Loredo: Ouch, my nose!

I got home from work today and Loredo had this deep puncture wound on his nose about 1 inch in front of his eyes and op the upper right side.  It didn’t seem to phase him a bit when I patted him on the head when I walked in the door.  As I walked through the house Mike yelled down to be careful of his nose.

Turns out that after I left for work, Mike had gotten up and gone to the bathroom.  Mike lives upstairs and use to leave the bathroom door open when I was at work (Mike works from home).  The dogs largely didn’t care and Clifford would go into the bathroom and lay down on the cool tile.  But once we got Loredo, that had to change because he wasn’t content just sitting on the floor.  Loredo wants attention and if you are sitting still seeming to do nothing, he makes you give him attention.

So, apparently Mike was in the bathroom and he heard a ruccas.  When he opened the door, Loredo was bleeding from the snoot.  Mike didn’t know which dog he had gotten into a fight with but he suspected Sparky since Sparky is so aggressive with his bed.

We patched up his nose and cleaned up the wound.  He didn’t flinch a bit when we worked on it and was happy as a clam to get attention.  He is a sweet little dog and incredibly tolerant.

And speaking of tolerant, I decided it was time to put Loredo on his back.  I was expecting the usual struggle that you get from a big dog when you do it the first couple of times but he didn’t seem to care at all.  I was sitting in my office and called him over.  When he got there I turned him around and flipped him into my lap.  He didn’t fight a bit, didn’t even stiffen up.  His eyes got big, but he seemed pretty relaxed.

I just held him there and pet on his chest and belly.  He seemed perfectly content and eventually closed his eyes and seemed to go to sleep.  When put him back down on the floor, he spun around and started licking my arm.  When I covered my arm, he nipped at my shirt and tugged.  He was just so excited.  Then there was some sound or something happened somewhere else in the house and he took off like a shot to investigate.

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