Kira, Clifford, Remy: Our first big snow of the winter

I got up this morning, got completely ready for work knowing that there was sleet hitting the window as I fed the dogs this morning.  But I figured that the weather was saying the temperature would be 45 degrees so I would go to work.  Well… after getting all ready, going to the garage to put my stuff in the car, I looked down the drive and there were yellow and blue lights.  A van had gone off the road and they had 2 tow trucks trying to get it out of the ravine.  A police man was blocking route 50 and I would be able to get out of my drive.

So, I waited around and it took about 2 hours to get the van out.  And what did they do… they put it on a flat bed and then parked in my driveway.  By 8:30 I had already called the office and told everyone to go home and so my team was watching the customer support queue from home.

By 10am, it was snowing pretty hard.  And by 11am, there was about 3 inches of snow alternating with ice on the ground and drive.  I am fairly certain that if I had gone to work that it would be a miserable drive home.

At 11:30, I put on a coat and took the dogs for a walk around the property in the snow.  I got balls for each of them and they were just so excited and ballistic.  We walked through the front 4 acres and watched the work on the van.  The tow trucks left and the police left but the van was still sitting in my drive.

After checking things out, I walked around the yard for about an hour throwing the ball for Clifford and Kira.  Remy won’t ever give up his ball and just runs around trying to take the other dog’s ball.  Clifford leaps into the air and pushes off with his feet so hard that it looks like a snow plow with the amount of snow kicked into the air.  Kira seems to do better in the snow than in the summer and will give me the ball if Remy is not around.

I got them all tired out.  I put bird food in the feeder, and then we went into the house.  They all laid down and went to sleep giving me the rest of the day to myself.

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