Clay: OK… not such a sweet dog

I don’t know what happened…. but Mike texted me that Clan and Clifford had gotten into a fight and that one was going to the hospital.  I thought that Clifford had attacked Clay but it turns out that it was the reverse.  Apparently Clifford was playing with the ball and Clay wanted it and they got into a scuffle and Clay ended up cutting a 3 inch gash in Cliff’s back.

Mike tried to clean Cliff’s wounds up but it turned out that it was much deeper and so Cliff went to the emergency vet.  The sedated him and put in stitches in the under part of his body and then put in 5 staples in the outside.  This was pretty major and costs us about $500 to get Cliff patched up.

Needless to say, we were both upset and mad… but Cliff… once he shed the sedation… was best friends with Clay.  They played together and seemed like nothing had happened.

Still… you can’t touch Clifford’s back without him getting nervous about touching the wound.  It is deep… about 3 inches wide… and probably very painful.

Dogs forgive dogs far better than I ever forgive anyone.  Maybe a lesson… maybe a conclusion…

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