Hachi: Let’s try getting along

Mike took Hachi to work with him on Wednesday and so I didn’t have to deal with Hachi when I got home.  But tonight Mike was home with Hachi. This morning when I got out of the shower, Hachi had jumped on my bed and was acting like it was his.  As I walked through the room he started charging me and nipping at the back of my legs.  If I turned toward him he backed off and barked at me.  He is demonstrating a defensive behavior as if I am the intruder.

So, tonight I took him and put him on a leash and tied him to my leg.  He is forced to stay with me and to not be able to get to Mike.  I found that when he is on a leash he isn’t aggressive with me.  He even rolls over and shows me his belly… with his tail tucked of course.  But he spent an hour pacing back and forth while tied to me and yipped for Mike to come get him.  He tugged and pulled on the leash for a bit and then gave up till dinner was ready and then he just got agitated.

We will see if making him stay with me will help this situation. I can’t have a dog go to a home in which he could be this aggressive with a member of the household.  He would be returned in an instant if he does this.

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