Loredo: Another nose bite

Well, we figured out who was fighting with Loredo.  Clifford!  Yes, much to our surprise, it was Clifford.  I had noticed that Clifford was being a bit more shy since we got Loredo and I had noticed that he didn’t like playing around Loredo.  They don’t play together.  Instead, Sparky and Loredo play all the time and love to chase each other through the house.

So, Mike relayed the story that around lunch Clifford was laying on the landing of the stairs that is half way between the first floor and the second floor.  Loredo had started down the stairs and Clifford didn’t let him pass.  Loredo tried to push past him and Clifford lit into him and bit him on the nose again.  Another deep wound.

This is surprising because Clifford has shown no aggression since we have had him.  Not a single dog.  In all cases, Clifford always backs off and just hides in the bathroom or gets out of the way.  But apparently he doesn’t like Loredo to the point that he won’t back down.

Now Loredo isn’t without fault.  Loredo acts like an unsocialized puppy and gets into everything, takes everyone’s food, takes everyone’s toys, and sleeps in any bed that is near.  He doesn’t seem to respect or understand the pack rules of ownership of certain things.

So, it appears that Clifford, who is somewhat of the defacto male alpha (Kira is the real alpha but being a female there is still an opening in the pack for challenges among the males) since he is easily 4 inches taller than any other dog in the house and gets the most attention from humans.

Adjustments are being made.  We are keeping them separated when they aren’t supervised and we are making sure that Clifford and Loredo interact with us around so we can watch and correct behavior.

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