealous over Holden. Remy has been overly affectionate with me. So, while Mike has Holden upstairs, Remy is glued to me. Usually I can get Remy to sleep on the dog bed, but since Holden has been in the house, he jumps on the bed and pushes up against me.