Hachi: Evicted

Well… after trying to train this dog and seeing his behavior, I just don’t think this dog is either a fit to be fostered by us nor do I think he is adoptable.  The problem that I see building is that he is territorial and aggressive with anyone that isn’t his master.  If he gets put into a family, what happens if he decides he doesn’t like the child after he is off leash.  What happens if he decides he doesn’t like the husband after getting off leash.  It took a couple of days before Hachi started this and then he didn’t stop.

Then my concern is that if he does get into a family that he gets along with, will he let them have visitors.  What if he gets protective and territorial with the family and the kids have friends over.  That biting on their legs could turn into something much worse if he starts thinking that he is getting away with it.

So, I told Mike that having a trainer come to the house was useless.  Observing the behavior is not something that is going to help and I am having enough problems with work, my cars, and other distractions that I don’t have the patience to deal with this.  So, Mike talked to HART and they agreed to the situation and Hachi has been evicted.  On Saturday he will go back to the Kennel for a night and then on Sunday he will start a program of day care and then a Trainer will take him home at night to work with him to try to fix the behavior.  Part of this decision is that we are also getting Laredo back and while he is a sweet dog, dealing with both dogs will be very difficult.

I feel somewhat bad that I gave up on this dog but I am not in a state right now that I can devote the time or the energy to deal with a difficult dog.  I have scars on my arms and face from past dogs that we eventually broke.  But that was when I was allowed to react to a dog biting me with aggressive responses.  But tying my hands that I cannot discipline the dog makes this a non-starter.