Raven: Good adoption application

I have loved having Raven in the house.  She is the most innocent thing I have ever seen and yet she gets in so much trouble.  But you can’t possibly be mad at her because you know she is just experiencing anything that catches her eye.

Drop a penny in the middle of a room and then let her into the room.  If that is the only thing that changed… she will immediately run to it, sniff it and then lick it.  She discovers absolutely everything.  And she is into everything.

I adore Raven and she is the only dog I have had since Darby that can leap onto the bed, pummel me, lick any exposed skin (usually my face or hands) and then jump on my chest without me getting upset at all.  I just giggle like a little kid when this dog is around.

And, she responds to me.  Mike has this “no no Raven” voice that she largely ignores.  But when I use the deepest most gravely dog voice that I have (that I use when reprimanding most dogs I train) she immediately responds, stops whatever she is doing and collapses on the floor or wherever she is.  She stays there till I come to her and apologize.  She really understands right and wrong if wrong is characterized by the deep voice.

But, she really just endeared herself to me when on Thursday night I was up late with a customer and then couldn’t sleep so I went to the basement and slept on the couch.  I do this because the basement has a bunch of servers that make a nice droning noise that puts me right to sleep.  That and that Clifford, Kira, and Remy had already jumped in my bed.  Usually they split up and I have 2 while Mike has 2.  But when I headed for bed at 2am, there was no room for me.

Well… I slept in the basement on the most comfortable couch you have ever seen… and slept well till about 4am when I hear Kira’s nails tapping on the floor overhead.  She is going throughout the house, walking into every room… and I suspect she is looking for me.  She does this whenever she realizes I am not in my normal bed where she sleeps also.

Eventually I hear Kira nuzzle the door open to the basement and come down the stairs.  But instead of the familiar sounds, she has a companion that is making a lot of noise.  I know that Raven is following her.

Kira is a sly dog and she knows where I am.  She comes in, looks at me, and then instead of coming over to greet me as she usually does, she just goes to her chair in the basement and curls up.  Raven is there standing in the room looking around.  It is as if she is looking for me but isn’t familiar with me enough to know my habits.  Her nose doesn’t appear to work so she lives by sight.  And I didn’t move.

Raven wandered around the basement with every little thing catching her attention… but it was dark and all lights were out.  I can see in the dark as can most dogs.  But she didn’t appear to have as good of vision at night as Kira.

Raven continued to wander and then from about half way across the room she realized I was there and she just ran at me like a shot.  Her entire body was wiggling like she does when I first come home from work.  And she leaped on me.  Just jumped on the couch and I was prepared.  I had 2 blankets over me (the house was about 50 degrees) and she landed square on my crotch.  As expected.

But she just curled up right on my chest and went to sleep immediately.  And there she slept… on my chest, from around 4am till 6am.  I slept too… as she isn’t very heavy… she is quite light.

She never moved, never did anything and at around 6am when I woke, she was laying there staring at me.  Wide awake.  Just waiting for me to wake up so that I could be her chew toy.  I pulled my arms from under the covers, and she started to gently chew on my hands and forearms like she does every morning.  She is gentle, never bites down… but always wants to just chew on my hands.  She doesn’t do it to Mike or anyone else.

We played for about an hour with her chewing on my hands, me teasing her nose by grabbing it and tugging on her muzzle, and then alternatively grabbing her feet.  She just rolls around like the pup that she is and played.

So… this is Raven.  Just a playful little dog that doesn’t have a care in the world, is smart as a whip, and seems to genuinely enjoy everything she encounters.

But, today she got a great adoption application.  A Stay-at-home mom with a 4 year old and a 10 year old.  She interacted with the kids and did great.  So, Mike Texted me to tell me of the pending adoption giving me a last chance to keep her.  I texted back that she should go.

We don’t need 4 dogs.  I don’t need a Darby replacement.  Raven is a handful and will be just as troublesome as Darby.  Kira doesn’t need the competition in the last years of her life.  And we don’t need 4 dogs.  I love that little dog to death, but I can’t keep her just because she makes me so happy.

Oh, don’t think for a moment that I won’t miss her.  I will cry when she leaves.  I asked Mike to arrange for her to go next Saturday after Thanksgiving so that I get to spend my 2 days off here at the house with her.  I’ll miss the little happy girl.  But then life will be back to normal when she is gone and some other family will be just incredibly happy when she is with them.

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