Clifford: I can swim!

This is a second had story but still worth writing.

Mike got an invitation to go to a friend’s house and so he took Clifford.  The friend has a pool and his dogs don’t like the water so they never get in.  But Clifford is 100% lab and institutionally loves water.  But he had never seen or been near water.

Kira was much the same.  A pure lab that had never seen water.  But when she was a pup, we took her to the local creek that had a dam (called Aldie Dam) and played with her near the water to introduce her.  But she wouldn’t get in and wouldn’t even put a paw in the water.  So, we threw her ball into the water and still she wouldn’t get in.  We got the ball near the edge and she reached for it… and I pushed her in.  The water was only about 3 feet deep but she just paniced and flailed out of the water.  Once out she ran to me and jumped up on me and literally wrapped her paws around me and put her head on my shoulder and just literally held on to me.

After that event, whenever she saw water, she would leap into it and just swim around.  She loves water.  But Clifford had never been near water.  So, apparently he walked to the edge of the water and put his paw in, then stuck his snoot in and bubbled under the water.  But he wouldn’t get in.

They led him to the stairs that walk into the pool and he walked to the edge and didn’t realize that the concrete ended and just stepped off into the water.  Apparently this was quite a surprise to him as he flailed about and tried to figure out why there was no ground under him.

So, he was in the water.  And then, unlike Kira… he discovered that he loved it.  He swam around and just seemed to have a great time.  But like all critters, he eventually tired of swimming and wanted to rest.  Rest means sinking. So, he wanted out of the pool.

That introduced the concept of the pool float.  Clifford adapted to the float in a way that I never expected.  He got on it. He just sat on the float and just “floated” around the pool.  He just relaxed and and floated around.  He didn’t care and just visited people.  He apparently just swam around and crossed his paws on the float.

So, Clifford learned to swim and learned to float and just relax in the water.

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