Kira: Tongue in ball

I’ve read about dogs having to have their tongues amputated due to a toy that strangulated the tongue.  I have heard of dogs that licked a shredder and died because it shredded and pulled in their tongue.  But I always thought that I had dog proofed all of the toys in the house.

For more than 5 years we have had these toys that the dogs love to play with. Initially they are a large ball about 4 inches in diameter with little feet on the bottom and a squeaker.  What dog can resist a squeaker.

Well, they get the ball, rip the legs off, then break the squeaker.  Largely, no matter what toy they get, they destroy and either render it into little tiny pieces or a ball.  Then they bring you the ball.

Well, this morning I was playing with all 4 dogs outside when Kira come up to me with the red ball.  We have an Orange, Red, Green, and Yellow ball.  Once for each dog… though, they cannot find the green ball by sight in the yard.  Kira can find it by smell, but the other dogs don’t seem to use their nose when looking for the ball.

Anyhow, Kira comes up to me and instead of the ball being in her mouth, it was hanging from her tongue.  She had bitten down on the ball and it had sucked her tongue into the ball.  I knew what to do immediately and got a knife and pushed a hole into the other side of the ball and she pulled her tongue out.

What I am most surprised about is that this is the first time in 5 years that it has happened.  I gathered up all of the balls, got a knife and cut a hole in the other side of the ball so that it can’t possibly happen again.  Thankfully it happened with Kira and it happened while I was home.  Whenever she gets hurt, be it a thorn in her paw or anything that happens, she comes to me and presents me with the problem.  I pull the thorn out, or I fix whatever is wrong.  So, fortunately she realized something was wrong, came to me, and I was able to correct it.  But had it happened in the morning, I might have at worst lost a dog, and at best had a dog with no tongue.

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