Raven: Gets into everything

Accidentally leave a door open?  She is immediately in there sniffing everything and finding something to run away with.  She doesn’t chew everything up like Darby did, but she takes it back to her bed. If you are in the house and things are a little too quiet… you better get up and start looking for her because she is into something.

Raven is just a bundle of joy, energy, licks, and belly rubs.  She knows paw and when she can’t get your attention, she puts her nose down, looks up out of the top of her eyes, and lifts up the paw.  Everyone just melts to that.

I think the only problem that Raven has is that she is skittish.  If you rush up to her too fast, she flops on the floor and closes her eyes like you are going to hit her.  If you raise your hand to her, she flops on the floor and closes her eyes as if she thinks she is going to be hit.

She loves the Piano, and loves to just crawl all over the other dogs.  Remy is just an old kremudgin with lots of growls, and leaving the room, but eventually he just lays on the floor while she chews on his tail, bites at his feet, licks his ears, lays on his head, and in general just mauls him.  She does the same with Clifford but Clifford eventually tires of it and lifts his lip and then swats her with his paw.  Kira won’t have anything to do with her but I have fussed at Kira for snapping at her so Kira lifts her lip and there must be some low growl that I can’t hear, but Raven jumps up and gets about 6 feet away from Kira whenever it happens.

She is a sweet little dog… but she is trouble if you don’t keep an eye on her.

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